Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm a Dwirler!!

I'm officially a dwirler! Yesterday Paul met me at the door with my package from SewThankful! I was so excited I ripped it open with my keys and popped it in the DVD player while supper was being fixed. I even cleared off the dry erase calendar on the fridge and started dwirling! Everything she said made so much sense! After supper I put the DVD in the computer in my sewing studio and listened to it while I was stippling the pieces of my Miranda bag. I spent 3 hours sewing last night and I have the entire bag bottom completed. I just have to add the handles and flap, which I could have done, but was tired, so I quit. That's a project for maybe tonight if I finish my jacket early. I have the last jacket class tonight and hopefully I'll be able to wear it to strip club tomorrow.
I've come to the conclusion that Jen will have a great time teaching this awesome bag and that with a two night class they should be able to finish if they do the bag the first night, and if they aren't that far, have it ready by the second class and then make the handles and flap and sleeve for the bottom the second night. I'm not real impressed with how my lining looks next to the top, so I may have to change it a bit, but otherwise it looks awesome. I'm thinking I may try to make a mini Miranda using the same techniques that I could use for a purse. This will probably be my new work bag. It's a bit big for a purse, or at least the kind I carry.
This weekend Paul is hoping to put the new oak staircase up to the bedrooms from the living room. I will be so glad when the remodeling projects are at a stand still. It seems we've done a ton in the last year. It's supposed to be 62 degrees on Sat., so I'm excited to be out and about, going to strip club and hopefully getting a haircut so I look decent for our engagement pictures. On Sunday when it's 30 as they predict, I'll be curling up with my white board and practicing my dwirling. Yeah. I can officially say I'm a groupie! Have a great warm weekend!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sewing Machine Caddy

I need to practice my free motion quilting as it is the one quilting thing I'm really not very good at doing. Let me stitch in the ditch, echo quilt or do some cross hatching and I'm fine. Tell me to FMQ and I freak! I've tried on muslin, honestly I have, but I guess since it's going to be thrown away, I figure it doesn't matter and I don't do a good job.
So I read about making sewing machine caddies for the front of the machine out of Fat-Quarters. Don't ask me where because I don't remember. I honestly just read, quilt fat quarters, bind, fold up and sew pockets. I'm not good at following directions. So using that information, I bought several Loralie Design Fat Quarters to "practice" my FMQ on. Wednesday night I holed myself up in my sewing studio and started playing. The first Sewing Machine Caddy I just put two FQ's together with a piece of batting and practiced my quilting, put a binding on it, folded up one edge, and sewed several lines for pockets. It turned out really well, but I hate putting binding on something so small, so the next one I sandwiched, sewed around the edge, flipped it and burped it. I sewed a line around the outside to hold it together. Then I did my FMQing on it. I used a 25 weight thread since I ran out of black thread. I don't know if it was the thread or the fact that I got my rhythm down, but the quilting on this one turned out really well! I flipped up the edge to make pockets and FM'ed the lines to make the pockets. Talk about not wanting to change feet! I got them both done in under two hours. I went back to the quilt shop and bought 4 more fat quarters so I could make some more of these awesome little caddies.
Since I'm giving one away as a gift for my 200th post, I'll post pictures when the lucky winner gets it. So guess who that might be? You'll have to watch your mail to see if you are the winner. It should be arriving sometime next week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What to do??

Last night I had big plans of holeing myself in the sewing studio and practicing my free-motion quilting. Just before I got off work the priest who is marrying us called to see if we could sign some paperwork since he was in town. We met up with him at Borders, filled out the paperwork and talked about the wedding. He has a wedding the night before, so can't do the rehearsal then, so we talked about having it the morning of the wedding. Since we have people coming from a distance this might actually work out better since they wouldn't have to come down and spend the night. Paul and I talked about not having the formal rehearsal dinner and instead having a BBQ for our wedding party at the river where we are planning to go fishing the night before anyway. Then we could have a rehearsal lunch, so everyone has somewhere to eat before the wedding. Did I mention the wedding is out in the middle of nowhere? It would probably be better to have a planned lunch for our wedding party, so they don't get drunk so fast.
We also talked about the time of the wedding and whether or not to have mass or not. It's something we'll be thinking about and need to decide before May. We could have a 2:34pm wedding with a reception at 5 on 6-7-8 or we could have a mass at 3:45pm and it would be the church's mass for the weekend and it would be a 3:45 wedding on 6-7-8 with a dance at 9. I guess we'll keep talking about it. We both talked to our moms and discussed options, but we really haven't figured out a plan for sure. I guess we'll just have to keep talking and planning, but it helps to know our options.
I came home and pressed all the fabrics I bought yesterday. Since they are QS quality and not going in a quilt, I think I'll just do my FMQ on them and call it good, but I was too tired last night, so decided to wait until tonight to give it a try. I'm still patiently waiting for my PJ Quilter DVD. With any luck it could be in the mail today. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quilt Shop Lunch Stop

