Monday, February 05, 2018

On Ringo Lake Final Link Up

My On Ringo Lake looks pretty much like the picture below... One block, lots of pieces.  I have it all cut out, a couple dozen of each unit made and one block made. The sashing is also in parts and pieces. I do have all of clue 1 done. I really enjoyed learning how to use the Essential Triangle tool and even gave a demo on how to use it, using my pieces as samples. My sample board turned out really well and everyone was excited to learn how easy it was to use.

I made a few geese.
A few sashing
A few more geese

I just have a few too many projects in progress to keep moving forward on the mystery. I have a deadline of the 10th for my teaching samples and I'm making a few quilts that are all ready to be made into blocks, so I'm taking a break for now.

And the best part?? I learned how to use the Essential triangle tool to cut out HST's for Crown Royal Quilt blocks. I was able to make these churn dash blocks using all of the CR bags because I could cut HST's from the bag using the ETT. I am in love! I have a lot more HST's to cut, but I made this table runner sample and now I'm on to a queen size quilt that looks almost like it. I've never made HST's out of the bag because I couldn't get the 5" strip I needed, but I can get a 4.5" strip!
My daughter recently celebrated her 7th birthday by attending the first day of quilt retreat with me. She got to make 2 bags.

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Friday, February 02, 2018

OMG February 18 Goal

I have lots of goals for February, but due to a lot of work travel, I'm going to be realistic. I would like to finish this Crown Royal quilt table runner. I put the top together last night and need to have it quilted by next Saturday.


My UFO for the APQ is my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt and I think I need about 26 more blocks. I'd like to at least work on getting some of those done. I have several CR quilts in progress, so we'll see what happens.
My UFO for Patchwork Times is my Sprinkles quilt, which is a small baby quilt. It's about half pieced, so I could easily get the top at least done. So much to do, so little time!

Elm Street Quilts

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

One Monthly Goal January Accomplished

This month my One Monthly Goal was to finish my Crazy Mom Quilts Focus Block English Paper Pieced table topper. This was also my American Patchwork's UFO of January.
I was able to finish sewing the hexie's together and found a little time at my dad's to quilt it. It's all bound and completed thanks to time at the guild meeting. I'm so excited to be done with this EPP project. It was the last one I had going, so I've gotten started on another one, but haven't made any progress yet.
I was able to attend our guild's SOYO - Sew On Your Own retreat and got most of my FGV quilt together. I have a few spots I need to fix, but I'm so glad to have it in this spot right now.
I spent most of the weekend getting these black and white blocks into a quilt top. It's my oldest UFO and I really wanted it done. The top is done and now I can focus on quilting it next month. This was my Patchwork Times UFO for January and the top stage is more than I expected, so I'm happy with my progress moving it forward.
My daughter got to go to quilt retreat for the first day. It was her birthday and she made two bags.

I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal and the linky party.
Elm Street Quilts

I'm also linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.

Friday, January 05, 2018

One Monthly Goal - January

Last year I really struggled to do OMG, so I finally gave up. I didn't really accomplish anything from August-December, so I'm going to try again. I like having the goal. This is my Crazy Mom Quilts Focus block and I am EPPing it. I hope to finish piecing it and get it quilted in January.


Linking up for the OMG party with Elm Street Quilts. #onemonthlygoal
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 UFO's

As I looked over my list of UFO's from last year, I feel very confident in how much I accomplished this year. I had 19 on the list, with some hardly started and 12 were completed as well as work on others. The ones I finished this year, however were ones that needed to be done. 

Ahhhh - 2012 start - all English Paper Pieced - smaller than I intended, but done. 

Brighten Up Snowball Quilt - used up leftover charm packs. 
Brighten up baby quilt really brightens up the dead bushes this first day of spring. #igquiltfest #scrapquilt #charmsquares

Buckeye Beauty II - one of my favorite quilts, sold to a lady from my hometown. 
Three hours later Buckeye Beauty is quilted.  This is a big one!

Good Night Irene Yellow/Pink - Used as a demo - found the remaining fabric, after it was completed. Gifted to a co-worker of Paul's and his wife for their new baby. 
A quick finish tonight after I uncovered the sewing machine. Everything is back in the closet that is going back in there. Goodnight Irene using yellow, black, white, and pink scraps. Baby playmat quilt size.

HST Exchange- A UFO from maybe 2013 and gifted to my friend Regina when I visited her in October. She was part of the exchange. 

