Thursday, September 29, 2011

Professional Tote Class

The last couple Wed. nights I've taught a Professional Tote class. With 13 students in the class I was hopping all night long, which I love! It's so fun to see different bags come together.
Professional Tote 001
The students were very busy working on their bags.
Professional Tote 002
Emily got to the stand back and admire it section!
Professional Tote 003
As did Dorothy.
Professional Tote 004
All the bags looked great and each was unique in color and fabric choice.
Professional Tote 005

Professional Tote 006

Professional Tote 007

Professional Tote 008
I really enjoy teaching, especially when I have such great students and they make it fun to teach!


Jacque said...

What a fun bag! What pattern is this?

Laura Martell said...

I couldn't help commenting on your blog. I am the designer of the Professional Tote, and it looks like you had a great class! I know what you mean about running all night. That's a big class, but it looks like you had lots of room. I also love seeing the fabric everyone chooses. At the end of class I want to make totes just like theirs. I have been known to purchase fabrics for a new bag after seeing their fabrics. I hope your students enjoyed the class and their totes! Laura Martell, The Creative Thimble