In my area there are four specialty quilt/sewing stores within lunch time driving distance. I usually run over to TSC or The Quilt Corral, but today I went to a shop I normally never go to. It's not open after 5, nor is the other one I don't usually go to, so the only time I can go is at lunch. I really wish stores like that would realize that even staying open until 5:30 or 6 people like me would stop by on the way home from work. These two I drive by every day, while TSC and QC are on the other end of town and out of my way home. The shop I went to today has really poor lighting and it's hard to match colors. I needed some thread and wanted to see what they had available. I was hoping for Masterpiece or some of the other Superior threads, but they didn't know anything about them. Interestingly though the other lady there was from WY and she always uses Superior thread. I found a Mettler color that would match exactly and then browsed for a while. I found the Loralie Designs fabric that I really think is cute and got some for a project I have in mind. I also found the new Wizard of Oz fabric. I have a friend who loves WO, so I'm thinking something for her may be in store for the future. They carry different lines there, so it was interesting to see what they now have. I won't be going back there anytime soon, but I'm glad I got the thread I need and now I can start on my project with the new fabrics.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Leslie's Towne Purse

I finally made something! I feel like it's been months since I actually made a finished project. I have been working on a towne purse for Paul's mom since Christmas. Tonight I finally fought with the zipper and I won! I finished the purse tonight and was so glad I did. It didn't turn out like I expected, but it did turn out pretty well. The picture is pretty dark, but the purse is a maroon flower print with black accent handles and the inside is a mauve color. There is a pocket on the outside for her cell phone too. Plus there are 6 pockets on the inside. She really likes it.
februaryquilts 016
I had a little bit of motivation left so I figured out what I needed to do with my Miranda bag pieces. They need to be quilted, but I was too tired tonight. Paul and I worked on our gift lists for the wedding and made reservations for the first night of our honeymoon. We also found a dance class we can take, so we got our spot reserved in that. The next three months are going to go so fast. We are going to my parents in two weeks to take engagement pictures and practice pictures in the church, so that will be done.

Short Weekend

This weekend just seemed to fly by! I sure didn't want to go to work today. I don't feel like I accomplished a whole lot, but that's the way it goes. Fri. night I toom my mom's Jacket class. I got to the sleeves, so will have to put those in, do the hem, and do buttons and buttonholes in the next class on Fri. night and be done. It is turning out real cute, but definately not my normal colors. It's a lime green, orange, and purple.

I got home just before Paul did. He went to Orman Dam ice fishing with his friend Jory. They decided to go to Angostora Lake Sat. morning, so Paul was up at 3:30 and left before 5 to meet him. I went to work at 9 and it was almost 5 when I got out of there. I stopped by Hancock's for their 50% off notions deals and then went home. Mom called and I visited with her while she was driving home. I sewed, but had trouble with the zipper on my towne purse, so quit. I think I need to use the walking foot, but that doesn't really work with the zipper, so haven't figured out how I am going to put it in. Paul got home about 7PM and we got ready and went out to supper. We were going to go to a movie, but we were both tired, so we went home.

Sunday we were up early, then had lunch and naps before going to town for groceries. We stopped by and dropped off more purple ribbon with my aunt for the flowers and then looked at Paul's birthday present choices. He wants a new scroll saw, but has been researching and trying to decide which one he wants. We did our Wal-mart, Sams Club, and Safeway shopping in under an hour and a half, so we were both pleased. We got home just in time to unload all the groceries in the rain. It rained most of the evening and then snowed on top of it. We had supper and then I visited with both my brothers and Mom. I tried my zipper again, but it gave me fits, so I just gave up. Figured maybe it would work tonight. I hate when it doesn't go right and I can't really do anything else until I figure it out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hairy Day

