Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

My dad's 60th Birthday is today! He's the guy on the left with the moustache that curls on the ends. He's had that as long as I can remember. We're having a big bash for him at my parents tomorrow night and we'll be giving him a special gift... Wait he might just read this so I won't give it away, but I'll try to take some pictures at the party.
Branding 2008 124
My co-worker Janelle just had her baby... within the last hour. We just talked to her on the phone and she named it Adelaide Marie and it was a girl. They are going to call it Addie for short. I put my hat in for today as the birthdate as it was my dad's b-day. And the funny part is he has an aunt with the same first name.
Well the countdown has begun! We are only 8 days from the wedding. Last night I finished packing bags for the next two weeks. I'll be back to Rapid on Thurs. to buy groceries and get my nails done, but I don't really want to have to go back to the house if I don't have to. I'm going to my parents tonight and Paul will go to his bachelor party tonight and come down sometime tomorrow so he can be there for the party.
I'll try to post from my parents this week so I'll be in touch. I use the sewing laptop when I'm there so I don't take over their computers. I'm taking my laptop on the honeymoon so we can search for places to go when we get to MO, but I won't be reading blogs... I'll try to post wedding photos for those who are interested in seeing them. We're planning to go to Springfield and Branson MO with a stop in Kansas and a few other towns along the way. We'll be gone a week, so we hope to just see the country side and enjoy a long road trip.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Branding 2008

One weekend each year in May is the family branding on my dad's side of the family. Paul and I really enjoy the experience and this was our 4th year there together. I'm the photographer, as my dad loves to send the picture to other family members and friends. I took well over a hundred pictures, but I'll share a few of the highlights. These are a few of the branders going to round up the cattle from the east pasture. I think there were about 15 people that rode out to get them. Everything is done by horse here, NO 4-wheelers allowed.
Branding 2008 004
Off they go to round them up. This was about 11 AM on Sunday. Had it not rained they would have left Sat. morning at 7AM, but we've been getting rain for the last 5 days or so, and it was raining Sat. morning, so it was postponed.
Branding 2008 011
Here's an awesome picture of Paul. I'm still trying to get down the in's and out's of this camera. It's a ton better than the old one. He's waiting while they vaccinate the cows and put the fly pour on them.
Branding 2008 019
Here's the fire pit for the branding irons. They use propane and wood to keep the fire nice and hot throughout the day.
Branding 2008 032
Here's a picture of them branding. Jim (my brother) and Paul have wrestled the calf after it was roped and pulled out of the pen. Then these guys bring the branding irons over to brand. Cousin T. is in the red shirt and chaps. A lot of these are his cattle. Ohh I feel so Pioneer Womanish!
Branding 2008 055

Branding 2008 094
My cousin V. just roped this calf and brought it out. Here I am holding the head while my bro Jim holds the back leg. I let my FMIL take the picture, so you could see that I did really wrestle one! Three years ago my SIL called me miss acrylic nails and didn't think I could wrestle, but I did that year and every year since I've done at least one. Cousin T's wife A. is cutting the bull calf, which takes extra time so I could pose for a picture.
Branding 2008 084
Here's Cowboy B. teaching my FMIL Leslie how to wrestle the calf and hold the back legs. She had never been at a branding, so she came down to watch and he convince her she could do it. She was having a blast! His wife was the one that helped Paul learn the first year we went to the branding.
Branding 2008 124
Here's my dad and his brother Tom. They were using the branding irons, but there was a slow part when we didn't do them as fast, so they had time for a break. They almost look identical, but Tom's three years older.
It was a beautiful day on Sunday and we got done branding about 5 and then my aunt had a lot of really good food prepared, so we had a feast. I would say there were probably close to 30 people there for the day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Future Hubby's Hobby

Paul is a custom home builder and does a lot of different types of construction at work, but in his spare time, he does also have a woodworking hobby. Since there is so much of the wedding decoration that is quilting related, I suggested that he do some picture frames for gifts and for our pictures. This frame (sitting on the four wheeler - sorry I couldn't find anywhere else to sit it) is for our wedding picture. It's a walnet frame with Oak trim on top and will hold a 11X14 picture of us after the wedding for hanging in our home.
This is a picture frame out of cedar. He made one for our picture of Jim & Adele's wedding picture. Then he made them for my brothers to have our wedding picture in. He also made oak frames for our parents and grandparents. They have turned out really nicely.

