Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Table Runner

This weekend I decided I would finish the Valentine's Table Runner. I finished the applique at Groovy Girls on Friday night and loaded it on the frame on Saturday night. I had picked out the thread and knew how I wanted to quilt it. Sunday I quilted it with hearts and loops. It looks really good and I'm happy with how it turned out. It took me a couple hours to quilt. I had a bit of difficulty with skipped stitches, but with some sewers aid, the problem was solved easily.
I was able to put the binding on quickly too, since the stripe was printed diagonally and I didn't have to do bias binding.
The thread is a red/pink King Tut with blush Bottomline on the back. It turned out great with the thread matching nicely.
I really enjoyed doing the loops and the hearts.
I've almost got the hand stitching done on the binding. It was so relaxing and enjoyable to work on this one. It took me exactly a year to finish, but it was such a great project. Thanks to Jen for giving me something to do all year while I did a lot of waiting.

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Cindy said...

Oh it turned out lovely, great job.