Wednesday, March 01, 2017

February Accomplishments

This was a great month for my accomplishments. I started it out sick with the nasty bug that was going around, but when I found my groove I accomplished quite a bit.
I made the Tudor Bag from Sew Sweetness as a work bag for a trip to Brookings this month. It's an awesome bag for work! I love the size, durability, and structure.
I'm teaching the Ellipse quilt in April, so I made this sample. It turned out really cute and I think it will be very loved.
On my work trip, I finally finished sewing all the green blocks for a  5-yard quilt. It's my hope to finish this one yet this year. I think all the blocks are done now.
I also pieced the top of Mathew's quilt on my trip so I could quilt it when I got home. I was able to finish it this month and he loves it.
February 17
I also quilted Dangerous BOM. It's still awaiting binding, but I'm so glad I could spend the holiday at my dad's quilting on these two quilts.
February 17
I quilted and bound Metro Hoops as well. It feels so good to have this one done and not hanging over me any longer.
Winding Ways is another UFO that was hanging over my head way too long. I'm so proud of finishing it.
These were the last 4 blocks for FGV and I finally got them done. It feels so good to have all of the FGV blocks done.
February 17
I also had a 3-hour block of testing that I was able to stitch during. I spent quite a few breaks as well stitching on this Ahhhh's quilt top. This is how I laid it out, but now that I look at it, I think I really want it to be a hexagon. I have plenty of the Ahhhh's left, so I'll pull out 8 more and continue working on them. I'm really proud of how far I came on this in just two months. At the start of the year they were just the hexies!
February 17

My Stash Report is doing well. I would be doing even better if I didn't take my kids to the quilt shop. I've literally only bought 4 yards for myself. The rest is for the kids (17 yards) and samples.
Yards In this Month: 13
Yards Out this Month: 35.5
Yards In this Year: 26.25
Yards Out this Year: 42.5

I was able to stop at Chamberlain on my way home from my work trip to see Destiny, the new statue overlooking the Missouri River. She's amazing and even more so in person!


February 17

February 17

February 17

February 17
My husband and his co-workers won an award for their work on the new Orchard Meadows Common Cents. He did some amazing work and I am so proud of him for winning this award.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

OMG February goal met

I was able to get my One  Monthly Goal accomplished and so much more.  I finished my Ellipse sample and get it quilted and bound.



Elm Street Quilts

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

February OMG Goal

My OMG Goal for February is to finish the Ellipse quilt top. I've gotten this far, but need to have it done by Saturday, so I'm going to have to push it a bit harder. This is a sample for a class I am teaching in April.

I'm traveling to Sioux Falls for work next week and to attend a conference, so I made myself a new Tudor Bag. I love the size.
I finished the Metro Hoops top up late last month. I hope to get it quilted this month, but we'll see what happens.
I also made this piecing sample, to showcase the new piecing book I am using in my class.
Mikaela did a Hardrocker Dance Camp last weekend at School of Mines. She loved it!


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal  Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal February Linkup

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Friday, January 27, 2017

SOYO 2017

SOYO quilt retreat was awesome! I was able to get a lot accomplished.
I made 2 bendy bags.
I made a Winding Ways wall hanging top.
I put together the yellow and pink Good Night Irene baby quilt.
I put together the Buckeye Beauty quilt top.
I also put together my GE Designs Dangerous blocks into a quilt top.
I also put together an XO baby quilt in Brights, but I need to find a border fabric.
I put the first 4 blocks of Twist & Turn quilt top together.
I also made my FGV block the correct way. I'm now caught up with my friends.
I sewed with these delightful ladies and my Aunt Jane. It was a wonderful weekend and I loved getting to spend so much time sewing with them. I also made 40 blocks for Mathew's Car quilt.

January Accomplishments

January has been wonderful for my sewing. I've gotten a lot accomplished, but luckily I still have 4 more days to get my goal done.
I made a mini planner cover out of fabric to match my Quilters Planner.

I made a new planner cover because my other one didn't fit. The pocket above has a charm and a button from my mom. It's a great reminder of my mom and I love it.
Mikaela has been helping me with the gluing of my triangles for my Ahhhh quilt. I have all of the hexie's sewn with the triangles to each side. I've made more progress in the month of January than in the last year.
I finished all of the quarter square units for step 6 and 7 for En Provence mystery quilt. I still need to put them together, but samples call first.
I finished my braid runner for a class I'm teaching in March.
I finished block 9 of the Dangerous Mystery quilt.
A few more blocks of FGV got done.
I made sweet pea pods for my friends at quilt retreat.
I'll do another post with my quilt retreat, but I also finished up a piecing sample for a class I'm teaching.

