Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Quilting Day at Dad's House

 Last week I pieced the Seaside table runner for the #journey2Nebula quilt along. The stiletto comes in really handy when piecing it. I quilted it and bound it Thursday night, then worked on the hand stitching on Friday morning and Saturday night. I finally got it finished and gifted to my co-worker Chris who got married at the beginning of the month. 

As I was piecing it, I worked on these Toni blocks. I've been using them as leaders and enders. They are from the Glamping Gypsy line (that I still have too much of!). 
Saturday I was able to go to Dad's house and quilt. I started with Frolic mini Jacob's Ladder quilt. It's 20x24 and all the blocks are 2.5" finished. 
Dad took us to the Wicksville church for lunch and a craft bazaar, then back to quilting! I quilted this mini Moda Love quilt. It's 12" square. Then I quilted both Cabin Fever quilts on the same backing piece. I did one with loops and the other with swiggles. 

I also quilted this Lucky Charm pillow topper. It will become a 20" pillow. It's so easy to quilt these up quickly at dad's, especially when everything goes well. We were home earlier than expected (which never happens). The next day I realized I forgot to quilt the Sweetheart table topper, but it's small and I can do it at home. 
Last night I whipped up a couple more face masks. One for my MIL and one for my daughter. I think they will love them. The batwing pattern is so fast and it fits so well. 

This week we leave on vacation and I get to go to #QuiltingismyTherapy shop. To say I'm excited is an understatement! I'll be sure to share photos when we return. 

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Sewing for friends

In the last couple weeks, I started doing quite a bit more sewing. I started with these Sew Together bags. I started out making them for 3 friends who have helped me a lot with the financial aspect of paying for cancer treatments. I decided to make them Sew Together bags. As I was cutting each fat quarter, there was always enough for one more bag, so I made myself one as well. The insides all match and I made two green and two purple bags. I'm totally in love with these and LOVED making them again. I even made one for my friend Regina, but I'll post pictures of it after she receives it on Friday. 

There was a Sew Along for the Mini Maker Case by Lillyella Stitchery, so I decided to make it out of Tula Pink Homemade fabric line as well. It went together fairly easily, although the bias binding was tricky. 


My friend Mitch asked me to make him a bathroom bag. I used Waxed Canvas and while I was making him one, I made one for my friend Trappor who has quilted a few quilts for me this year. 

My friend Nicole lost her partner to lung cancer and they loved sailing, so I made these bags for her. I didn't use a pattern, just cut up 3 fat quarters and added zippers and linings. 
I also made this "Oh, how Sweet! Zipped case. I modified it by switching around the pockets and I didn't add the inner elastic. I love how it turned out. I would use a longer zipper next time as well as a bias binding. 

My friend Tara's husband is going through cancer treatments, so I made her this cross to hang on their wall of crosses. 
I'm loving that I have the energy to sew. Last night I took a break and downloaded all the pictures off my MIL's phone, updated her computer, connected her Bluetooth headphones to her phone and tablet, and cleaned her phone off in anticipation of our vacation. I did the same on my phone, so I now have more room on it as well. Vacation will be here before we know it. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Kids sewing

Mikaela has been doing a bit of sewing this year. She made this "purse" with no pattern. She put in the zipper and there are pockets on the inside and she added strapping to make it go over her head. 
She helped me make this Kimberbell bear. I wanted to make the pattern with the embroidery machine and I learned a ton doing it. She turned and stuffed it all and helped me sew it together. It's a free pattern and while not a quick make, it was a fun one with the embroidery machine (since I rarely use it). 
She pieced this doll quilt for her baby. It's from a bunch of fat quarters she collected and she loves it. 

This was a kit Mathew wanted for his pillow. He helped a bit, but I did most of the sewing. It's a minkee one and is for a small travel pillow. 

 The kids have really enjoyed doing more sewing this year, including making pillowcases with their 4-H club in March. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

New UFO's this year

I worked on quite a few projects in 2020 that haven't been completed. I got all the pieces made for the 2019 Quiltville Mystery quilt, but haven't put them together yet. 

I worked on and finished all these hexie flowers. I just determined a layout, so I'm working on the setting diamonds now. 
I finished this Jacobs Ladder mini top.
I quilted a bunch of this unicorn fabric to make a couple bags. I have them cut out, but not made yet. 
I'm using my leftover pieces from Glamping Gypsies to make a Toni quilt.
I made these 2 Cabin Fever baby quilts and they are both Glamping Gypsy fabric. 

I made this sweetheart table topper for a coworker for his wedding. I need to get it finished. 
I started the blocks for Swoon 16, but only got 2 made. 
I did the Hope Quilt along and have all the blocks made. 
I made this mini Moda love quilt and it just needs quilting. 

I did the Elvira quilt along and Trappor quilted it for me, but I need to bind it. 
I am doing the #journey2Nebula quilt along and this is the Lucky Charm pillow top. 
I spent about 5 hours the other day working on this table topper and it's finally coming along. 
I have quite a few things going, but I work on whatever I feel like.