Wednesday, October 04, 2017

September Quilting Accomplishments

September was a very productive month!! I was able to bind the June Quilt It's made entirely of scraps from our wedding and honeymoon quilts. I made it entirely from the stash. I still have plenty of purple scraps.
Mathew and Mikaela wanted minkee pillowcases, so I made one for Mathew. He loves it, but it didn't turn out as well as I expected.
My dad and his wife wanted to give our little "bro" a wedding present to go with the quilt I made him, so I made pillows to match.
My oldest UFO is finished. I made this wall hanging from my Ahhhh blocks. They were all EPP blocks. The entire top is EPP. I started it in 2013.
I made my friend's sister a tag blanket for her new daughter. She loves UK Basketball, so I made it to represent those colors.
A picture of me the day I gave a presentation about myself to our staff.
I made a goal to work on 1 block a week of En Provence. I was able to get this block made this week.
My brother's best friend married this month and we all went to the wedding. They are huge Harley fans, so I used this panel and Crown Royal blocks to make the quilt. It has black minkee on the back.
They opened it the next morning.
It worked out for Paul and I to go to my dream/bucket list concert Garth Brooks in Sioux Falls the day after the wedding. My dad and his wife took the kids home. We didn't get home until 11 PM Sunday night, but it was so worth it. I loved it. My hubby isn't a big fan, but he did indulge me!
This just made my year!!
My numbers are still looking great! I would like to use 150 yards this year.

Yards In this Month: 18
Yards Out this Month: 26.25
Yards In this Year: 77.75
Yards Out this Year: 200.75
For a total of 123 yards used!

August Family

Paul's grandpa passed away in KS in August, so we went to his funeral. This picture is our family with Paul's dad Mike.
We got to see Great Aunt Lil as well.
My MIL with Aunt Lil
My MIL, Aunt Lil, and I
Paul, Mikaela, and Mike
Our family
Grandpa Mike and the kids before we left.
We also traded our camper for a bigger one with a separate bedroom in the back for the kids. We love it so far.
This is with the slide in, but it's really pretty and has a nice hardwood looking floor.

Central States Fair

Central States Fair takes a lot of planning and organizing for me as I am the Superintendent of the Sewing Division. I was able to enter a few projects in the bags category. I won Best of Class, Best of Show and a People's Choice.


My quilts didn't do as well, so I was rather disappointed.


My only blue ribbon was on my Winding Ways quilt. I entered 13 quilts.






Mikaela wanted her picture taken on open house night which was the last weekend of fair.

August Accomplishments

August was incredibly busy for me! I was able to get a few finishes, but my sewing machines felt very neglected.
I was able to finish the Sakura table topper. It's English paper pieced and I really enjoyed making it. It's using 1 3/4" 6 point diamonds. I used a charm pack and background fabric.
Mikaela wanted to make a bag, so she picked out the fabrics and I made the bag for her. She had picked out the fabric a while ago, but we finally got it made.
I made some quick bags out of the scraps of a Tudor bag. I've given several away as gifts. There was no pattern and I simply cut strips and made them work. I ended up making 12 with the 1/2 yard of heavyweight decorator fabric I had left from making Tudor sample. These have no interfacing.
I also made two wreathe samples for a class I'm teaching in November on how to make EPP ornaments.
I made a little tree skirt from the center of a big one.
I made Mikaela a couple little bags.
I finished a tree skirt I had quilted for a customer.

Yards In this Month: 1
Yards Out this Month: 5.75
Yards In this Year: 59.75
Yards Out this Year: 174.50
For a total of 114.75 yards used!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

More June and July Accomplishments

June went so quickly and I found a few more pictures of things I made. July was a month of vacation, but during that time I was able to get a lot of sewing done. We spent almost 3 weeks at Hart Ranch and I did a lot of sewing in that time.
In June I made this bag for Mathew.
I made these small bags from scraps for a cousin Leif I was meeting the first time.
His wife Deanna received two Wizard of Oz bags since it's one of her passions.
Leif also got the Elk table topper I made as he's a big hunter.
Paige took a class from me and did so well. She finished during the two nights and was so proud of herself!

I made the Amethyst Project Tote for a sample for a class I was teaching at The Sewing Center. It turned out super cute and the class is going really well so far.
The inside of the Amethyst Project Tote
When Colleen and Jennifer came to visit, since they were camping, I made camping bags. These have a see through vinyl in the front.
I also gave them little yellow sweet pea pods.
In our first camper I made this Blush camper curtain to use across our door. Since we traded and don't need it for the new one. It is now hanging in my office.
I made this yellow and blue purse to use when I met the SDSU President.
This is the back and I'm still using it.
I had this Charlie Brown fabric, I made two vinyl see-through bags for my dad's wife since she loves him.
The kids went to a birthday party for their friend Austin, so I whipped up this Buzz bag for him. It's a little book bag.
At the end of the month the kids were off daycare, so we went to dad's house one day to quilt. I was able to quilt Twist and Turn, the quilt top I had spent almost the entire month of July piecing in the camper.

Yards In this Month: 3
Yards Out this Month: 11.5
Yards In this Year: 58.75
Yards Out this Year: 168.75
For a total of 110 yards used!