Thursday, December 29, 2016

December OMG Goal Finished

It's hard to remember back to the beginning of December. I have accomplished a lot and couldn't even remember my goal... so I looked back and low and behold I actually finished it. I finished all of the Christmas gifts I had planned to make. I even stayed caught up with the BH Mystery Quilt. My December goal was to make my MIL a pillow.
She loved it! Which is saying a lot for my MIL. She usually doesn't comment on my stuff, but she loves these colors. I made it with a zipper in the back, so she can remove it to wash it if necessary.
She also loved the table runner. I made from the other scraps.

I finished individual mug rugs of all of these sayings but then made two wall hangings with the rest. I made 10 co-workers Christmas joy a little happier.
A friend graduated from nursing school, so I made her a lanyard as well as a little bag. I also made one for Mikaela's teacher.
I finished the apron for my nephew for Christmas. It's from his dad's old shirt. Mathew wasn't really into modeling it for me.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

En Provence Clues 4 & 5

Quiltville's Quips & Snips
This is my first mystery quilt and I wasn't sure I would be able to keep up. I've been very relaxed and I knew I wouldn't get too uptight if I didn't keep up. That's just my nature. I had most of my Christmas quilting done back in October, with the exception of a couple small projects, so I was ready.
Yesterday we were home all day due to a blizzard in Western South Dakota. I helped my daughter sew baby blankets for her new twin dolls and then I got a chance to work on my Clue 3, 4, & 5. I finished up Clue 3 as a leader ender with Clue 4. Last night around 10:30 I couldn't sew anymore, so I cut out Clue 5.
This morning my kids (5 & 4) were up at 4:30 AM! I slept in until my husband left for work, but still got up and ready for work an hour early. Since I had my pieces cut I was able to quickly get all of Clue 5 sewn at 6 AM this morning and even had time to press them before we left for work/daycare.
Last night I also finished up the Dangerous BOM block 8 from Gudrun's Crew. I just love how many small scraps this one is using up.
I also finished up my Crops block for my FGV BOM. I am only about 3 blocks behind now. Time to get caught up this week.
I finished Pie Cherries and Tumbleweeds this past week as well.
I gifted my MIL a table runner and pillow made from the scraps and excess pieces of Strip Lash, the quilt I made her when she got a new job in March. She loved them!
I made my co-workers Mug Rugs of Maxine. This is just one example and they were extremely loved.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

En Provence Clue 3

Quiltville's Quips & Snips
This week I was able to get a start on my blocks on Friday. I cut out the pieces on my lunch break and took them home to sew. We were spending the weekend at my brothers, so I had to pack and get stuff ready, but before I went to sleep I just had to sew a strip set and see if my math was correct. I used the Stripology ruler to cut my strip set. It went so quick and easy!! I was able to cut 3 4 patch sets at a time.
It was so quick and easy that last night as I was cutting 3 strip sets at a time, I accidently cut my finger with the rotary cutter. All my sets are prepped and ready to sew.
Friday night I got 10 4 patches completed.
While I was making my strip sets on Monday night, I made two blocks for my Farm Girl Vintage sew along. I used my stratas as my leader/enders. I just couldn't help but laugh since I'm not sure strip sets are really good leaders and enders, but I wanted to get my blocks done.
I was sewing and didn't follow the directions, so I'll have to make a mirror image block for the stem.
I just love doing the mystery quilt, even if I get a bit too careless and cut myself. It will heal and I should be able to get these done before the next clue on Friday.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

En Provence Clues 1 & 2

Quiltville's Quips & Snips

This year I've accomplished so much of my Christmas sewing early and I loved the colors of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt that I chose to embark on the mystery quilt adventure.  I even went completely out of my comfort zone and used scraps. I'm doing mine in all batiks. I have picked up a few neutral and yellow fat quarters to supplement my stash. I've been really good at actually following the directions and I am learning a lot. I was able to complete a few of each of clues 1 & 2 on Monday night.
Tuesday night I was able to get all of clue 2 completed and 190 of the clue 1. I had the rest of the clue 1 4 patches ready to sew.
En Provence
Wednesday morning before work I got all of the clue 1 completed. I had to move to a bigger container for my finished pieces.

I'm so excited that I was able to keep up with the clues, especially since we had Mathew's 4th birthday party.
Uncle Ed came to the party.
Mathew wanted a picture with mom. We had a Cars themed party.

Monday, December 05, 2016

December OMG Goal

December always flys by for me, but this year I feel like I have a good handle on gift buying and making. I already have many of my gifts done. I have a few mug rugs left to bind and an apron from a shirt that I just keep putting off, although it probably won't take me long once I start.

