Wednesday, January 20, 2021

November & December Sewing

 November and December were pretty much a blur for me. I was sick more than I was well and I only did the bare minimum sewing. I spent one Sunday and made teacher bags for Christmas gifts. Mikaela has 3 teachers. 

Mrs. Williams, the reading teacher, got a "book" bag. 

Mrs. West, the writing teacher, got a Huskers bag. 

Mathew's teacher, Ms. Wagner, is also a Huskers fan, so she got one as well. 

Mikaela's main teacher, Mrs. Johns, likes chickens, so she got a chicken bag. 

I had a custom order for a t-shirt quilt and this "extra" t-shirt to become a pillow. 

The backing for the t-shirt quilt. 
The finished t-shirt quilt. It was made for a dad to give his daughter, with her mom's shirts. It's queen size and I quilted it the day before I got sick. 

Earlier in November, I made this Rock Candy table topper and double potholder and kitchen boa for my Secret Santa Swap partner Linda for Christmas. 

I made this pillow and Christmas ornament for a friend from her grandma's jacket. The cousins and her mom were each getting one. It was a custom order. 
I made this Rock Candy table runner out of Tula Pink scraps. I have yet to finish it. 
After being sick for all of November and December, I found out my heart isn't pumping correctly, so I am taking heart meds and wearing a LifeVest to hopefully get my heart back on track. It was so frustrating not being able to sew or breathe. 

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Jennifer said...

For a couple months where you were battling illness, you sure got a lot done! Glad for the meds and vest to help you feel better and take care of your heart!