The Ring Bearer's Pillow

Have I ever told you how AWESOME my mom is??? She's the most incredible woman I've ever met and she can do wonders with a sewing machine. She has taught me almost everything I've every learned about quilting, sewing, hardanger, serging, cross stitch and she does an incredible job at all these things.
This is the ring bearer pillow for our wedding. She made it using bobbin drawing. She embroidered the front which says Moneik & Paul and 6-07-08 our wedding day on it. Then she did bobbin drawing to get the crazy quiltingness in it. She used irredescent threads and lace to make it. I think it's absolutely beautiful!!! She used the excess off my dress to make the top, so it has a very special part of me, in it. She made it in a heart shape because our wedding theme is two hearts.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jen's Moving Sale!!

Great Bargins are arriving at Jen's Sewing/Quilting/Stamping/Scrapbooking/Crafting Moving Sale. Check out her Moving Sale blog at: for more details. Act quick as the items are going quickly!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Camera!

Our camera has been on the fritz for the past few weeks. The screen has been going bad and it leaves streaky lines in the picture. Monday night we decided to go look at new cameras. We received some gift cards at Target as shower gifts, so we decided to buy a digital camera. We picked out this Canon from Target. It works great and I instantly fell in love with operating it and especially with the size of it. I took a few pictures last night of frames Paul has made, but I can't get them to work.
Here's a picture of our brand spankin' new camera! I'll get to use it a lot this weekend as we are going to the family branding and I love to take pictures and share them with our family.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend at Home

This was the last weekend we'll be home until after the honeymoon, so even though I really wanted to go to my Sister-in-Law's baby shower and fishing with my family, I decided to stay home. Friday night mom and I spent doing a few errands after work and finally ended up going home early because we were both tired.
Sat. morning I slept in! It was so nice not to get up until 9. It'll probably be the last time for several weeks! Paul went to get oil and pet supplies and I stayed home and sewed. I had bought the fabric to make my SIL a baby bag out of some rodeo clown material, but when I was going to make it, my plans changed, so it didnt get done. I set to sewing and made the Miranda bag in a little over 5 hours, but I did do laundry too, so it was probably right at 5 hours I spent on it. It turned out way cute if I do say so myself!
MayQuilts 001
MayQuilts 004
I got done just as Paul was getting home. I told him he didn't have to go back to town with me, so I high taled it to town and picked up a bag and tissue to wrap it in. I took it to the QCII to show the girls and they all loved it too. I wrapped it up and sent it on it's way to the baby shower my mom was going to on her way home. I hope my brother & SIL like it. Since they don't know if they are having a boy or a girl, I used the red rodeo clown fabric with a black striped bottom.
I did a few errands in town and then came home. Paul pulled out all my suitcases of summer clothes and I completely cleaned out my side of the closet. I now have a clean closet and lots of springy/summery closes to wear. He powerwashed all the vehicles and worked on picture frames as gifts for the wedding. We ended up going to the late show of What Happens in Vegas. It was really funny and I highly recommend it. It's definately a movie we'll buy when it comes out on video. We ended up going to a bar with live music, but it was so smokey we came home.
Sun. morning we slept in, YES twice in one weekend! Then we went to church and did some errands in town. Paul spent the afternoon working on the frames again and I sewed the rings for the church banner. I packed up a lot of stuff that needs to go to my parents for the wedding. While Paul was cleaning the garage I printed pictures to put in the frames he was making. While I visited with my mom last night I HAND sewed the labels on the three quilts I have made. They are now ready to be wrapped and given as gifts. I am so glad they are done.
This week is looking pretty empty at least in the evenings. We have to meet with the marriage couples on Wed. night and we're going to get our marriage license on Friday, but otherwise it's pretty open. We're planning to head home for branding. I'll hopefully be able to take lots of pictures and maybe some videos of the branding for all to enjoy. We'll see how that goes. Our camera is on the fritz and we're planning to get a new one soon, but not yet.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sewing Update

