Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Fortune Link Up #1

The Good Fortune Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter started on Black Friday and I was busy quilting at my dad's, so I didn't get to start right away. I did get a few pink (in place of red) and neutral strips cut so I could start sewing when I had a chance. I thought I cut plenty, so Saturday I set to sewing. We were having a severe winter storm warning, so it was a stay inside and play kind of day. 
I was able to sew a bunch of strip sets and then used my Stripology ruler to cut them. This made quick work of cutting all those 4 patches. I got them all pressed and in pretty piles. 
I didn't have enough strips cut, so I went back to cut some more. I cut a lot and sewed a bunch more. I layered 4 sets under my Stripology ruler and went to work cutting. I had these sub-cut in under 30 seconds! 
I pressed and pressed and pressed, all while spinning my seams, but by Saturday night I still had this pile to press. They'll get finished up today. I've counted and I made plenty, so I'm ready to go for next week. 
This is the pheasant quilt I quilted at dad's house on Black Friday. I'll get it bound this week and it will be for my nephew for Christmas. 
I'm linking up with Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Thursday, November 01, 2018

October Accomplishments

October has come and gone and November is flying by so quickly. I did have a lot of accomplishments in October. I've shown you the first half, so here's the second Half.