Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Progress

While my last post showed a few finishes, it really didn't showcase all I worked on this month. I said at one point over the long weekend (with a snow day added), that I had quilters ADD. I was working on 6-8 projects all at one time!
I finished this green and gold bag for the SDHEA conference silent auction after I arrived at the conference! I set up my sewing and had it done in less than an hour, start to finish. I donated 4 bags in green/gold and blue/yellow.
While I was away a the conference, I made all of these blue and yellow Blue Ridge Beauty blocks. I would like it to be bigger and have plenty of HST's but needed more 4 patches. Since it's the scraps from my Scrappy Y/B trip around the world that I'm using for the 4 patches, I needed to make more of those blocks!
I'm teaching a class on making Crown Royal quilts or really any focus fabric and designing a quilt around the fabric, so I made my brother pillows to match his quilt.
I made a few more yellow and blue scrappy trip blocks.
Then I made a few more... and a few more... and a few more. I didn't take pictures of all of them, but I'm sure I finished about 20 this month. I do about 3 each round of chain piecing.
I made Mathew a blanket for his teddy bear. 

I made this doll blanket for an auction at Mikaela's school.
I made this backing for a black and white baby quilt.
I'm doing the Quilters Planner Sew Along, so I made this block for January.
This is the February block for the Quilters Planner Sew Along
I was able to make a few more 4 patches
And a few more yellow and blue scrappy trip blocks.
I had a quilting day at my dad's house and quilted this baby quilt I made from the leftover blocks of my quilt.
My 5-yard quilt in black/white/ pink/green was also quilted at dads. I need to bind both of these.
I also made this doll blanket with minkee for the auction, but Mikaela kept it for herself.

It doesn't look like I posted my in/out for January, but I was neck and neck, 30.75 in and 33.75 out... Well, I didn't do quite so well this month. I was at the quilt shops a bit too often and my "big" finishes didn't get bound due to a fall that hurt my back on Saturday, so I'll have to keep them for next month. I will be ahead of my stash soonish.

February In - 29.25 Yards
February Out - 14 Yards
Year to Date In - 60 Yards
Year to Date Out - 47.75 Yards
For a total of 12.25 yards, the stash is ahead!

One Monthly Goal - February Finished

This month has been a busy one. I celebrated another birthday and finished quite a few projects.
I finished my OMG with the quilting and binding of this Crown Royal table runner. I'm making a queen size quilt with the same block and I wanted to see what it would turn out like. I love it and the block is really simple, so I hope to have the top for the queen done in March.
I also made 2 Crown Royal pillows for my brother to match his quilt. I'm teaching a class on how to make Crown Royal quilts in April/May and I made both of these items for samples.
I loved the Positivity table topper pattern by GE Designs, so I used scraps to make this topper. It didn't turn out quite how I expected, but it's done and bound and I'm happy.
My son wanted a quilt for his teddy bear since his sister has doll quilts she's made. He picked out the fabrics from his "stash" and I used the leftover pieces from his bed quilt to make this small quilt for teddy. If someone doesn't want to make a Crown Royal quilt, I'll also be showing how to use focus fabrics to design a quilt in the same class I'm teaching.

My other February UFO's were Sprinkles - which I got all of the sections completed and they are now ready to be pieced into blocks. I'm trying to decide if I should keep them pink/blue/yellow or mix them all up.
I also worked on blocks for my Scrappy Trip Around the World. I have 2 completed and 10 more strata sewn and cut apart. I'm currently ripping. I figure I started roughly half the blocks I need this month, so I'll keep moving it forward.


I also made a bunch more yellow and blue Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks and Blue Ridge Beauty blocks. I also sewed a few bags and blankets as well. I quilted at my dad's and got my Black and White quilts quilted, so a very successful month!
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Monday, February 05, 2018

On Ringo Lake Final Link Up

My On Ringo Lake looks pretty much like the picture below... One block, lots of pieces.  I have it all cut out, a couple dozen of each unit made and one block made. The sashing is also in parts and pieces. I do have all of clue 1 done. I really enjoyed learning how to use the Essential Triangle tool and even gave a demo on how to use it, using my pieces as samples. My sample board turned out really well and everyone was excited to learn how easy it was to use.

I made a few geese.
A few sashing
A few more geese

I just have a few too many projects in progress to keep moving forward on the mystery. I have a deadline of the 10th for my teaching samples and I'm making a few quilts that are all ready to be made into blocks, so I'm taking a break for now.

And the best part?? I learned how to use the Essential triangle tool to cut out HST's for Crown Royal Quilt blocks. I was able to make these churn dash blocks using all of the CR bags because I could cut HST's from the bag using the ETT. I am in love! I have a lot more HST's to cut, but I made this table runner sample and now I'm on to a queen size quilt that looks almost like it. I've never made HST's out of the bag because I couldn't get the 5" strip I needed, but I can get a 4.5" strip!
My daughter recently celebrated her 7th birthday by attending the first day of quilt retreat with me. She got to make 2 bags.

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Friday, February 02, 2018

OMG February 18 Goal

I have lots of goals for February, but due to a lot of work travel, I'm going to be realistic. I would like to finish this Crown Royal quilt table runner. I put the top together last night and need to have it quilted by next Saturday.


My UFO for the APQ is my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt and I think I need about 26 more blocks. I'd like to at least work on getting some of those done. I have several CR quilts in progress, so we'll see what happens.
My UFO for Patchwork Times is my Sprinkles quilt, which is a small baby quilt. It's about half pieced, so I could easily get the top at least done. So much to do, so little time!

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