Friday, January 13, 2017

2016 Year in Review

2016 was a very good year. We made a lot of family memories and I was able to do quite a bit of sewing as well. This was my year of BOM's, so I made a ton of blocks (150+) and not as many finished quilts, but I believe 2017 will have quite a few big finishes for me.
I made oil bags for Kelli and Jen and a Valentine Wall hanging for myself.
Two more essential oils bags done! They don't take long, just the right mindset and following directions correctly. @cre8tivequilter @kell1squiltsMikaela and I quilted this one together and I put the binding on. A new wall hanging for my office.
I made Leslie my MIL a quilt Strip Lash while she was in the interview process and got a new job. I also made this Remington Quilt as a shop sample.
The Blue Hexie quilt is done! Feeling a great sense of accomplishment in completing this one. Made entirely from mom's stash.Remington quilt is done !
A Valentine Hexie quilt using a hexie ruler my brother Ed gave me. A Frozen Bag for Mikaela
Valentines table runner completed from scraps.Mikaela made a new bag over the past couple weeks.
A pen holder and planner cover for my 2016 Quilters Planner.
A new pen case for my Quilters Planner.Last night I made a cover for my Quilters Planner using the very coveted Elm Creek Quilts double wedding ring fabric Jen gave me. @cre8tivequilter
A Minkee toddler Quilt and a Buckeye Beauty quilt.
Purple minkee quilt is so soft and cozy. Love how it turned out.Buckeye Beauty is done! A birthday finish for me...and a whole quilting day ahead of me tomorrow.
Quilted a quilt for Aunt Jane and made a Case IH quilt for Owen.
A beautiful quilt for project warmth is now quilted for my Aunt Jane.2nd quilt done this morning, for my nephew.
Made my friend Cindy a quilt from mom's Loralie collection and a BHSU inspired bag for me.
Very successful day of quilting,  4 done!  BQ4 made from mom's Loralie fabric stash.Apparently I was so excited to use new BHSU-RC inspired Fiji Tote that I didn't take a picture of it. Even President Jackson liked it.
Finished mom and grandma's friendship quilts and donated them to the Wall quilt guild.
Grandma Elaine's Friendship quilt circa 2004 top is done. Blocks from the Wall Quilt Guild.Mom's friendship quilt was also quilted today. Lots of binding to get done this week.
Made a mini sew together bag for myself.
My new mini Sew Together bag.  I knew I'd find a way to use the hexie fabric I bought.20160406_220757
Made a sew together bag and a minkee jelly roll quilt for store samples.
New Sew Together bag sample for TSC. Just a few hours to get it made.20160408_072404
Mikaela got a new doc outfit, my first serger project in a long time. I also made an SDSU inspired bag for me.
Made minkee tag blankets for a students new twins. Duffle bag made for myself.
Needed a quick gift for twin girls when I only had one blanket,  not the two I thought I had. I hope the mom will love them.20160421_060610
Mini Sew Together bag for a store sample. Mini Granny Square from Frolic scraps.
Mini Sew together bag.  I'll be teaching the Sew Together bag on Wed. May 4th if you're interested in making it.2016-05-31_08-57-01
A monster truck bag for Mathew and 2 minkee baby blankets for cousins kids.
2016-06-02_10-42-22Two super soft minkee blankets finally finished.
Sweet pea pods from Bendy Bag scraps. Professional Tote sample for the store. Bendy bag samples for the store from Sew Together bag scraps.
Five sweet pea pods finished tonight. Assembly line sewing. Only 15 or so more to go.An unexpected night to myself means I got to sew and finally finish this professional tote. I'll be teaching this class starting next Wednesday,  so sign up soon if you'd like to make one.
Tonight's Becca Bags! So fast, fun, and easy.  They are a great stash buster. I'll be teaching a class on them in November if you're interested.
Two fabric books for the kids. Cowgirls coin quilt from scraps.
Tonight the kids helped me make their books. Just a little handwork for me to finish. They like to sit on my lap and guide the fabric through. Mikaela turned them all right side out and used the point turner to stick out the corners.I waited all day to post this for WIP Wednesday,  only to realize it's Tuesday. The Cowgirl quilt is finished!