Yesterday was a hairy kind of day. Mom and I had planned to go to the fabric store and some other shopping in the evening. I got to the store to meet her and she asked me to go to Spearfish with her instead. I dropped my pickup off at home, picked up my hardanger and rode along with her to Spearfish. It's about a 45 min. drive, so we had a nice visit up and back.
My mom has always had really thin hair, to the point of being almost bald. She had cancer 3 years ago, lost all her hair and it grew back thin again! She wore a beautiful wig while she was having chemo and it looked gorgeous on her. When her hair came in so thin again, the lady who helped fit her wig, suggested she go with a hair piece. It's real hair and it's glued to her head and every 4 weeks she goes in for it to be cut and fixed and reattached. She had the same hair piece for a year and Tues. she got a new piece. Well the color wasn't right, so she went back last night and the lady dyed it and cut some more off and it looks great. My mom still has the bottom part of her hair and so you can tell the true color of it and the two didn't match. Now they match, it's fixed great and she looks like a new woman again. Her hairdresser is an awesome woman and really does a good job with my mom's hair.
After we got her hair fixed we went to this really good mexican restaurant and it was 11 when I got home last night. Sure different than what we had planned, but so well worth it. I am taking a jacket class tonight, so I am really excited to cut out the fabric and start sewing it together. My mom is teaching the class and she is an amazing teacher. She fitted the pattern to me, so it will fit and not look too big or too small.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm working at the Sewing Center tomorrow, so it will be a short weekend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jen got the quilts!

I sent my YBR quilts to Jen last week to quilt and today she received them. I'm so glad they made it all safe and sound! I've been nervous about them getting there. Still no Dwirling DVD, so I'm starting to get anxious. I may just have to email them tomorrow and see what the hold up is. My mom came out tonight and we made the muslin's for the bridesmaid dresses and my jacket. I am taking a jacket class on Fri. night and she helped me fit the pattern since I missed class last week. We also discussed the wedding with Paul and his mom, so I feel like we got a ton accomplished.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm mad!

Well I'm mad at the President's Day holiday. It delayed the shipment of my dwirling dvd and I didn't get it like Regina and Suzan. I really wanted to pop it in and watch it while I was sewing a purse tonight. To top it off I sent my quilts to Jen and insured them and didn't realize they were going to require a signature, so she didn't get them today. Why don't they tell you this stuff when you send them? Tonight I cut out the pattern for my jacket class and made the muslin. Now I just have to have my mom help me fit it tomorrow night. So I'm not dwirling and I didn't get my future MIL's purse done either. On a good note, I did get a package of blue scraps sent off to Bethany today. I was so proud of myself for having the envelope handy, putting them all in it and going to the post office in a timely manner. Hopefully tomorrow is a more productive sewing night. My mom is coming out for supper and we are going to work on the muslins for the bridesmaids dresses.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

This past week just flew by and I haven't had a chance to update my blog. I feel like a really bad blogger! I did write a really long post on Friday afternoon at work and wouldn't you know the internet went down and didn't save any of it!
Wednesday night I met my mom after she got off work and we went to the fabric store and Hobby Lobby. They had their bridal event and we needed a bunch of stuff for the wedding, but were waiting for it to go 50% off. I am also taking a jacket class the next few Fri. nights, so I needed help picking the right decorator fabric for it. She took me out to Arnold's Diner a new 60's restaurant in town. It was really enjoyable to spend time with her and visit just the two of us. I got to open my presents from her too. My parents gave me a new black belt with bling bling on it, a Gypsy Gripper, a new Olfa 45 mm quick change rotary cutter, a notebook cover, bobbin saver filled with bobbins, and bobbin buddies.
Valentine's Day was an amazing day for me! I love Valentine's Day and my birthday! I woke up at 6:30 to my dad calling to wish me a happy birthday. I got ready and headed to work. The girls at work had brought donuts, so we had a long mid-morning break. My two close friends at work gave me a cupcake container filled with purple and lavendar m&m's! They know me so well. Too bad they are $12 a pound, we won't be having them at the wedding! I left at lunch and mailed my quilts to Jen. I also stopped at the Bagel shop for a heart shaped bagel sandwich. After work I went home and my brothers both called to visit. Then Paul and I went to The Fireside Inn for our 8PM reservations. They had changed hands and now it is an elegant, fine dining restaurant. They had four choices for the main course, Lamb Cutlets, King Salmon, Wild Cornish Game Hen, or Beef Tenderloins. We were really were looking forward to the Prime Rib they used to have, so we were really disappointed. We had the beef Tenderloin, but it was really small. It came with wild Pheasant soup, a mini eggplant filled with crawdads, a couple hard as a baseball buns, a twice baked yam in a tomato shell, stringy green beans, and hazelnut creme brule. Neither of us enjoyed the meal and it was really over priced for what we got, so we won't be going back there. We'll have to find a new special occasion restaurant. Paul gave me a 4GB pink MP3 player which I really wanted, so I was excited. His mom got me a new curling iron and hairdryer that I had asked for as well.
Friday after work we packed our bags and went to the Engaged Encounter weekend. It was really a very good weekend for us. We listened to presentations, wrote our thoughts and dialogued. It was a relaxing experience and we learned a lot more about the Catholic faith and marriage. We were both glad we had went. We stayed at the monestary, so got to meet several other couples and get to know them. One of the best things was the Sat. night meal was done by candlelight each couple sat at their own table and we got flowers, wine, and there was music. It was so romantic and the food was way better than our V-day meal. We were completely exhausted when we got home. We layed on the couch and watched the end of the Daytona 500 and then I reorganized my computer table and cleaned my room. It really needed it. I was too tired to sew, so I went to bed early.
Hopefully this week I will get to sew some and finally get caught up at work.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Jen got me started, then I couldn't resist and wouldn't you know this week I ordered the Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD from SewThankful. I am so excited that it will be coming in the mail any day now. I see Regina ordered it too, so we're really going to be dwirling away! I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bed Quilts

