Monday, January 17, 2011

January Groovy Girls

Friday night was the January Groovy Girls night and boy did we have fun! I got a big Ohhhhh when I came in, as they weren't expecting to see me. I really had planned not to be there, but with no baby I decided to go. This awesome group of ladies showed up and we had a great time thinking of travel ideas and ways to use the travel totes.
Tammy is an awesome leader and always has so many great ideas to share.
Jenn, Gaila, and Shonna were all there, so we had a chance to visit and catch up. It's been a month since we were all able to get together. Gaila insisted on taking a picture of me. I got my haircut this week and it feels great to have it short again. We all had a great time visiting and I worked on my new EPP project and got one flower done and started on another. I figure I'll make some progress in the hospital if I feel like it. It's a small project to take with me.


ytsmom said...

You look like you are to have a baby! Good luck and best wishes.

Cindy said...

Come on Little Miss we're all waiting for your arrival.

Sara said...

I do believe I see my sister-in-law in the front row - Kathy W. Glad you decided to go enjoy while you could.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

She'll come out to play when she's ready, but you look fantastic! I'm so happy that you still feel so good! Tell Miss Future Quilter we're all waiting for her!