Tuesday, December 27, 2016

En Provence Clues 4 & 5

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This is my first mystery quilt and I wasn't sure I would be able to keep up. I've been very relaxed and I knew I wouldn't get too uptight if I didn't keep up. That's just my nature. I had most of my Christmas quilting done back in October, with the exception of a couple small projects, so I was ready.
Yesterday we were home all day due to a blizzard in Western South Dakota. I helped my daughter sew baby blankets for her new twin dolls and then I got a chance to work on my Clue 3, 4, & 5. I finished up Clue 3 as a leader ender with Clue 4. Last night around 10:30 I couldn't sew anymore, so I cut out Clue 5.
This morning my kids (5 & 4) were up at 4:30 AM! I slept in until my husband left for work, but still got up and ready for work an hour early. Since I had my pieces cut I was able to quickly get all of Clue 5 sewn at 6 AM this morning and even had time to press them before we left for work/daycare.
Last night I also finished up the Dangerous BOM block 8 from Gudrun's Crew. I just love how many small scraps this one is using up.
I also finished up my Crops block for my FGV BOM. I am only about 3 blocks behind now. Time to get caught up this week.
I finished Pie Cherries and Tumbleweeds this past week as well.
I gifted my MIL a table runner and pillow made from the scraps and excess pieces of Strip Lash, the quilt I made her when she got a new job in March. She loved them!
I made my co-workers Mug Rugs of Maxine. This is just one example and they were extremely loved.

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Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Cute fabrics and projects! I especially love the pillow!

englishquilter said...

I think you are a batik lover?

Sara said...

I guess there is a silver lining to those extra early mornings with little ones.

I finished Clue 5 late this morning and worked on more of #4 and #3. I have a bit more than half of each sewn and pressed. And the rest will be waiting for me when I get home again.