I was feeling really down about how much I had sewn in the last week. I mean I was feeling deprived! Last Tues. night I sewed for 3 hours and none since! We were at my parents this past weekend helping my brother and sister-in-law move to their new home, so I have an excuse there. Mom and I went shopping Monday night, we went grocery shopping Tues. night, and Wed. we had a church gathering. I did spend an hour or so putting the quilt labels on the back of some quilts, but they still need to be stitched down.
Last night was Sew & Sews club, so mom and I planned to go together. We were waiting for club to start by spending time at the mall. We just happened to run into the flowergirl and her mom in one of the stores and mom had brought her dress to show at show & tell for club, so we had her try it on and measure for length. It fits perfectly and we just have to put a little rolled hem in and it'll be done. Mom wanted to do all the rolled hems at the same time, so the bridesmaids and flowergirls dress will be done together and sew the hook & eyes on and they are done! She also made a white jacket to go over my dress in the event it is cold or raining and it looks so cute. She got a ton done on her day off yesterday.
I really wanted to go to my parents this weekend for my sister-in-law's baby shower on Sat. night, but since we are spending the next 3 weekends at my parent's for branding, my dad's birthday, and the wedding, we decided it would be best to stay home and do some things for the wedding at the house. We still have to print pictures for the bulletin board and finish some of the gifts. With only 3 weeks to go, I'm sure it will be here before we know it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pioneer Woman!!

Several weeks ago Suzan recommended we read The Pioneer Woman blog. At the time I was swamped at work and just didn't get around to going back and reading it. Monday is always a lighter day, so when I read Connie's blog, I just happened to notice that she had recommended reading The Pioneer Woman, too. Well I figured if several people recommended it, it must be good. I started reading, and reading, and reading, and I couldn't stop!!!! I ended up reading the entire love story which had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for more. I told Jen and Jill that they should take a peak and low and behold we're all now hooked! I started reading from the very beginning and I LOVE the way she rights, so fresh, new, and full of honesty. I can just picture the work on the ranch and her little Punks. She's even inspired me to take more pictures at branding next weekend to share with my quilty friends. It's a good thing it's slower this week or I wouldn't be getting so much read. She could seriousl write novels and I'd buy every one of them! And just how does she get over 1,000 people to comment on her blog???? It's just that good!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wet Weekend!

It's been a wet weekend! We had lots of downpouring rain on Friday night, which was great for the ground, but cause a few changes in plans. I got off early on Friday afternoon, so we could get out of town before it got to be too late. I made a quick stop at a couple QS's, looking for Bag-E-Bottoms and finally found them and the tool fabric to match a quilt I plan to make for a baby boy. Then I was on to the Quilt Corral/Sewing Center to pick up some quilting thread and fabric for a new bag. I also picked up a sewing attachment that a friend wanted and they had available. Then I was off to Lowe's and picked up my mom's Mother's Day present, flowers and plants. I met Paul at the house and we got packed up and headed for home, making a few stops along the way. It was still pouring rain and my dad had to close the road that leads to my parents, so we picked up mom where she left her car and put the pickup in 4-wheel drive. It was slow going as it's a gravel road and really slick and muddy.
Sat. morning it was still raining, so my bro and his wife postponed their move. Mom, Dad, Paul, & I went and helped them pack at their old house on Sat. That night they met Paul and I at the movie theater and we saw Leatherheads. It was an interesting movie.
We got up early Sun. morning and went to their house to move them. It took all day, a crew of 10 people and two horse trailers, and we got them moved to their new place. We got home and were completely exhausted last night. We had planned to paint the deck and steps this weekend, but with the rain that got postponed as well!
I'm completely bushed today and want to just go home and sleep, but mom and I are meeting to pick up stuff for the wedding. She's working most of the week here because of Market in Portland this week and most of the girls are gone. So in the evening she's going to work on wedding stuff, but tonight we got to pick it up.
My brother tried to stress me out by showing me a white shirt with black piping on it that he was going to wear as an usher. I said okay looks good to me, even though I said a white shirt. He was trying to get a reaction out of me, because he also showed me the plain white shirt he does plan to wear. I'm just not letting major changes stress me out!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sewing Night went astray!