Mathew's Car Quilt - A project to use up the fat quarters he always picks out when we go shopping. He loves race cars. 

Metro Hoops - leftover from another quilt I made. I finished this one up as it was a hard one with the curves. 
February 17

Radiant Star - A quilt for my coworker who retired. I loved working with him and this is one of my favorite quilts I've ever made. 

Sewing Theme EPP - Another EPP project that was taking way too long and not being finished. 
Finished my oldest UFO, started in June 2011. A hand sewn, English Paper Pieced table runner.

Sweet Pea Pods - Used up the leftovers from bendy bags. Made for giving away.

Twist & Turn - The longest UFO ever - 2012 and it took me forever. I spent 2 hours per block and I made it entirely in our camper this summer while we were at Hart Ranch. I love it, but my dad's wife loved it more, so it's hers for now. 

Winding Ways - Gave up on making a queen size and finished it up as a wall hanging. 
February 17

I'm proud of these finishes and I hope to finish up the rest of the list next year. I had a lot of other finishes, but these were on the UFO list. 

On Ringo Lake Clue #5

This week with Christmas was very busy, but I found some time on my breaks at work to cut out the pieces for Clue #5. I sewed up 20 last night. They went really quickly. I hope to get more made tonight, but my yellow and blue quilts are calling my name.

For the past 2 years, I've been buying yellow/gold/blue/navy fat quarters to make a blue/yellow scrappy trip around the world. As I made my other Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks, I realized I had 1 or 2, 2.5" strips left. So I started planning with this quilt to make a Blue Ridge Beauty quilt from the scraps. I cut strips and made a ton of hst's using the Essential Triangle Ruler. They are all pressed and ready for my 4 patches when they are ready. These are the last yellow/blue strips I cut out.
I sort them into groups, which become my strata sets.
Last night I finished 3 sets. I have a lot more to go, but strata sets are not my favorite things to sew.
I cut them out and tore them apart during my break today.
I got all three ready to sew together. I love how these are turning out.
I used the leftover strips sets to make pairs of two, that I matched up into 4 patches. These will become part of my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt. I've adjusted the size to work with my scraps.
I wasn't making any Christmas presents, but I picked up this bulldog fabric to make my daughter's teacher a bag. She absolutely loved it.
This is the inside fabric. It looks pretty cool as the lining.
I had a strip down the center and it was big enough to make a little-zippered bag, so I made her another little bag. It's about 9"x9"
I've also spent time this week sewing together my yellow/gray focus blocks.
I also made myself a new project book cover.
Then on a whim, I made my son's preschool teacher a couple bags as well. This is a canvas Jeep bag because she loves Jeeps.
These cute Jeep bags were made with the 1/2 zipper technique. They turned out super cute and the linings are the opposite on each.
My daughter wanted a craft set for Christmas, so I made her one with the supplies from mom's craft room. It was fun pulling supplies together.
I picked up this Quilter in training shirt for her for Christmas.
My son took this picture of me at the school Christmas program.
On Christmas Eve, we had a family picture when we got home from Mass.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


2018 Planning Party
It's time to join the 2018 Planning Party at quiltingJETgirl and I'm excited to start thinking about my goals for next year. I started 2017 really strong, however, the death of my husband's grandpa in August really threw me for a loop. We've been doing a lot of stuff (that needed to be done) around the house and I just haven't been sewing. I'm ready to start fresh and with less planned on the weekends, I hope to be able to sew more.
Three priorities this year include finishing mom's fall quilt to gift to the Terra Sancta Retreat center. All it needs are the sashing strips and borders, but I struggle with them, so it got put away. I'll take this to retreat and finish the top up.
My Farm Girl Vintage blocks are all done and sat all year, so I am ready to sash and border them. Again, it's the sashing piece that I struggle with, so it's just never been done.
Thirty one blocks of the FGV Block of the Week. It's gonna be big! So glad I met tomorrow's deadline.
My scrappy trip around the world needs about 26 more blocks. It's a top, but I want it bigger, so I'm going to make more blocks this year as I finally have more scraps to make them with.

Other plans? I want to finish my blue/yellow scrappy trip around the world. I simply love making these, but I struggle with doing the strata sets. I also have a blue/yellow Blue Ridge Beauty I want to make for my cousin's wedding and it will need to be a priority this year. It uses the scraps from the TATW, so they are kind of one in the same.

My new start - heart shaped bargello I've been saving the fabrics for over the past 5 years. It's time to make it a priority.