Monday, January 31, 2011

Mikaela's Baptism

This weekend we were at my parents house. My family & Paul's mom were together for the baptism of Mikaela. We had her baptized in the St. Mary's Catholic Church in Milesville, since that is where we got married and where I was baptized too. My aunt Jane crocheted her baptismal gown and cap. My brother and SIL are her godparents.
A close up of our family.
My brothers and dad with us. My mom is in the hospital, so she couldn't join us.
Our family with Paul's mom.
We celebrated with my brothers, SIL, and little bro's girlfriend afterwards by playing WII. It was the first time we had all played together and it was a lot of fun. We played very late into the night, but we had a lot of fun.

Mikaela is 1 weeks old!

Last week while I was home one day, I took a few pictures of Mikaela. This is the only newborn outfit we have for Mikaela and it's so cute on her. We brought her home from the hospital in this outfit. It's from my friend Gaila.
This is one of the blankets I first made when we found out we were having a girl. It has pink minkee on the back and it's super warm for her. She loves it for night.
I was visiting my mom in the hospital this week and she wanted a picture of Mikaela and I, so this is one that we took. Mikaela was really awake and alert while we were there.

Mikaela and I are doing really well. Paul went back to Pierre to work this week, so we're adjusting to him being gone. So far we've been getting out every day and doing something different. I think we'll be staying in tomorrow as it's -20 for the morning temp and that doesn't include the windchill. All the schools are starting 2 hours late. It's already -16 tonight.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mikaela Marie

Mikaela Marie arrived January 19th, 2011 at 5:45pm. She was 7lbs 13oz, 20" long. She is absolutely beautiful and both Paul and I are so proud of her. This picture is from the hospital when Grandma Delia and Grandpa Hugh visited. Mom had made us a bunch of receiving blankets and this was her favorite, so we wrapped Mikaela in it while she was in the hospital. I've decided the receiving blankets are as wonderful of a gift as baby quilts. These are flannel pieces serged around, some one layer, some two and they are larger than you can buy, so they are perfect for swaddling. I'll definately be making a whole lot more of these for gifts. She also made us a bunch of burp clothes.

Mikaela was able to come home with us on Friday, so we've been enjoying our time at home. We made a trip to Wal-mart on Sat. for a few more essentials. Sunday we visited the Dr. and had breakfast out. Today Mikaela and I went to my work to visit and take the Tough Enough to Wear Pink picture. The girls really enjoyed seeing her. Paul got off work because it was too windy to work. He went with us to Fabric City/Sewing Center so the staff there could see her. He also took us shopping in the mall. We came home and all relaxed for the evening. It was nice spending time together. Tomorrow Mikaela and I are on our own, so hopefully I'll get a chance to do a bit of sewing. I did get the hand sewing on the binding on my Valentine's table runner done while I was in the labor room Wed. morning.  I haven't done any since we've been home, but mostly because we've been rearranging furniture and doing some cleaning, making changes to our lives because of our new little one. My brothers both visited, my SIL and cousin M came too. She was so super cute with her "I'm a 1st Cousin" shirt. Hopefully I'll get a few more pictures taken in the next few days.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

January Groovy Girls

Friday night was the January Groovy Girls night and boy did we have fun! I got a big Ohhhhh when I came in, as they weren't expecting to see me. I really had planned not to be there, but with no baby I decided to go. This awesome group of ladies showed up and we had a great time thinking of travel ideas and ways to use the travel totes.
Tammy is an awesome leader and always has so many great ideas to share.
Jenn, Gaila, and Shonna were all there, so we had a chance to visit and catch up. It's been a month since we were all able to get together. Gaila insisted on taking a picture of me. I got my haircut this week and it feels great to have it short again. We all had a great time visiting and I worked on my new EPP project and got one flower done and started on another. I figure I'll make some progress in the hospital if I feel like it. It's a small project to take with me.

Valentine's Table Runner

This weekend I decided I would finish the Valentine's Table Runner. I finished the applique at Groovy Girls on Friday night and loaded it on the frame on Saturday night. I had picked out the thread and knew how I wanted to quilt it. Sunday I quilted it with hearts and loops. It looks really good and I'm happy with how it turned out. It took me a couple hours to quilt. I had a bit of difficulty with skipped stitches, but with some sewers aid, the problem was solved easily.
I was able to put the binding on quickly too, since the stripe was printed diagonally and I didn't have to do bias binding.
The thread is a red/pink King Tut with blush Bottomline on the back. It turned out great with the thread matching nicely.
I really enjoyed doing the loops and the hearts.
I've almost got the hand stitching done on the binding. It was so relaxing and enjoyable to work on this one. It took me exactly a year to finish, but it was such a great project. Thanks to Jen for giving me something to do all year while I did a lot of waiting.