Jen issued a challenge on her blog to show what we have on our beds. I have 4 quilts on my bed. This is the first quilt I ever made. It's from all my high school t-shirts. I made it in 1998-99 while I was a freshman in college. It's King size and my grandma and mom helped me burp it and tie it. It's flannel and all the t-shirts have interfacing on them, so it is really heavy. I have learned a lot since this first quilt, but it still keeps us warm.
februaryquilts 009
This is the one I just finished and it's Queen size, so I love that it goes over both edges and tucks in at the end.
februaryquilts 008
I think this is the third t-shirt quilt I made. It's from my college 4-H shirts. My friend Angie got the fabric for a t-shirt quilt I made her and there was just enough for sashing and borders for mine. It's twin size, but very special to me.

februaryquilts 011

This is the last quilt on the bed. It's one of the first quilts I made from a pattern and LQS fabrics. It is also the only one I have ever had quilted by anyone else. She did a great job, but I chose poor fabric for the back, so I am disappointed in that. It's one of my favorites and I don't let the dog get on this one.
februaryquilts 014
Our pillows usually have pillowcases to match the black and white quilt, but this week I have on a Valentine's one for myself and a cars one for Paul that I made him last year. That's my bedding in a nutshell. I'm sure we don't quite need all the quilts, but I like to be warm when I sleep.

Favorite quilt blocks/ patterns

I've been so busy making things for the wedding that I haven't really had a chance to do anything other than that. I haven't even looked at patterns or books online for several months. Jen's been trying to convince me that the Pajama Quilter Reloaded was worth it. I went to the SewThankful website and it was on sale! Plus I've been meaning to order some Superior Masterpiece thread to try and they had it as well, with a coupon code discount even! So, I ordered both and I'm so excited. It's like a birthday present to myself!It should be here by the end of the week or maybe even next week. I've made a lot (4) Yellow Brick Roads in the past few months and I love the pattern. I also love the Happy Hour book from Atkinson Desings. I'm a big fan of the Gathering Friends patterns, especially Blackberry Island which I have made several quilts from. In the future (when married life begins) I would love to make a Double Wedding Ring. My mom got the templates, so I'm hoping we can learn together. I also make a lot of Carol Doak blocks and have several of her books. I'd like to hear what everyone else likes to make, what blocks people specifically like, quilt makers they like, anything to give me a little inspiration to look online. I never would have bought a quilting DVD without Jen's recommendation. I think other's recommendations are really what leads me to buy products. Please share links if you can. I'd love to see what our Prolific quilters group really likes.

My 200th Post!

