Friday, January 29, 2021

This weeks sewing

I've been busy making more masks. I made the dog one for Mikaela and then I made myself a Bernina one. While I was at it I made a few for my sewing friends as well. A FB friend liked the pins, so I made her 3 more and sent them out to her this week. 

Then I made Mikaela another dog one and another Bernina one. 
I made my friend bags and just showed the inside. I'm not a bit orange fan, but I think she'll love the outside fabric. 
These are the bags on the outside and since her last name is Fox, I hope she will get a good laugh out of them.
I threw in a mask as well. 
Mikaela got her hair cut the other night and her stylist did a 5 strand braid. It turned out so cool. 

I made her a bag out of leftover fabric. 
A mask for each kid last night rounded out my week. I have a bunch more masks, but I'll have to work on them this weekend. 
I'm working on a baby quilt and it's coming together pretty well. 
Today I laid out this Hope quilt and hope to get it sewn together this weekend. I think it will make a great teacher quilt. 


Monday, January 25, 2021

Busy Sewing Week

 I've been busy sewing this week. While I couldn't show everything on IG or FB, I have been very busy with custom orders. I finished this cross wall hanging for a former co-worker. 

Mikaela made these key fobs out of her favorite Science fabric. 
She also made this treat pouch for Bailey's treats. We didn't have a pattern, just kind of winged it. 
I made this Wrist Wrap for a friend to see if it is what he wants. 
I also made him an apron. 
I made caring heart blocks for the quilt guild. They will be used in quilts given to members going through challenges. 
I made these for a customer who wanted brands to match her kitchen. I used the Desert Stars pattern from Atkinson Designs. 

The pattern Random Shuffle is the topple your stash challenge for The Sewing Center group, so I made it out of Glamping Gypsies. It still needs to be quilted. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Grassy Creek Mystery

I had really good intentions with Grassy Creek, but got sick before Thanksgiving and never really got better until the new year. I did get some sewing done and most of it is cut out, but I've been finishing custom orders first. 
Clue 2 

Clue 1

Clue 3 (just a couple done)
Clue 5 (all the FG done)
Clue 4 (a few done)
Parts of Clue 5 the other half done. 

While I am way behind, I am enjoying the sewing process, even if it is slow. I'm still not 100%, so I just sew as I feel like I am able. I've been limiting myself to 1 hour every other day or so. I'll eventually get it done. 

January Sewing

My quilting friend Linda had her daughter-in-law make these beautiful cookies for me. She used the Tula Pink fabric below as the inspiration. 

Monday was a holiday, so I was able to quilt these two table runners. They are Desert Stars by Atkinson Designs
I also quilted this minkee blanket for Mikaela for her birthday. I just quilted it with loops and it quilted up BEAUTIFULLY!! I couldn't have had a better day quilting. 
Here's the table runners as I got them made. They are a custom order for a gal I know from back home. 

I have been working on hexie diamonds to make a quilted table runner. I got these finished and have started on the white hexies. It's going together surprisingly fast. 
I made Mikaela some new, bigger masks with nose pieces. She really likes them. 


November & December Sewing

 November and December were pretty much a blur for me. I was sick more than I was well and I only did the bare minimum sewing. I spent one Sunday and made teacher bags for Christmas gifts. Mikaela has 3 teachers. 

Mrs. Williams, the reading teacher, got a "book" bag. 

Mrs. West, the writing teacher, got a Huskers bag. 

Mathew's teacher, Ms. Wagner, is also a Huskers fan, so she got one as well. 

Mikaela's main teacher, Mrs. Johns, likes chickens, so she got a chicken bag. 

I had a custom order for a t-shirt quilt and this "extra" t-shirt to become a pillow. 

The backing for the t-shirt quilt. 
The finished t-shirt quilt. It was made for a dad to give his daughter, with her mom's shirts. It's queen size and I quilted it the day before I got sick. 

Earlier in November, I made this Rock Candy table topper and double potholder and kitchen boa for my Secret Santa Swap partner Linda for Christmas. 

I made this pillow and Christmas ornament for a friend from her grandma's jacket. The cousins and her mom were each getting one. It was a custom order. 
I made this Rock Candy table runner out of Tula Pink scraps. I have yet to finish it. 
After being sick for all of November and December, I found out my heart isn't pumping correctly, so I am taking heart meds and wearing a LifeVest to hopefully get my heart back on track. It was so frustrating not being able to sew or breathe.