Changing Pad Cover

Saturday night I decided to try the pattern Colleen had used and my measurements were a lot more accurate in making the changing pad cover. I still didn't follow the pattern completely because I used the serger, but it turned out great. It was really quick and easy with the serger. This is my 17th finish for the year! Woohoo! I've done a lot of small projects and it feels great to have gotten so much accomplished already. I've used up more of my stash than I've bought too, so I'm doing great this year.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Gifts

Last night I got ambitious and figured I had time so I might as well make a few gifts for a friend who is also having a baby pretty soon. I decided to make another nursing cover. This one I made using the serger and it whipped up so quickly! I absolutely love the fabric and can't decide which one I should give her and which one to keep for myself. I'm almost leaning toward keeping this one. I decided I'd make her one since I know she's planning to nurse. I'd like to make these for other friends having babies, but I guess I'd be more leary unless I knew they planned to nurse. I love how quick and easy these are, but they look really sharp.
I also got fabric and elastic to make a changing pad cover since I know she has the same changing pad that Colleen gave us. I didn't have a pattern and just kind of winged it. I guess I need to do a little better measuring as this one is a bit big on the ends and short on the sides. The covers Colleen gave me are perfect! I have another piece of fabric to make another one, so might have to adjust my measurements and try again. I used the serger and it went together in no time at all.

I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot and keeping busy helps me pass the time. Please say an extra prayer for my mom. She's facing many challenges and I know all the prayers help her. She's a fighter!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cathy's Friendship Quilt

Tonight I was going through my pictures and making a file of all my quilting pictures to print from the last year. I realized I hadn't shown the pictures of Cathy's Friendship Quilt. Several great blogging friends made 2-3 blocks and sent them to me in October. The only guidelines were 12 1/2" Ohio Star block, tan cream background, Thimbleberries colors - blue, marroon, green, gold, scrappy. I'm not a scrappy block maker, so this was hard for me, but I put them together with sashing and borders of a marroon paisley fabric.
I made the top at the retreat in November and had the design wall to put it up on. I love how it turned out. I was able to quilt it with a tan/cream King Tut and I actually loved how it all came together. Our friend Cathy will have the hugs of 9 friends from WI, MI, OH, IN, SD & Canada all wrapped up in the quilt. Cathy received the quilt the beginning of December and I know she loves it.  I also made a pillowcase to match, but in my haste to get the quilt sent I forgot to take pictures of it quilted or the pillowcase.
I love making friendship quilts and I'm so glad my blogging friends joined me in making this quilt for Cathy. We love you Cathy!

2010 In Review Quilting Accomplishments

Looking back over the past year reminded me of so many of the wonderful projects I've done. I can't believe all I accomplished and the goals I reached by completing so many UFO's. Sometimes I didn't feel like I was accomplishing much, but looking back I had some big finishes in 2010. I made a lot of samples, tons of gifts, and lots of baby quilts. I only made 2 for us and the rest were gifts, but it just shows how much I love making baby quilts. I went back through my Webshots album for each month and picked my favorite project for each month. So here's a run down of 2010!
January 2010
My brother Jim's Crown Royal quilt. This is one that took a long time, but I felt so good when it was finished. I'm making a second one to give to my little bro Ed. It's a good thing he's patient!
Crown Royal Quilt
February 2010
I completed the top for the Keep On Quilting wall hanging I started at the Peeps Retreat in April 2009. I love all the siggies and remember the great time I had there every time I look at it. It's now on the wall of my sewing studio.
March 2010
I wanted to make a 9 patch/snowball quilt, so I started this one in pink scraps and some white stash. I didn't know who I was making it for at the time, but when my blogging buddy Colleen had her little girl, I knew it was meant to be. I loved quilting with the hearts.
April 2010
I didn't do lot of quilting in April, but ended up making this cover for my binder. I started my graduate class and I spent many hours with this covering the book with all my research.
May 2010
May was a really slow month for me. I was extremely unmotivated and tired. I now know why, but at the time I just thought I was lazy. I made this baby quilt for my friend Lindsey who was having a girl in July.
June 2010
I fell in love with a Jewel box quilt on my buddy 1I's blog and decided I had to make one. I used my purple scraps (yes I still have purple left from the wedding fabrics, even after this one!).  I love how it turned out, but the blocks were smaller than I anticipated. I ended up having all the fabrics in my stash. I made the baby quilt for my friend Janelle who had a little girl in April. She loves purple!
July 2010
This was probably my favorite quilt to make all year. My cousin Molly asked me over a year ago to make a t-shirt quilt for her wedding. She's very ritzy so a homemade quilt from me was not something I would have expected her to want. I made this one for her and turns out she forgot about giving me the shirts, so the night before the wedding I gave it to her, so was shocked. She loves it and uses it often. I love making quilts for people who appreciate them!
August 2010
We didn't know if we were having a girl or boy, so I made this sign language quilt that we could use with either. I fell in love with this fabric and turns out I have enough to make yet another quilt! Someone having a baby this year will probably be the recipient.
September 2010
In September mom and I attended the quilt retreat with the Badlands Quilters Guild. We had a great time and with plenty of room to work I finished this top for our queen size bed. I fell in love with the brown/teal batiks in OH and bought plenty to make this one. I love how it turned out and used a wool batting when I quilted it.
October 2010
My co-worker Jacey and I were due about the same time and her group had a surprise shower for her, so I whipped up this baby quilt for her since she was doing an animals theme. She ended up having her girl  12.24.10... I'm still waiting!
November 2010
Paul asked me to make a wall hanging for his boss Bob for Christmas. Their party was the beginning of Dec. so I worked hard to get it finished in time. I spent a lot of time on the intriqate quilting. He loved it!
December 2010
I made this sewing themed quilt on a retreat weekend with my mom in November and finally got it quilted in December. It's my "take to the hospital" to keep warm quilt and it's totally for me! I absolutely love all the sewing, crafting, quilting fabrics in it.

