Monday, November 24, 2014

November AYLF Goal met!

This month flew by as it's hunting season.  I don't get much time at home, but thanks to my dad and Ann I got a chance to quilt on Sat. I was able to quilt both of the quilts I'm making for our friends kids for Christmas.  My goal was to get the tops done, so it's amazing to have them quilted as well.
For the new little boy I made this fat quarter friendly quilt using  I Love Puppies by Heather Mulder Peterson. I used a squiggly minkee on the back. It's quilted with a large meander.
I used Horizon for this modern quilt. I love the solid background and it had little hearts on it. I quilted it with a loop.  I used a lavender minkee on the back.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

November AYLF Goal

Since the last few months have been a bit slow, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get more done in Nov.  Paul starts hunting next weekend,  so I'll be a hunters widow,  but I'll also have the kids. My goal is to finish the quilt tops for a couple kids we know. I finished the marbles quilt top last night, so tonight I worked on the little girls modern quilt. It uses 2 charm packs and lots of background.  I probably have 2 seams left, but it's late. If the month goes really well I'll get them quilted, but right now tops are my goal. I'm doing much better at posting on Instagram and Facebook,  so look for me as @moneikquilts to see my accomplishments. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes October goal met!

Last year I think October was my most productive month of the year with 25 finishes, but this year has been a lot different.  Chasing a toddler and a preschooler takes a lot of time and energy.
I'm feeling great that I finished my October goal to piece, quilt, and bind this mini quilt for a store sample. It's laundry day by Kim Diehl.
I also finished a Christmas quilt top for a store sample. I'm currently working on two quilts for family friends for Christmas.  Marbles out of the I♡ Puppies by Heather Mulder Peterson and a Modern quilt out of Horizon by Kate Spain. All the piecing is done and I'm ready to put the tops together.
One of my favorite sewing projects this month was working on a purple radiant star with 6 colors that I'm doing on commission. It's a challenge,  but I've really enjoyed making the diamonds,  now to get it squared up and cut the background.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

AYLF October goal

This month I hope to get back in the sewing studio & do some creating.  Tonight I finished a sample I should have been done with a month ago, but it's finished!  Luckily this next sample is miniature & I'm excited to work on it. So tonight I figured I would start sewing the hst's together. Excited to say I got them all sewn! Tomorrow I will cut & press & trim & be ready to sew the top.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This month flew by as we had a whirlwind camper buying experience,  put a new motor in the car, and changed daycares. Lots of change, plus an extra class to teach left little time for sewing. I did get my pattern testing done, which was my goal for September in AYLF. I even got it quilted. Hoping October allows for a bit more sewing time.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes Sept. Goal

This month is getting away from me faster than the last, but I hope to get this baby girl quilt done.  I'm using the leftover fabric from a quilt mom made for Mikaela.  I'm making lots of snowball blocks, do lots of sewing to be done.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Slow sewing week

This past week and this week have been really slow for sewing! Last week was the fair and we were there a lot. Plus I taught on Wednesday night. I did the Triangle Frenzy class which was a great class, even for a beginner. This 8 year old wanted to sew and her mom didn't know how, so they came to class, the mom cut, I helped the girl learn to sew, and the top was done that night. It was so much fun. The class went great. I even had my first guy in a class and he was the only one who finished!
I was also busy in my free time creating this money bouquet for a bridal shower on Friday. It turned out cute.

We went to the carnival/rodeo on Saturday night and the kids got to ride the merry go round for the first time.
The last couple nights we've been without the kids due to change in plans, so I gathered all my stuff for the craft show, then spent a bit of time sewing. I created these 3 bags over past 2 nights. They turned out super cute and were fun and fast to make. I hope with some modification they will make cute samples for a class.

I finally used up all the Juggling Summer mini charms I won from Jan.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy with Fair

This month seems to be consumed by fair time. First we attended the Custer County Fair in Hermosa and this week it's the Central States Fair in Rapid City. I took several quilts to both fairs. There's a big difference in the quantity and types of quilts shown at the smaller versus larger fair.
At the Custer County Fair I received a 1st on my wolf

A first on Swoon and a second on Crown Royal as well as a first on my mystery quilt.

A first on my Amish Rubic Star


At the CSF I received a 3rd on Crown Royal and a 2nd on Swoon.
A second on the mystery quilt
A second on the miniature quilt.
A second on the wolf.
A first on the Amish Rubic Star
My friend Tammy got a first on her Christmas Celebration Table Topper, her first entry in the fair.
This week I haven't done much sewing at all. I did get this baby quilt sample done for the store.
I also made this bag for a sample for a class I hope to teach in the spring.
Sunday night Paul and I had a date night and went to Billy Currington at the fair. He was so good and we had awesome seats.

Yesterday I was super excited to receive my passport in the mail! Now I'm anticipating where we'll be going on our cruise with my husband's company.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August Sewing & Quilting

August really has flown by for me! I can't believe we're almost to the middle. I made this Spirograph table topper from some of my remaining blush fabric. I am loving the pattern and may have to try it again.
I finished it up with a machine sewn binding, but I'm not really liking it, so may take it out and hand sew it down. I used wool for the batting in this one.
To add to my samples for an upcoming class, I made two more Lazy Girl runaround bags. They are quick and easy and make great gifts.
Mikaela and I worked on a couple bags for her. She got distracted pretty fast, but was certainly ready to fill them when I was done.
A co-worker asked me to fix her sons jacket. Her mom had put the zipper in, but it was really puckered.
I took it out and re-did it. There were three different layers to sew, re-sew, and then topstitch. A complicated way to make a jacket for sure, but it's done and she's happy.
I made another sample for class from a new fabric line at work. I just love how I was able to fussy cut to make it work.
The back pocket is also fussy cut.
I finished a third mini swoon block, so only 1 remains. I love making these little blocks. With the corner clipper ruler it's been a breeze to sew them too.
Last week I quilted a couple quilts for my friend Emilee. I did an allover stipple in white king tut with a taupe bottom line.
I love how she made her scrappy swoon longer. I wish I  had done that to mine as well.
I also quilted this happy houses big block quilt with a large stipple in a verigated green/teal/yellow/red thread.
A co-worker is leaving today for a trip with her husband and she'll be doing a lot of waiting, so I made her a big bag to carry all her things. My co-workers and I made a big old care package of things she might need. I was kind of fun seeing what everyone put in it. She loves leopard print, so I picked the fabric especially for her.
With the leftover fold area I made a little makeup bag for a bunch of toiletry things. The orange is in the other bag as well. It's so bright and fun.
Saturday I whipped up this little Star-burst table topper for my dad's wife's hair dresser. She gave me a bunch of Crown Royal bags, so I wanted to do something for her.
Last week my aunt and I took a trip back to my hometown for a 60th anniversary celebration. It was fun to visit with so many neighbors and friends. It would have been my mom's birthday, so we stopped at the cemetery as well. I don't get back real often any more, so it was nice to have the time to visit.

While I quilted last week Mikaela and Mathew played with Grandpa and Grandma. Mikaela thought she would take over my dad's chair, but he made her share. It was so cute to see her playing with Grandpa.