Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - No Sewing for me

I am kind of bummed that I didn't get much done last night. Paul wanted to go out to eat with his mom, so we went to Colonial House. Don't get me wrong, the food is great, but I don't get anything done when we go out. Then we went to DQ for ice cream. The new Sonic is still way to crazy to even attempt. Then we went to the crazy store because I needed printer ink. I so totally forgot it was EBT day and the lines were a mile long! Luckily the store manager checked us out really fast at a closed drawer. So we were home about 8:30, but I needed to finish addressing my postcards and print the invites for the shower. Well my printer didn't want to cooperate, I couldn't get mail merge to work, and I was tired. By 11 I finally had them printed, but I needed to pack my sewing stuff for Sit and Sew tonight, so no sewing for me. I really wanted to have the wedding quilt pieced, but guess I'll be doing that tonight. I went to the PO at lunch. The guy didn't want me to send my postcards because they wouldn't go through the machine. I said I've sent over 20 and received that many and none have had troubles. Well I'm warning you that they probably won't go. I said well I'll take them to my local postmaster if you don't want to send them. He said they'll still have to go through a machine. I said no they won't, she'll hand cancel them. He argued with me for a while, checked with his supervisor and finally mailed them. Guess I won't be going back to the mail PO any time soon! I was so irrate that it took me my entire lunch hour to get these mailed. Plus I'm swamped at work and haven't had a chance to breath yet since I've trained 3 groups today! I think I need a long break!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - our postal people must be related!
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There is one guy in our local post office who must be related to your person! I would not DARE take a fabric post card to him to mail. The other main guy would bend over backwards for you, but of course when you are waiting in line you can't just wait for the one you want. Cathy K (in our Carol D group) mentioned clear envelopes that she usually mails hers in - do you know what she is talking about?? Glad to see you got your postcards mailed before the postcard police come after you ;>) I wouldn't call then clear envelopes, but rather clear baggies. I got some at Hobby Lobby in the Jewelry section that are 4X6 and have a seal at the small end. She sent mine in one with the stamps on the outside. I don''t mind a little postal mark on the ones I've received. They all look really good. I was worried about the postcard police or I would have given them to my mom and she could have gone to the local postmaster (my godmother) and she would have hand cancelled them. There is no machine there. They are all done by hand. But they wouldn't have gone out until Monday and oh no a day late would have ruined my swap partners lives. Edited by MoneikQuilts on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 04:29 PM
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Cre8tiveQuilter
I can't believe all you had to go through just to get them mailed! What a pain in the arse! I can't wait to hear about sit and sew tonight. I'm dying to hear if the crazy lady comes back again!!!

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