Probably my biggest accomplishment was the number of bags I made this year. It just seems like I was always making bags.
This year I made:
Large Quilts - 6
Throw Quilts - 4
Baby Quilts - 11
Tablerunner/toppers - 15
Wall Hangings - 2
Pillowcases - 1
Bags - 64
Accessories - 35
Quilted quilts for others - 5

I also:
Gave Away - 80 quilts/bags
Made Samples - 30
Finished UFO's - 14

I had 959 hours for the year at an average of 80 hours a month! I did a lot of hand sewing in that time which I've come to enjoy and cherish my small take along projects. I feel great about the number of UFO's I finished. I also was held in tack as to the fabric I bought. I have some left I bought for the Valentine Tablerunner and some for a snowflake table topper, but otherwise what I bought was all used this year! If I could just get all my UFO's done from when I worked at the quilt shop and was constantly buying fabric. I'm keeping better track of my stash usage and I feel like I'll be kept on track this year to finish past projects.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Udder Cover & Cash & Carry Wallets

Tonight I had my parents out for supper. Mom is continuing radiation treatments and my dad is helping her by driving and helping her walk. I made manicotti and it was delicious. Mom helped me work through a pattern I had found online for an udder cover. I'd been meaning to make one, just hadn't taken the time. It actually went together fairly quickly and I love how it turned out. I used some of the Java fabric by Moda. I love the teal/brown colors of it.
It called for boning and I had never used it before, but I found some and it worked perfectly. I had to buy 3 yards, even though I only needed 16", so I have plenty to make more. In this picture you can see how the boning holds out the front. It also called for 2 D rings, but I used rectangular rings instead.
It didn't take long to make the cover, so I pulled out the leftover materials from the cash and carry wallets I had made at Christmas time. I finished this project up by making the final 2. Not sure who I'll give them to, but I'll figure it out later. I was just excited to finish them.
I saw the Dr. again today and nothing has changed. So I may have to be induced next week. We'll see what this weekend brings.


Last night I arrived home to a big package in the mail. Since I wasn't expecting it, it came as a huge surprise! I absolutely love surprises in the mail, so I savored it for a bit. When I opened it I found the cutest musical bear. It's super soft and cuddly! There were several different sleepers and onesies. They are all super cute. They range in size from 0-12 months. I layed them all out so I could take a picture.
Seeing all the cute pink outfits made me ready for babies arrival.
The package was from 1I and Patti. They really know how to get to my pink/brown side of having a little girl. I'm super excited for her arrival. Missy thought the bear with the pull down music was a toy for her, so I had to keep it hidden! Thanks girls! I absolutely love them all. I can't wait for her arrival so she can wear them. I packed a couple in the baby bag for the hospital!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Burp Clothes

Last night when I was pulling fabric out for my hexi's project, I noticed all the flannel fat quarters I'd been saving to make burp clothes. I pulled the fabrics out and figured I'd get to them some time in the next few weeks. Tonight I wanted a quick project and decided I could probably get them done. I ironed all the fat quarters and cut out all 6. The fabrics match on the first 2, the 3rd & 4th, and the last 2. They are reversible, but wanted to show all the fabrics so you could see what I used. I picked up the pinks on the right when I was in OH as they were really cheap. The other 4 fat quarters came from a swap at a Christmas party I attended when I worked at the quilt shop. We were to make something for the next years party, only the shop closed before we had another party. I have the baby bag packed and I finished packing my bag for the hospital tonight. Looking forward to our new arrival any day....

My New Hexi project!

This week I'm finishing up the applique handwork on my V-day table topper, so I needed to prep another handsewing project. I've had this one cut out since May but hadn't started it. It's going to be a small table topper in a Chez Moi fabric. It's going to be tiny since the hexi's are 3/4". I prepped 10 to start with. They should get me through the next few weeks.
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