Friday, September 30, 2011

Diaper Clutch

Our friend Jory and his wife Jessica just had a little boy and I wanted to do a couple small gifts for them, so I made this Grab n Go Diaper Clutch for them. It turned out so stinkin' adorable! I ended up making a second one for a sample for the class I'm going to be teaching in November.
Quilt 059
The class is filling up, so if you're interested get signed up! It's going to be a fun night, with lots of ideas for baby gifts in addition to this one. This is really easy and even a novice sewer would be able to make it with ease. I love it because it makes an inexpensive gift. It includes a changing pad as well.
Quilt 058

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Professional Tote Class

The last couple Wed. nights I've taught a Professional Tote class. With 13 students in the class I was hopping all night long, which I love! It's so fun to see different bags come together.
Professional Tote 001
The students were very busy working on their bags.
Professional Tote 002
Emily got to the stand back and admire it section!
Professional Tote 003
As did Dorothy.
Professional Tote 004
All the bags looked great and each was unique in color and fabric choice.
Professional Tote 005

Professional Tote 006

Professional Tote 007

Professional Tote 008
I really enjoy teaching, especially when I have such great students and they make it fun to teach!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friendship Blocks

I received a couple more blocks in the mail and just had to show them off!
Colleen sent this beautiful block. She also sent the cutest shirt for Mikaela! I'll have to show it off soon, but it's been too hot to put it on her yet.
Quilt 056
Jen Vogel sent this block, so now I'm only waiting on one more to arrive. I'm so excited to get them all together and lay them out. I'll probably end up making more to go with them, but so far I love them!
Quilt 066

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mikaela is 35 Weeks Old!

Mikaela is growing like a weed and learning new things each week. This week she got very comfortable standing up by pulling herself up on the coffee table. She loves to pull up, then sit back down and scoot over to the couch and pull back up again. She got new shoes... aren't they the cutest??
Mikaela 180
She still loves her teething ring. She's teething again, so everything is in her mouth. She LOVES to crawl over to the dog dish/water bowl. Needless to say Daddy needed to catch her quicker, since she got a bath in the bowl!
Mikaela 184
Her big blue eyes just shine.
Mikaela 185
Daddy watches her pull herself up on the coffee table.
Mikaela 210
Her Great Grandpa Joe and his wife Eva came out last weekend and she played with them.
Mikaela 216

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friendship Block Swap

Last night I really needed motivation to sew, so I made the block for Jacque for the Friendship Block Swap. I used 14 different fabrics and didn't have to repeat any fabrics. I ended up using up my scraps and didn't have to cut into any of the fat quarters I had bought to make the block. I love how it turned out and can't wait to see what Jacque makes with her blocks.
Quilt 053

Mikaela is 8 Months Old!

Mikaela turned 8 months old yesterday! She's growing into such a cute little girl. Last night after her bath we took a few pictures, though she was pretty tired and ready for bed.
She was very into Dancing with the Stars!
Mikaela 137
She's always gnawing on her hand, I think we have more teeth coming in as she was fussy.
Mikaela 138
She's quiet and content, tired I think!
Mikaela 143
She's ready to move, as she's always on the move.
Mikaela 146
Headed for mom's camera...
Mikaela 147
Taking in all daddy has to say. She's very aware of her surroundings.
Mikaela 149
About the closest we could get to a smile! Isn't this just the cutest outfit? I just love it though it's a fleecy kind of material, so I couldn't tell if it was PJ's or an outfit. Last night it was PJ's but any insight is good!
Mikaela 151

Sunday Sewing

Sunday we did errands and I scored a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt from Cabela's on clearance for $20. I was so excited. I just love awesome deals, since the jeans are normally $50 and the shirt $20. When we got home I was exhausted and ended up taking a nap. When I got up, Mikaela had some grandma/daddy time and I loaded Jenn's quilt on the frame. I'd been waiting for a weekend to do it since I knew it would take a while. It quilted up beautifully!
Quilt 046
I used a cream King Tut and Cream Bottomline, since there were so many colors and they are such a different shade of colors. I wasn't finding a verigated King Tut to match. I love how the cream looks on it. It let's the fabrics shine.
Quilt 047
The stippling went well and everything laid flat.
Quilt 049
The flowered Hunky Dory was the backing as well. I just love the colors in it. She also pieced part of the back.
Quilt 051

I was able to quilt the entire quilt in about 4 hours. I'm just so impressed with it and hope she likes it as well. It was 77x90 and she used a white warm and white batting.