My December goal is to make a pillowcase out of this quilted piece. It's for my MIL for Christmas. I've mad her a quilt, table runner, and now the pillow for her room. She loves the blue/whites. The pattern is Strip Lash by GE Designs
Strip Lash pillowcase quilted.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November OMG Finished

My OMG for November was to make the Fractions quilt top from Stripology Squared. I not only got the top done but was able to quilt and bind it as well. I love how the quilt turned out.

Friction is quilted. Can I get the binding done tonight?
A close up of the quilting. I spent Veteran's Day at dad's and was able to get it quilted.
Up close quilting
I finished up 4 more bags that I had cut out. I'm so pleased to have all of these done.
Four baskets finished tonight! One of my older UFOs.
I made two Becca Bags with the leftover quilted fabric from my duffle bag.
Finished up this Becca bag tonight.
I made 3 Becca bags from some scraps.
Three more bags finished last night for gifts.
I made the Best of Joy table runner from Gudrun's Quilt Crew.
Best of Joy table runner #gedesigns
I made two table tents for imaginative play.
Cardboard table Tent for a Christmas gift. Still have to serge the seams, but at least it's all cut and measured. I'm sure this will be great for imaginative play.
A Giant Starburst quilt from scraps for my favorite GB fan.
Another finished quilt tonight. Giant Starburst in Green Bay Or BHSU green and yellow.
A trinket case to test the pattern out with my scraps. It went to my nephew Cooper for his birthday.
Cooper's trinket case.
I made a Sew South tote to haul my books around in for classes.
Finished my Sew South Tote during the very awesome Chiefs game. @ellisonlane #sewsouthtote
I made 18 Boo Boo bags for Mathew's Birthday party favors.
Eighteen boo boo bags made for Mathew's birthday party. I kind of went overboard, but that's a yard of muslin and 10 lbs of rice.

I cleaned up my sewing studio as well and re-organized it. I also did the kids bedroom.
Sewing room clean up instead of sewing, but I love it! Now, what to work on?

Reorganizing the Sewing studio. Lots of projects found,  now to sew!
It was a very productive November!

November Stash Report
Fabric bought this month: 11 yards
Fabric bought this year: 95.5 yards
Fabric used this month: 44 yards
Fabric used this year: 268 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 172.5 yards!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Whims And Fancies Trunk Full Of Quilts 2016

Whims And Fancies Trunk Full of Quilts

As I was looking through my Flickr account, I realized just how many quilts I have made this year, so I decided to focus on those. This is in no way a comprehensive list because I realized many of them I got them quilted and didn't take a picture after binding.
My most recent finish - last night - is the Giant Starburst quilt using scraps from a previous quilt. I love the simplicity of the pattern and the colors.
Another finished quilt tonight. Giant Starburst in Green Bay Or BHSU green and yellow.
Last Friday I finished Fractions, a quilt I'll be teaching in February. I love the pattern, designer, and the fabrics are so modern.
Friction is quilted. Can I get the binding done tonight?
This fall I took a class with Gudrun Erla of GE Designs. She was a bucket list quilt designer who I wanted to take a class from. I made the Strip Burst in a baby size. This used up some of my mom's pink jelly roll.
Strip Burst finished in less than a month! #gedesigns
I made this Strip Lash quilt using the leftovers from the same quilt I made in the spring for my MIL.
Strip Lash II finished!
This is a "miniature" radiant star I made for my co-worker for Christmas. He said he liked neutrals.
Finished just in time for the fair.
I made this faux granny square table topper after teaching how to make the block.
Scrappy granny square table topper.
This coin quilt is made from scraps of all the other 5 cowgirl quilts I have made. I put my last bit of cowgirl minkee on the back.
I waited all day to post this for WIP Wednesday,  only to realize it's Tuesday. The Cowgirl quilt is finished!
I tried to make a minature granny square, but I could have gone smaller. The blocks are 4.5".
I made this BQ quilt for my friend Cindy using my mom's fabric stash of Loralie. She loves the quilt!
My nephew Owen needed his big boy quilt, so I made this twin size Case IH quilt for him using a different BQ quilt pattern and adapting to my squares.
2nd quilt done this morning, for my nephew.
I made the Remington quilt as a sample for the store. It turned out great and both my brothers want it. Who knows who will get it?
Remington quilt is done !
My MIL loves blue and white, so I used my mom's blue/white/gray winter snow fabrics to make her this quueen sized strip lash quilt. I gave it to her when she got a new job that I helped her get.
The Blue Hexie quilt is done! Feeling a great sense of accomplishment in completing this one. Made entirely from mom's stash.
I've made a lot of bags, table runners, and several other quilts this year. Visit my moneikquilts flickr account to see all my projects.

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