Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Quilting Accomplishments

This month wasn't nearly as productive as I would have liked, but I still got some sewing done. I really enjoyed my first project of making a friendship quilt to our friend Regina.
Quilt 032
Quilt 027

I finished this UFO of mom's for Molly's 3rd birthday.
Quilt 062
I made this friendship block for our swap. It turned out really cool and I love it. This is for Jen. I also got my other one done, but haven't gotten the picture taken yet.
Quilt 071

I sewed all my strip sets for my Blush Hexagon quilt.
Quilt 077

I made this Nancy Halvorsen sample for the store.
Quilt 025

I was practicing using the Creative Grids rulers.
Quilt 053
Practiced what the Blush quilt should look like.
Quilt 059
I made a wall hanging for Graham, son of my friend Mikal.
Quilt 086 - Copy
I made this book cover for my MIL's co-worker Steph.
Quilt 102

I accomplished most of my goals for June. I still need to finish up the other store sample. A Beach Ball quilt using the Lazy Angle ruler.
I was able to quilt for 65 hours.
My goals for July include:
2 Friendship Blocks
1 Store Sample
Finish Vestment
Blush Quilt

Mikaela is 23 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 23 weeks old on June 29th. She's growing into such a sweety. I just love her smile in this picture.
Mikaela 396
She's wearing a onesie made by Two Bluebirds Studio. I just love it! I've gotta learn how to do embroidery applique.
Mikaela 401

She loves to stretch out.
Mikaela 412

Mikaela 423

Mikaela 430

She's sitting up so much better, in just a weeks time!
Mikaela 432

We tried to get a picture of Missy and Mikaela, but neither wanted to cooperate very much!
Mikaela 449

Mikaela is 22 weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 22 weeks old on June 22. She's changing so much right now.
We spent the weekend with Grandpa and family. Grandpa kept her so we could go tubing down the river. She was wearing her I heart Grandpa onesie.

Grieme Weekend 001

She also had on her Daddy's Fishing Girl cap.
Grieme Weekend 002

Her expressions are so cute!
Mikaela 327

She's looking more and more focused.
Mikaela 364
She's a little thinker, just like Mommy!
Mikaela 390

Steph's Notebook Cover

I haven't spent much time in the studio recently since it's hot and the evenings go to quickly. If I do get down there it's after 10 and I'm not real productive. I've been gone the last two weekends, so no time to sew then. Monday night I finally made the time at 10 to go down and sew. My MIL Leslie started a new job and her co-worker wanted a notebook cover like I had given Leslie. She asked for blue. I don't have a lot of blue in my stash, but I found this piece I thought would work. I quilted the fabric and started putting it together and before I knew it, I had finished. It took me right at 1.5 hours to make it, start to finish.
Quilt 102
It actually turned out pretty good for having no pattern and just going with a few measurements. Sure glad my mom taught me how to analyze, synthesize, and work without a pattern.
Quilt 103

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stephens Family Pictures

On Father's Day we tried to take some family pictures. Mikaela was a bit fussy and preferred her pacifier and teether ring, but we did get a few.
Stephens Family 001
Mikaela and her daddy on his first Father's Day with the new haircut I gave him.
Stephens Family 017
We dressed in our Chiefs outfits, but I did do my hair or makeup. I wanted to do them outside, but we were all too tired and it was raining.
Stephens Family 028
Mikaela wasn't sure she wanted to cooperate.
Stephens Family 035
A picture of the hands of our family.
Stephens Family 047

We definately need some help getting family pictures taken, but at least we tried. My MIL helped us, but we were a bit cramped for space and we were all tired.

Mikaela's Baby Shower

Saturday my sister in law Adele and my godmother Gayla, and my best friend from birth Amy hosted a baby shower for Mikaela in my hometown.
My two best friends from high school and their kids were there. Amy and Jacob from MI, Paige and Laura from Philip, and Mikaela and I. We got a picture of all of us together. It's the first time we've had the kids together and probably the first time we've all been together since college which was about 9 years ago. It so funny to discuss where we've all been. Amy's a family practice doctor, Laura is an English teacher working on her masters, and I'm an Asst. Registrar working on my masters.
Mikaela Shower 025
Laura and Mikaela.
Mikaela Shower 031
Paige and Mikaela
Mikaela Shower 034
Mikaela Shower 037
Gayla, Mikaela and Me, Adele, and Amy, the hostesses.
Mikaela Shower 038

We had a great turn out and Mikaela got lots of nice gifts. She loves the move and crawl ball and the teething rings. She loves to chew/suck on things!

Mikaela is 5 Months Old!

Mikaela turned 5 months old on June 19th. She's really starting to move herself on her back and has started to roll from her back to her tummy.
Mikaela 268

Mikaela 275

Mikaela 283
She loves her new move and crawl ball.
Mikaela 326

Mikaela 327

Mikaela 346

Mikaela 361

Mikaela 381

Mikaela 384