Last night we were going to sew at the store for a while. I had all my stuff packed and was ready to go, but didn't really feel like it. I am for the most part done sewing for the wedding and didn't really have a project that had to be done. I ended up taking the deer hunting wall hanging and planned to buy fabric to make my a Miranda diaper bag for my new sister in law and the soon to be born baby. I had to stop at Hancock's and pick up the fusible fleece and their batting ended up being 50% off, so I bought a package of Hobbs Thermore to use in the baby quilts I'll be making real soon. When I got to the store, I had totally forgot to go to the Sewing Center to look for the circular sewing attachment for the 6600. I was so mad I had forgotten, so I'll be going tomorrow after work.
The girls didn't want to sew, so instead we went to Casa Real, a new Mexican restaurant for supper. It was really relaxing and fun. I did buy the fabric though, so I have one week to make the bag before the baby shower next weekend! Mom and I did a bit of shopping and we were both exhausted by the time we got done.
This weekend we are helping my brother and his wife move, so I'll be getting off early, stopping by the sewing center and quilt corral and then on home to pack and get ready to go home. I think we should be ready to head home before it gets too late, but I could be wrong. I think it'll be a busy, busy weekend, but hopefully we get a lot done.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bridal Hankies

I read about this cool idea on one of the bridal sites where they used the cut off hem to make bridal hankies for the parents. My dress only had 5" taken off it, so that wouldn't work, so this weekend I made these using my mom's embroidery machine and software. They turned out really cool and last night I did a rolled hem around the edges. I think our parents will like them.
AprilQuilts 057

AprilQuilts 058
AprilQuilts 059

Quick Bag

AprilQuilts 056
I made this quick little bag last night from some leftover fabric from my jacket. It turned out really cute and didn't take me long at all. It's about 11X15. I used two pieces of fabric, sewed around all the edges except a little bit on one short side, with the serger. Then I serged the corners off and both ends, turned it inside out, and sewed the bottom of the bag lining with my machine. I put the lining in, and evened it all up, sewed a row along the top and addeded two handles. I serged them, turned, and sewed two rows of stitching down the sides and attached them. I think it will make a great gift for someone who's helping with the wedding. I didn't use a pattern, just let my rotary cutter fly!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This weekend Paul and I went to my parents. We didn't get a very early start because we had to dig out from the snow and it was the first Sat. of the month, so I went to Strip Club at the Quilt Corral Too. They have closed their store at Misteltoe Ranch and moved all the fabric to the QC II. So there are over 8000 bolts of fabric in the store!! We got to see pictures of Joan's quilt that she had displayed at the AQS show in Paducah too.
We arrived in time for Mass and then met with the priest who is marry us. We planned the ceremony and where people are going to sit and who's walking in where. Sunday morning Paul replaced some boards on my parents deck and mom and I worked on some embroidery labels for my quilts and a couple hankies I wanted to make. With her software and embroidery machine it didn't take long to get them all made.
In the afternoon we took the banner over to the church and hung it. We need to figure out something different for the rings as they didn't really stand out the way we wanted them to. Then we went to the wedding shower that was hosted by my godmother. She did an excellent job and we had a great time. We played cards and really had an enjoyable time visiting with the local people. We received some very nice gifts as well. We got home just before 10 and we were both exhausted. Last night we sat down and worked on the thank yous and got those all done. Paul was tired, but I wanted to have them all written and sent today and he helped me with them.
Tonight I plan to sew. I have two projects that require my serger, so I'm going to be getting it out and doing both projects before I put it away again. I wish I could have it set up all the time, but that just doesn't work with my set up, so I make do with it.

Monday, May 05, 2008

April Quilting Accomplishments!

I don't feel like I accomplished a whole lot in April. I think I've done more in May than in the whole month of April.
Quilt related accomplishments:
Bought Emilie Richards Quilting book series and quilt along book,
Made Leslie's Miranda for her birthday,
Made Paul's fish wall hanging,
Received my PIF gift from Joan,
Made the quilters wall hanging Jen gave me,
Appliqued, and quilted, and bound the church banner quilt.