I can't believe Jill and I are on our 200th posts in the same week! We really must have a lot to say. Since she's doing a drawing, I thought I would give away a gift as well. I have a quilt pattern I think will make the perfect gift for one of my quilting blogging friends. So leave a comment and I'll pick a winner on Thurs. to receive the gift. What better way to celebrate my b-day than to give a gift!
It was a busy weekend for Paul and I. We took our mothers out to supper at Red Lobster on Fri. night and had a nice visit. Saturday I worked at The Sewing Center. I work there on Saturdays when they have shows which take away some of their staff. We were fairly busy which made for a fast day. When I got home Paul had the carpet torn off the stairs and was working on what he needed to replace them. Then he started playing with his new toy a 4GB MP3 player. It's the one I want for my birthday, so we'll see if I get one just like it or not. I know he bought my present while I was working. We went to Hobby Lobby for more flower stuff and dropped that off at my aunts. Then we went to Menard's for the stairs supplies. We had supper and it was late when we got home. I was just exhausted!
Sunday I slept in for the first time in weeks. I went to church and then Paul and I did some errands. I stopped at the Quilt Corral Too and got the other fabric I needed for my Miranda bag. We roamed the mall and picked up our cake topper and a gift for a friend. Then we went to Runnings and I found the boots I wanted, so got those as well. When we got home I cleaned house, changed the bed, and then decided to relax. I sewed the backs for my YBR quilts, ironed all my fabric for my Miranda, and started making the towne purse for my future MIL. I got about half done with it when I cut it wrong. I knew I was tired, so time for bed.
Last night we met with Fr. Mark to do our FOCUS questionaire as part our marriage prep. I was tired when we got home, so no sewing for me. Guess I'll try to get something done tonight and get the pictures of my bed taken.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jill's 200th blog

Jill is celebrating her 200th blog with a giveaway! Everyone should go over to her site and check it out. She's getting ready for a St. Jude's quilt retreat and is collecting door prize donations. She's got some amazing prizes already! My 200th post will be my next post, soon hopefully.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Katmandu Trunk Show

Today at lunch I took off and enjoyed our beautiful 38 degree weather (wow a heat wave). I went to the Thimble Cottage Quilt shop. The owner is Pearl Louise and right now she has Mark Lipinski's Katmandu trunk show at her shop, so I just had to go take a peak. It was really awesome and so much variety. I moved through 4 different rooms to see all the pieces and studied the quilting and embellishments. I really encourage anyone who gets the chance to go view this trunk show. I also couldn't help but pick up the next book by Jennifer Chiaverini in the Elm Creek Quilts series. Borders didn't have it, but Pearl Louise did! I found four different Katmandu fabrics in purple, so I just had to pick them up. It was a nice lunch break and I really enjoyed seeing the trunk show. Now I have to convince my mom to take a look before it's gone.

Kristie's Quilt

Just before Christmas my blogging friend Kristie told us she had Grave's Disease and would be having radiation treatments. Another blogging friend Jen came up with the idea to make a comfort quilt for her. I knew I wanted to make a special block for Kristie's quilt, so I chose to make a hat from the same pattern she had recently made a quilt out of. I also included horse fabric because she loves horses and it's a common interest we share. I got my block sent off to Jen and she put the quilt together with the blocks of other blogger friends. She quilted it and put the label on and her mom Cindy did the binding. Then it was sent UPS to Kristie. We had the tracking number and delivery date and were just waiting for it to be delivered. Jen and I stalked her blog and the UPS tracking site trying to determine when it was delivered. Wednesday afternoon it arrived and she loved it! Here's a picture of the quilt and the label.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Back to the Hardanger

I haven't felt like sewing this week, after getting so much done this weekend. I finally decided I needed to do something while I was watching tv. I pulled out my hardanger set on Mon. night and realized I didn't have the Ecru colored thread I needed to use for the pattern I had chosen. So last night I stopped at Ben Franklin for ribbon for the flowers and got the thread I needed.

After supper last night I peeled potatos and made potato soup for the crockpot. Since today is Ash Wednesday and we have church tonight, I wanted something without meat that would be ready when we got home from work so we could have a quick supper. I fixed it all up and then settled down to do my hardanger. Unfortunately there wasn't anything on TV except about the voting stuff. I did get about half of the first row of stitching done.

I am making a candle wrap for our unity candle. The pattern is from Nordic Needle. I picked it up when I ordered thread for Jim and Adele's wall hanging since I thought it was cool. At the time I didn't know when we were getting married, but just knew that we would in the future. I don't think I'll do the mat since no one would see it, but I'm bound and determined to get the wrap done.

Tonight we are going to Ash Wednesday mass and then are meeting with the priest to start part of our marriage prep. Then next weekend the 15-17 we are going to an engaged encounter weekend.

My mom and I are going to my aunts tomorrow night to check out the flowers she has put together and decide if they look okay before she does them all. She has my bouquet done and several of the boutineres and corsages. She's also got one of the bridesmaids done, but she doesn't like it, so wants me to check it out. I'm also hoping to get to Hancock's and get the backing fabric for my quilts so I can get them shipped off to Jen soon.