Saturday Sewing

Saturday we stayed home the entire day, well almost. I cleaned out the crawl space and got rid of 2 suitcases, 3 large totes, and 2 big bags of clothes. I figure I'll never be in that size I was before, so it's time to move the stuff on! I made room to put all of mom's batting and most of her UFO's that I'm not currently working on in the crawl space until I need them. My closet was a little too overwhelming and I needed to move it around. I worked from 9-4 and really made a lot of progress. Then I read my facebook.... Jodi had been to Hancock's and gotten a small OTT lite for $10. I was intrigued, I'm the notions girl... so I quick got ready and ran to town to get one.  Jodi, you're such a bad influence!  Paul kept Mikaela at home so I got to do a bit of shopping for Mikaela too. She needed pants as none of her outfits had pants. I also found her the FP pink pig piggy bank. It'll be her Christmas present. I was so excited since she loved playing with it at Jon and Nich's.
Paul fixed supper too, so I got to spend the evening sewing to my hearts content!
I made this block for Patti for our September Friendship block swap. This block turned out awesome. Everything just seemed to match so perfectly without me trying.
Quilt 040
I put the binding on this mug rug for a co-worker who is going to get the ATTA girl award at work on Thurs.
Quilt 042
And finally I trimmed up this quilt mom made last year at the Wall Quilt retreat. She had me quilt it, had the binding with it, but never put it on. I figured since it was Fall I should finish it. I might just put it in my office for awhile.
Quilt 045

Sat. was so productive that I thought  I 'd exhausted all the time I would get to sew... but I was wrong!

September Groovy Girls

Friday night was our first Groovy Girls of the new year. We had lots of new faces as well as a lot of returning members.
Darlene and Michelle, the two in center front, are the girls I worked with at the shop before. It was so good to see them and catch up. Shonna in the white and Jenn hidden in the green were also there. They stayed to sew as did Pam and Sue. It was so good to catch up with everyone after the summer break. Sherry and Emily were able to be there as well. I always enjoy my evening out with the girls.
Groovy Girls 002
Tammy does the program and this month was on the Kindle cover. She's showing the one I made out of the Maxine fabric. I have a co-worker who will be getting it for Christmas.
Groovy Girls 004
She also showed the CD/DVD holder I made out of the new pattern by Gudrun using her new Super fabric line.
Groovy Girls 013
I was so productive in the sewing department that night. I finished sewing all the Blush 60* blocks and finished sewing all the blocks for my Mocha Merigue Wonder Blocks quilt. That's been an old UFO that I know I will like, but just didn't care for piecing the blocks. Once I got started though, they were easy to finish. I also pulled the fabric to make Jacque's block for the swap. I was able to use my stash and have 14 different fabrics in it without cutting into my jewel toned batik fat quarters I had been buying, so I think I may just have to make another quilt with those since I love them so much. I got in about 5 hours of sewing which felt so good!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mikaela is 34 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 34 Weeks old yesterday. She was all full of smiles when I got home. She'd had a good day at Cressa's Daycare and enjoyed some fun playing with Daddy. He was letting her bounce on his neck.
Mikaela 109
Until she started holding on by the hair and pulling!
Mikaela 113
She wanted to eat the camera instead of pose for it.
Mikaela 116
She just didn't want to sit while mommy took pictures.
Mikaela 121
She was all for playing with Daddy after her bath. She even got two books read to her by daddy.
Mikaela 129
But then she was intent on watching the season finale of Big Brother with us. She just knew Rachel would win!
Mikaela 132
Daddy gave her a horsey ride and then it was off to bed.