Sunday, May 31, 2015

ALYOF May Goal Met

May has been a busy month, but boy do I feel like I accomplished a lot. I finished my May goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  I was able to quickly finish Mathew's Thomas the Train Sew Together bag. It was super easy and he loves it for all his little trains. I love how easy it is to put them all away and quickly take them with us, especially camping.
A Thomas the Train Sew Together bag for my little train man. He'll be so excited tomorrow.
The zippers are great for his developmental aspect.
The inside of the train bag.
It was so easy that I quickly made Mikaela one as well.
Mikaela's sew together bag got finished this afternoon.
The weekend before and Memorial day weekend were spent camping - with electricity!! I love Mikaela's sewing machine for sewing in the camper. I can quickly set up and sew. I've pieced a lot of HST's for a Jewel box quilt and sewn strip sets for a quilt for my MIL.
My view while the family is fishing and the kids are napping.
Mikaela and I also made taggy blankets for her daycare providers new twin grandsons. We made a couple extra too. Two fat quarters of minkee make 2 taggy blankets.
Mikaela made these with my help for the new babies at preschool yesterday.  She loves Maverick & Ryder.
Mikaela picked out this unicorn fabric, so I made her a basket to put her baby in.
A baby basket for Mikaela's baby, made with two fat quarters and some batting and interfacing. She found the FQ on a shop hop she did with me. No pattern,  just started cutting.
I pulled out the embroidery machine to make a label for the NACAA quilt I made. It should be back from the quilter in a few weeks and I can bind and add it before the end of the month.
Friday night I pulled out the embroidery machine and made a label for the quilt I've been working on since October. #nacaa
I used the leftover blocks from that quilt to make a small one as well.
Leftover blocks make a great mini quilt! Pieced last night, quilted today. #nacaa
My biggest accomplishment is an SDSU Pride of the Dakotas Marching band quilt made from my t-shirts from my band days. I've been planning to make this for 13 years, since I graduated, but it just hadn't happened. It just took a little look at SDSU in a different light to inspire me to finish it. So excited that I made it and quilted it in under 2 weeks and should be ready to bind it this week! Go Jacks!
Quilted my SDSU Pride of the Dakotas t-shirt quilt today at dad and Ann's. It was so fun using a blue and yellow verigated thread and quilting loops. I am so happy to be close to a finish with this kbe. I started it two weeks ago and with any luck will ha

My little jackrabbits are super supportive! Love how big they are growing up to be. Preschool is over for the summer and now they have many adventures to go on. This week is Teddy Bear week, so they are super excited.
Love my little jackrabbits! #jacksalumni #littlejackrabbits #notacoyote


Thursday, May 07, 2015

AYOLF May goal

This month is going to fly! Lots of good things happening in my life and lots of camping scheduled,  so we'll be busy. I hope to get this bag finished for Mathew. It's the Sew Demented Sew Together bag, but I'm making it for his trains. I found the perfect fabric and got it cut out tonight. A couple good nights of sewing and I should be done.  I plan to make Mikaela one too, but not sure it will get done until next month.