Tuesday, March 18, 2014

National Quilting Day & SLSB QAL

The Star Light Star Bright Quilt Along is coming to a close. This turned out to be one of my favorite quilt alongs. It was easy to keep up and with many sizes it was so easy to pick one that worked with my fabric. I simply love Melissa's designs and the way she organizes and follows through with her quilt a longs. They are so much fun and so useful! I made the 16" block as a wall hanging for a co-workers wedding. I initially had it looking like this. After reading through the directions again, I realized it was wrong. One night while Mikaela was reading to me in bed, I tore it out.
Last night I worked on sewing it back together. I actually ended up sewing the sides on wrong again and ripping again. I finally got it figured out and it looks great.
Star Light Star Bright QAL
Saturday Paul was going ice fishing, but it rained/snowed/ was super windy, so he came home. We did a bunch of weekend errands and then I went out to my dad's to quilt while the kids and Paul too naps. I finished up Swoon which was on the frame. It turned out AMAZING! I used a wool batting of my moms and a large backing, so no piecing. I also used a brand new spool of Aurifil white thread 2024. I was super excited with how well it blended and doesn't really stand out on the colored sections. I had no tension issues, which always makes me super happy.
A couple different angles. The quilt is 90" square, so it will fit nicely on our bed... after the quilt show. I am determined that this will be my first quilt show entry. Now someone needs to hold me to the deadline.
I had only been at my dad's for an hour and it's an hour each way to drive there, so I decided to load my brother Ed's Crown Royal quilt on the frame. I used another wide back and a purple Aurifil thread. It turned out amazing as well. I didn't have any problems with tension or stretching at all. I used a Hobbs Cotton Batting, again from my mom (the last one) booooo.
Ed's Crown Royal quilt is quilted.
I got to the last row of the CR blocks, in the middle of them and RAN OUT OF THREAD!!!! I was out in the middle of nowhere with less than a foot of quilting rows left. I was devastated. I hadn't even thought about my partially used spool not being enough. I contemplated, him hawed, and finally decided to look at my King Tut/Bottomline threads to see if one could possibly work. I finally went with the Dk Purple Bottomline as it was the closest to weight and color. It didn't quilt nearly as well, but it got the job done and I was a happy camper. So today I'll be checking to see if I can get another spool of that thread in town and if not, I'll be ordering one. I have at least one more quilt that NEEDS that color thread. Plus it's my favorite color, so it will not go to waste.
Spending National Quilting Day rejuvenated and invigorated me. I felt so much better after I had spent a few hours quilting. Now I have to spend a lot of time putting on the bindings. I spent most of Sunday working on my papers for my final class of my graduate degree. I wrote a 40 page paper, with 35 references, a 5 page reflection on my graduate school experience, and a PowerPoint overview. I completed all of them and turned them in Sunday night, even though they were not due until Monday night.
I have one week until the end of the term and just have to wait for grades to be posted! Wish me luck as I try to be patient. I'll be doing lots of sewing in the meantime.

Needle and Thread Thursday


Jennifer said...

Glad you were able to get some quilting time in! That stinks about running out of thread - I've had that happen before, but only in the bobbin, so not as big a deal. You know you can get Aurifil on big cones, right? It is pricy, but I think a better value in the long run. My mom has gotten it for me at quilt shows before.

juliehallfeldhaus said...

As I sit here to long on the internet I think YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!Good luck on your final grade!!!

Sara said...

I'm sure your grades will all turn out just fine and you deserve a big ol' High Five on finishing that degree. It's a terrific accomplishment.

Your quilts turned out great. Glad you were able to substitute the other thread in order to finish up the Crown Royal quilt.

Melissa Corry said...

Great job on finishing up your SLSB block!!! It is so cute. And sorry, ripping is never fun :( Can't wait to see how you quilt it up. Your swoon is stunning!!

Mary Huey said...

Love your swoon quilt!

Laura B said...

Really nice Swoon! I'm planning on doing one later this year.

kim said...

You've got some really great projects going on at your house and they're all beautiful. I think my favourite is your Swoon, nice job on that one. I've got my fabric stack ready for mine...... :)

Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting said...

Fun projects! I love your swoon. Beautiful fabrics and texture!
- Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

Unknown said...

Can u please give me a rough estimate on how many bags i will need & how much extra fabric i will need???

mi said...

can you tell me the fabric used FOR this Quilt (THE CROWN RoyAL quilt completed March 2014