Wednesday, March 01, 2017

February Accomplishments

This was a great month for my accomplishments. I started it out sick with the nasty bug that was going around, but when I found my groove I accomplished quite a bit.
I made the Tudor Bag from Sew Sweetness as a work bag for a trip to Brookings this month. It's an awesome bag for work! I love the size, durability, and structure.
I'm teaching the Ellipse quilt in April, so I made this sample. It turned out really cute and I think it will be very loved.
On my work trip, I finally finished sewing all the green blocks for a  5-yard quilt. It's my hope to finish this one yet this year. I think all the blocks are done now.
I also pieced the top of Mathew's quilt on my trip so I could quilt it when I got home. I was able to finish it this month and he loves it.
February 17
I also quilted Dangerous BOM. It's still awaiting binding, but I'm so glad I could spend the holiday at my dad's quilting on these two quilts.
February 17
I quilted and bound Metro Hoops as well. It feels so good to have this one done and not hanging over me any longer.
Winding Ways is another UFO that was hanging over my head way too long. I'm so proud of finishing it.
These were the last 4 blocks for FGV and I finally got them done. It feels so good to have all of the FGV blocks done.
February 17
I also had a 3-hour block of testing that I was able to stitch during. I spent quite a few breaks as well stitching on this Ahhhh's quilt top. This is how I laid it out, but now that I look at it, I think I really want it to be a hexagon. I have plenty of the Ahhhh's left, so I'll pull out 8 more and continue working on them. I'm really proud of how far I came on this in just two months. At the start of the year they were just the hexies!
February 17

My Stash Report is doing well. I would be doing even better if I didn't take my kids to the quilt shop. I've literally only bought 4 yards for myself. The rest is for the kids (17 yards) and samples.
Yards In this Month: 13
Yards Out this Month: 35.5
Yards In this Year: 26.25
Yards Out this Year: 42.5

I was able to stop at Chamberlain on my way home from my work trip to see Destiny, the new statue overlooking the Missouri River. She's amazing and even more so in person!


February 17

February 17

February 17

February 17
My husband and his co-workers won an award for their work on the new Orchard Meadows Common Cents. He did some amazing work and I am so proud of him for winning this award.