Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Accomplishments

I keep thinking I didn't do much because I don't have many finishes, but I did quite a bit of sewing.
I finished the Good Night Irene top II as a baby quilt. I plan to get it quilted this weekend.
Goodnight Irene baby quilt made with 2 charm packs.
I finished the Dangerous BOM Block 5. I've loved this BOM so much that I love to do the block right away each month.
Dangerous BOM block 5.
I started working on my FGV blocks and screwed up the kettle block, trying to rush to get it sewn one morning before work.
I ripped and finished it that evening.
I have the first five blocks of the Dangerous BOM - all scraps, except for the white.
The first 5 Dangerous blocks for GE Designs BOM on her Facebook page. Lots of fun using up tiny scrap pieces.
I was getting antsy for a finish, so I made this Riviera bag. It was super easy and I was disappointed I had waited so long to make it. I love the purse!
I'm taking a Gudrun Erla class next month, so I wanted to take a quilt to show her. I took out the extra blocks I had left and made a throw quilt with them. It's beautiful! I can't wait to quilt it this weekend.
The 2nd Strip Lash quilt top is done, unless I decide to make it a bit bigger.
I had a lot of white/light blue blocks left, so I whipped up a table runner as well. I might get it quilted this weekend too.
Strip Lash III, the last of the white hexies in a table runner.
I bought this fabric to make a raglan shirt to wear to the retreat. I love how it turned out.
Tonight I made myself a shirt to wear for retreat next week!  I love this fabric!
My college friend Angie wanted a drawstring backpack, so I found a pattern and this fun Wizard of Oz fabric, which is one of her favorites.
This week I finished up the Autumn Star block. I love the FGV blocks.
The best part of the month was meeting my blogging friend Rhoda Mejeur from Michigan. She was visiting the area and we were able to meet up and say hi in person.
Mikaela is loving Kindergarten and we had a great trip to Spearfish Canyon last weekend.
We took lots of pictures today. She was having so much fun.

August Stash Report
Fabric bought this month: 8.75 yards
Fabric bought this year: 76.5 yards
Fabric used this month: 5.5 yards
Fabric used this year: 189.5 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 113 yards!

Darn! my numbers are going backward! I hope to have at least 3 big finishes in October, so I think my numbers will go back up.
Funny story... I had 16 green HST's that were 9.5" and I needed just a few more yellow ones to make the pattern again. I bought 1.5 yards of fabric to make more HST's to use up those blocks... Only I miscalculated and made 8 extra HST's! So now I have extras after trying to use up extras! I hope to finish that quilt top up next month as well. It's all laid out and ready to be sewn.