Monday, December 10, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt - Clue #3

The Good Fortune Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville Clue 3 came out on Friday. I worked hard at lunch Friday and got all of my pieces cut out. I checked for what fabrics were needed on the blog before coming to work and brought them with me.  I sewed a bit on Friday night and on Saturday we had a sewing party at The Sewing Center. I was able to get the first half of the piecing completed. So after pressing during my break today and matching sets with the other half of the neutrals, I'm half done with Clue 3. I'll work on sewing the rest tonight.
 I love this little box I've been using to bring my clues back and forth to work with me. Since I use my lunch and breaks, it's helpful to have an easy way to transport them. So far it's working well.
 The box is about the size and design of a pencil box and all my units for this clue fit in it. I'm linking up with Bonnie for the Mystery Monday Link Up at Quiltville. Check out all the other Clue #3 work being done.
 I'm also working on the Stella Quilt Along with GE Designs and her Gudrun Crew on Facebook. I have half of these blocks completed and pressed. The pattern is in the new Mixology book.
 I'm also working on the Marina quilt out of the Mixology book. I was able to get about 1/4 of step 1 of the first half of the blocks done. This will be for my daughter. I love our sewing parties! I can get so much sewn and leave the pressing for my breaks.
 Yesterday was a quilting day at my dad's house. My quilt frame/machine is out there and I love that I can take the kids out and they play and I get to quilt. I finished quilting this Big Sky quilt for one of my nephews for Christmas.
 I also quilted this popcorn hexie table runner out of Sunny Lanes. I'll cut the sides off, so they are a bit unraveled where I didn't quilt them.
 I also quilted this quilt. It was a sample at the store, so I didn't make it, but it became mine and it's now quilted. I love batik fabrics. They are so bright and cheery.
 These were the cut units I started with for Clue 3 on Friday.
 I'm also busily making Christmas gifts for teachers. This is a giraffe one for my son's teacher. 
 An OSU one for another teacher friend.
 A camping one for my daughter's teacher. Only 8 more to go for the Religion teachers!
 I finally laid out my Sakura table runner. It's EPP and I'm hoping to finish it yet this year. My thumb it giving me fits from too much stitching. I have three sections with the stars attached and then will add the pink hexies around them to join them. It's becoming too big of a travel project.
 These are the boxy totes I'm making for the school teachers. I'm making them match their interests.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt Clue 2

Clue 2 of the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville is done! I was able to get it cut out at lunch on Friday and then we had a winter storm warning for the weekend. Everything was closed or canceled and we got 6 inches of fresh powdery snow. It made for a perfect day of sewing. These are just a few sets, but between Saturday and Sunday, I finished sewing all the HSTs. I'll finish pressing and trimming this week during lunch. 
 My hubby Paul made this extravagant window trim for our front window. He installed the windows last November but didn't finish the trim until this weekend. He had 3 days off between leaving his job of 10 years and starting a new one today. He was very busy.
 He put the trim around the bathroom door, both the inside and the outside. He also installed his mom's bathroom door as well.
 I finished the binding on this pheasant quilt for my nephew for Christmas.

Take the time to link up the Good Fortune Mystery quilt and see what others are doing at Quiltville. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Fortune Link Up #1

The Good Fortune Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter started on Black Friday and I was busy quilting at my dad's, so I didn't get to start right away. I did get a few pink (in place of red) and neutral strips cut so I could start sewing when I had a chance. I thought I cut plenty, so Saturday I set to sewing. We were having a severe winter storm warning, so it was a stay inside and play kind of day. 
I was able to sew a bunch of strip sets and then used my Stripology ruler to cut them. This made quick work of cutting all those 4 patches. I got them all pressed and in pretty piles. 
I didn't have enough strips cut, so I went back to cut some more. I cut a lot and sewed a bunch more. I layered 4 sets under my Stripology ruler and went to work cutting. I had these sub-cut in under 30 seconds! 
I pressed and pressed and pressed, all while spinning my seams, but by Saturday night I still had this pile to press. They'll get finished up today. I've counted and I made plenty, so I'm ready to go for next week. 
This is the pheasant quilt I quilted at dad's house on Black Friday. I'll get it bound this week and it will be for my nephew for Christmas. 
I'm linking up with Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Monday, October 15, 2018

October Accomplishments So Far

I spent several more nights this month making more On Ringo Lake blocks. Very slow progress, but I'm still working on it. It's about time to make more half square triangles.