Other Accomplishments: (All wedding related)
Had my trial run of my hair for the wedding and tried on veils,
Made and sent the invitations for the wedding, catfishing, rehearsal and morning after party
Attended my bridal shower in Rapid.

I really have gotten a lot accomplished for May already, but I know I'll be busy with the wedding. It's one month, 2 days till the big day!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Awesome Blizzard!

Okay, I know some of your are ready to scream that a blizzard isn't awesome, but for me it really was today. I got to sew for a whole uninterruped day. Last night I came home in rain at 8:30 and the wind was really starting to blow hard. By this morning when I got up at 6, the snow covered the screens and I couldn't see out. I called our closure line and it said to report at 10. Paul said I don't think you're going to get out as there's a 2 foot drift behind your pickup. I went back to sleep and got up at 8 and called again. This time we were closed for the day. There was no travel advised, the interstate and several state highways were all closed. There were snowplows stuck in the ditches! My little brother is a heavy duty tow truck driver, so he has to go pull out all the trucks that are stuck. They can't do anything while it's blowing, so he was sleeping today, knowing it was going to be a long night and day tomorrow.
So I slept till 11 and then got up and started sewing. I had all my stuff packed as I had taken it last night to sew at the store, which got cancelled because it was supposed to get bad. So I had luckily hauled it all in last night! I started on the medium Miranda bag I was making for myself. I made it 20% smaller, so it's more like a purse than a bag. I also just used one front piece and one back piece instead of two smaller ones.
AprilQuilts 044
Then I fixed the purse I had made for my mom. The handles were too long and there wasn't a closure, so I said well give it back and I'll fix it. So I put this closer on it and some velcro as well as took the long handles off and put on 20 inch ones. It turned out really good with the new handles. I didn't like the ones I had put on it when I gave it to her, but she hadn't said anything until last week. So now it's fixed and ready to be returned to her.
AprilQuilts 046
Then I took a pack of 8 fat 16th I think they are called that I had been given a couple years ago and made a tablerunner. I know it's really simple, but the lady I'm giving it to works with me and she loves browns and black. I don't particularly like to use these colors, but they worked perfect for this simple impromptu tablerunner. She's graduating next week with her PHD, so I thought she would like this. I didn't think I would have time to get something made, so I planned it to be simple. Thank goodness for the snow today and time to get it done!

AprilQuilts 045
Then it was on to my next project of making a cover for the guest book. I found one where I liked the inside, but not the outside, so I decided to make a cover for it. Mom did the embroidery last week and brought it to me and today I made this cover. I just winged it, but it turned out pretty good. I used dark and light purples from the Fairy Frost line. I just love these elegant fabrics and they are so nice to work with. They have a glitter on them. The LQS I got to carries the entire line!
AprilQuilts 048
So as if that wasn't enough, I decided to start my May UFO. It was a bag for a friend who loves Wizard of Oz. I had gotten the fabric at a quilt show in March, but hadn't had time to work on it. Today was the day! I made the Miranda bag, including the middle cinch, handles, and closure in under 3 hours! Since I've made 6 Miranda bags already, I guess I just kind of know the pattern. I'm not real impressed with the quilting on it, but I didn't have a lighter thread that would work, so I guess it shows I'm still learning to FMQ.

AprilQuilts 050

This afternoon Paul went out with the snowblower and the 4-wheeler with plow and started working on clearing the 4 foot drifts we had behind the vehicles. He was out for 5 hours and only got two of the three out. He even had help from the neighbor who has a tractor! We have a fence by us, so it was acting as a snow fence and all the snow piled past it. Right behind our vehicles! Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere and could enjoy the time at home. I feel like I accomplished so much!
This weekend we are going home to help my brother with their new house and my godmother is throwing a wedding shower for us. It's supposed to be 50 tomorrow, so hopefully the snow will melt fast and we won't have any problems. Otherwise I have several more projects just waiting in the wings to finish up for the wedding!