Scrappy Blue and Yellow Granny Square for demo at the store. Good Night Irene Sample for a store demo.
Scrappy granny square table topper.Goodnight Irene is bound! It'll be a sample after the fair.
Nightgown and Make it with Wool Challenge purse
So far, so good. My free trapeze dress is almost done. Just have to finish the sides and hem. It fits too! is the link to the free pattern.20160804_225009
Machine piecing sample and supply case sample for the store.
20160806_092034Finished my #creativemakersupplycase
Two BHSU inspired sweet pea pods and 4 camper quilts
Jackie's birthday gift. A sweetpea pod in BHSU colors.20160818_074004
Steve's Radiant Star Mini quilt and Horse purse for me
Finished just in time for the fair.20160920_075235
Oz backpack for Angie & Raglan shirt for me.
20160928_120006Tonight I made myself a shirt to wear for retreat next week!  I love this fabric!
Puppy basket for Lindsey. Good Night Irene baby quilt
Basket made for a Christmas gift tonight.Good Night Irene in brights.
Chess basket for Greg. Camping basket for Mrs. Ivey.
Chess basket for a coworker for Christmas.  Tried the curtain grommet handles and love them! Hopefully he'll put his chess pieces in it.Camping basket for Mikaela's teacher for Christmas.
Mini Puppy basket for Lindsey. Strip On for Ms. Carol
Mini dog basket for Christmas gift for a coworker.Strip Lash II finished!
Wine Oil Bags for Nicole and Leslie
Essential oil bag made with wine fabric scraps.Inside of bag.
Purple basket for Me and 4 Project Bags
Basket if charmsThree more project bags completed.
Sweet Pea Pods from scraps. Coaster for Kim
Five sweetpea pods done. Only 7 left!Coaster made for a former coworker in purples.
Granny Square mug rug for me. Peek A Boo sample 1
Yellow and blue granny square orphan block made into a table topper. We have our accreditation visit tomorrow,  so sewing decor relaxs me.Peek a Boo table runner. #gedesigns
Strip On Table runner for me. Peek a Boo 2
Strip to be square, bound and ready for the camper. #gedesignsPeek a Boo table runner made from blue batiks.
Peek a Boo 3. Strip Burst baby quilt
Peek a Boo table runner. Such a fun pattern. #gedesignsStrip Burst finished in less than a month! #gedesigns
Fraction quilt Basket from scraps
Friction is quilted. Can I get the binding done tonight?One basket done, three more to finish up.
More baskets from scraps. Two Becca bags from scraps.
Four baskets finished tonight! One of my older UFOs.Finished up this Becca bag tonight.
Remington bags from scraps. Best of Joy table runner
Three more bags finished last night for gifts.Best of Joy table runner #gedesigns
Two camping tents for Dad and Ann and Ms. Carol. Giant Starburst for Sarah.
Cardboard table Tent for a Christmas gift. Still have to serge the seams, but at least it's all cut and measured. I'm sure this will be great for imaginative play.Another finished quilt tonight. Giant Starburst in Green Bay Or BHSU green and yellow.
Trinket case for Cooper. Sew South Tote for me
Cooper's trinket case.Finished my Sew South Tote during the very awesome Chiefs game. @ellisonlane #sewsouthtote
18 Boo Boo Bags for Mathew's party. Mini bags and lanyards for Brittney and Mrs. Ivey.
Eighteen boo boo bags made for Mathew's birthday party. I kind of went overboard, but that's a yard of muslin and 10 lbs of rice.20161219_215123
10 mug rugs for co-workers  Two mug wall hangings, one for Marcy.
Pillow and table runner for Leslie
The BEST quilt I helped make this year was for my friend Jen Wehr. She's such an amazing person and I'm so glad that Regina 1 I and I could collaborate with our blogging friends to make this for her.

That sums up my 2016 Finishes! I did a tremendous amount of other sewing including 150+ blocks for BOM's and other quilts. I hope to finish those up in 2017.

Bags - 72
Wall Hangings/Table Runners/Mug Rugs - 30
Quilts - 17
Other - 16
Total - 135 Finishes!!

2016 Stash Report
Fabric bought this year: 106.75 yards

Fabric used this year: 287.75 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 181 yards!

For my first year keeping track of stash, I am really happy with my progress.