Paul made reservations for the 14th at our favorite restaurant, the Fireside Inn for my birthday/Valentine's Day. I'm so excited since he usually doesn't make reservations, ever, and usually he just wants to stay home and cook for me since he knows everyone else will be out. I can't wait, it's going to be a long week until my 28th birthday. I know I'm the young one of our group, but I still feel like I'm getting old.

Almost 10 years ago when I was in high school our senior project in Marriage class was to plan our weddings down to the very last detail and create a scrap book detailing our wedding. I still have that scrap book and it's almost ironic that I had planned to wait until 2008 to get married. I figured I needed 4 years to get through college, 2 years to get a career on the ground and find the right guy, 3 years to date, and a year of engagement. I'm pretty close to doing all of those things. I had planned for a Feb. 15th wedding and we're actually getting married June 7th, but I can't believe how close I came.

I get all sappy in February and I love the Valentine's day holiday. I have six valentine's tablerunner's/wall hangings in my office alone. That doesn't count those at home.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm a celebrity!

Okay, maybe I'm not a celebrity in the overall scheme of things, but in my little corner of the state I am. A couple months ago in the Pickle group for Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home magazine, Mark asked for opinions on whether or not the younger generation would be involved with quilting and if there were obstacles. I fired off my comments, having to do with the fact that I am a young quilter, I do think my generation will quilt, but the thing holding us back is the money. Since machines, fabric, notions cost a lot to get started, it could be cost prohibitive for many to get started. That's why knitting has taken off, a couple needles, some yarn and you're set without much expense. A lot of young people aren't making as much as those with experience and trying to start/raise families. They don't have the extra money for an expensive hobby. Anyway, he published part of my response and credited me with it in the newest Mar./Apr. Quilters Home magazine. Many quilters in my area haven't even picked up this magazine, but when they found out I was in it, well let's just say they will be sold out fast. I've been telling everyone I know about this amazing, fun, inspiring, and up to date magazine. They even announced it at Strip Club and his trunk show is at Pearl Louise Krush's shop, Thimble Cottage, here in Rapid City. I'm so excited to get to see it. If you haven't gotten the magazine I urge you to take a look for yourself.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Strip Club

Today was the first strip club at the Quilt Corral Too that just opened in Rapid City, in the same building as the Sewing Center. The Quilt Corral in Hill City has had strip club for a couple years, on the first Sat. of the month, but I never seem to make it up there, so I was really excited that they were having it in their new Rapid City location. They shared all the new stuff they had received and other fun quilts, there was show and tell, and they showed the strip quilt for the month, as well as they drew for several door prizes. They also taught us a "strip" move. It was loads of fun and really enjoyable. There were probably 75 people there and that was only one of 3 sessions they had today. It put me in the mood to quilt! My mom will start working at the QC next week, so I'm really excited for her change of jobs.

Significant Progress

So far this weekend I have made significant progress on quilt projects I wanted to get done. Paul wasn't feeling well Fri, so we stayed home instead of going out. It gave me the opportunity to put the borders on my YBR quilts. I got two borders on both and they are ready to be quilted. I just need to get the backing fabric and get it sewn together.
This afternoon I took a nap and then took the 10 YBR blocks that were left over and some other purple fabric and made another smaller quilt. It's not quite as big, but for the gift I want to give it will be perfect. I have the backing and batting ready and I think I'm going to baste it next week and practice quilting on it. I made the top in under an hour which I thought was pretty good.
februaryquilts 004
Tonight we went to Menard's and Lowe's. Paul was looking for just the right clamps and router. After we got home he made manicotti for supper and I finished up the Hearts Entwined tabletopper. I think I cut it too close, but it worked out so I think it's okay.
februaryquilts 002

Friday, February 01, 2008

Tablerunners finished!

Last night when I got home I was bound and determined to get the tablerunners finished. I had two left to pin, so I did that while I waited for Paul to come home. We had leftover chili from the night before, so I didn't have to cook. Then while I was sewing down the bindings, Paul did his taxes, so we got to spend time together in the end. I got them all sewn down when he got finished, so we went upstairs and watched the end of Forrest Gump while I trimmed all the threads. I am so excited that they are done. I chatted online with my mom while I was reading blogs last night and we decided the big goal for Feb. is to get the landscape quilt done for the church banner. This is the one I am scared about, so it could be a long month!
Today I decorated my cubicle for February. Valentine's is my favorite holiday as it is also my birthday, so I look forward to it all year. I have five tablerunners/wall hangings that I put up. This year we are going to Engaged Encounter weekend over my birthday weekend, so nothing fun planned. I've been hinting around that I want new boots or an MP3 player. We'll see what Paul comes up with this year.