I was able to get caught up on my Quilters Planner scrappy blocks. This is September
This on is October.
On Native American Day we had the day off work, so the kids and I went to Dad's and quilted. This is the t-shirt quilt I did with no thread breaking or skipped stitches. I bought Inspira Machine quilting needles and I was really impressed.
The kids were so good and they were working on a project with Dad and Ann, so I was able to finish 4 quilts, including my Scrappy Trip Around the World. 
Matthew Olson, the Extension Agent I work with asked me to quilt and bind the t-shirt quilt he made with his 94-year-old grandma who has never pieced a quilt. They did a great job and the quilt quilted beautifully. I was able to put the binding on by machine on Monday and finished the hand stitching on Tuesday. He loved it.
I made and quilted this OSU quilt for my SIL for her birthday. I was able to get it quilted and bound. 
I used up scraps to make her these two zippered bags.
I also made a tote bag with leftover fabric.

While I quilted Monday, the kids helped dad and Ann make pumpkin Rice Krispie treats.
My old co-workers got together for our friend Karen's son's wedding. Myself, Karen, and Tina at the reception.

September Finishes

September flew by and it appears October is going to do the same. I've been very busy finishing up UFO's and trying to get a bunch of bags done.
I worked on several blocks of On Ringo Lake and I think I finished 5 more blocks. I also finished a lot of the corner pieces.
My biggest finish was my Farm Girl Vintage quilt. It was quilted by Marie Brewer and I quickly finished it.
I love the farm animals on it, which is why I had Marie quilt it.
I'm loving the way the quilting turned out.
I spent an afternoon quilting and was able to quilt Cobblestone, done in Glamping Gypsies fabric.
I finished the binding and I'm so happy with how it turned out. It will be a quilt for our bed in the camper.
A close up of our quilt.
Another look at the quilting. It's quilted with a light cream King Tut.
I bought this pattern at Mikaela's begging and then promptly lost it back in June. I found it the end of September when I was going on a work trip. I'm so happy I found it!
I flew to St. Louis for a work conference the last week of September. I took my hexie diamonds (or popcorn as Regina calls them.) and sewed them on the plane rides. I have them all sewn together and ready to make into a table runner.
We toured the Arch. If you haven't been there recently, the new visitor center is amazing.
I loved the trip and learning all the history.
I also worked hard to finish my scrappy trip around the world top. I took this picture and then realized I had two blocks wrong. I fixed it before quilting it. 

I feel like I was pretty productive. I spent quite a bit of time working on a Tudor bag to take on my trip, then miss cut, got frustrated, and quit on it, so it's still in pieces.

In September - 12
Out September - 42
In Year to Date - 151.5
Out Year to Date - 229.75
I'm ahead of my stash by 78.25 yards!!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Summer finishes

This summer just got away from me and I realized I hadn't even written down some of my finishes.
I made this Aeroplane bag.
I made these bowl cozies and gave two to a friend who was moving.
I made Mathew a travel pillowcase.
Mikaela made one as well.
I made this Crown Royal quilt for a friend as well. It was a major project this summer.
Then I made another Aeroplane bag which was smaller.
I quilted this small baby quilt for Project Warmth
I also quilted this one as well.
I made this bag.
I fixed this wallet. It just needed a new outside.
The inside was still good.
I also made hearts for the quilt guild Heart blocks
I finished this Sprinkles Baby quilt.
It felt good to get all these projects done. I'm really working hard on my UFO list this year.