Sunday, January 09, 2011

Pillowcases Completed!

Well the count down begins, only we don't know what day it will be, so I'm just hanging tight and figuring I can do what I can until baby decides to make an arrival. I'm hoping it's towards the end of the week now since Paul is headed back to Pierre for another week. I'll see the Dr. on Tues. and guess I'll wait and see what she says, but it could be another 2 weeks before she induces.
In the mean time,  I put the binding on Vi's quilt and washed it up today, so it's all done! It's the last project on my to do list, so now I can count all that fabric as used. I'm keeping track to see how much I bring in and use, but think I'll update monthly instead of weekly.
Tonight I got out the serger and whipped up a couple pillowcases. I used the leftover fabric from the OBW to make this one, but since it was short, I added an extra wide top of black.
Then I made this one out of fabric I received from my friend Darlene. She got it on a trip and just loved the girls, so she gave my mom and I each a couple yards. I didn't want to cut up the fabric, so ended up making it into an extra long pillowcase to use on my body pillow.
Then I decided I had enough fabric left from my sewing quilt to make a pillowcase to match the throw quilt. I wish the flange had more contrast, but I was using up the fabric, so I'll live with it. I have enough scraps that I could make a tablerunner out of them, but we'll see what I figure out. For now they've gone back into the fabric stash.
It felt great to get these made. I've had the one cut out since I made Cathy's pillowcase a couple months ago, but I needed to change the thread and just didn't get it done. Tonight I made myself do it. It's not hard, just takes me a bit of motivation to do it. I love making pillowcases, so I really don't have any excuses. I have a great serger and it works amazingly, so I can't complain about it either. Not sure what this week will bring, but I have a few more quick little projects I'll plan to work on while I'm waiting patiently for this baby's arrival!

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Cindy said...

All the pillowcases look great. I too love to make pillowcases and they are so easy. I should really try and use the surger I won two years ago at retreat. I got as far as rethreading it and then that's as far as I went.
Are you still working?