Friday, January 28, 2022

January sewing byAnnie bags

I've been busy doing a lot of small bags this month. I made this Piecekeeper/Project bag, which is a free byAnnie pattern. I changed the size and used vinyl instead of mesh. 

I made Just in Case. I had the alignment wrong, but it will still work. 

I made a simple planner cover for my planner for this year. 

I made a clam up in Everyday Handmade. 
I made my friends retreat gifts, Clam Up/Persimmion Pouches and Flipping Out. 

I made a small thread dispenser for a friend. 

Lots of byAnnie sewing projects and they all come out so nicely. I really love how quickly they go together. 


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ultimate Travel Bag

Let me just say I love byAnnie patterns. I have figured out her methods and know which ways I like to change them to make them my own. I've probably made 50+ bags from her patterns. I would say my favorite is the Ultimate Travel Bag. I've made it twice and I like the size, the shape, and how well it comes together. I made this UTB in Homemade by Tula Pink as part of my "sewing" travel items. 
The only difference between the Carry All Tote (I don't think the pattern is available anymore, but in case you have one) and this is the back travel strap. It's made to fit over the handle of a suitcase. If I ever travel by airline, this will be my travel bag. I haven't made the carry strap pad. 

I did put the mesh pockets in both sides of the bag. I don't necessarily like these, but they work well with the thickness of the bag. 


Sewing over the past month

I've been doing lots of random sewing over the past few months. I made a pocket notebook holder out of Everyday Handmade. It's small and I love the print. It's quilted, so it's a bit big in my purse. 

I finished my mom's Fire Fighter X-Stitch picture. She was an amazing x-stitcher, but she rarely finished any projects, so I'm on a mission to finish them. 
My dad wanted some mini rosary bags, so I made him these sweet pea pods. They are cards, because he's always playing cards. They are a bit bigger than he wanted, so I need to make a couple smaller ones. 

My daughter and I went on a long weekend sewing stay at a cabin at a camping resort and we sewed all weekend. She worked on making earrings and I sewed. It was wonderful. 
I made this RWB Veteran's quilt for a special vet in our family. 
I worked on a t-shirt quilt and am still working on it. 
My daughter and I made PJ pants for her and a friend as well as pillowcases. This was her friend's set. 

She loves dogs and made this set.

I made 3 of these quilt tops for babies. I don't need them, but they are cute and I want to have some on hand for when I need them. 

More-shirt quilt blocks. Many of the shirts were already cut, so I had to adjust my pattern. 

I made this Crown Royal table runner for an auction. 
I've been working on my EPP projects, getting a bit closer to the finish line. 

I started with this mess. 
I cleaned up my area. It's so nice to see my ironing space. 
I made a planner cover. 
My design book. 
I've been watching Jennifer and her mom Carol on YouTube for their floss tube. It's been fun. One of my goals this year is to do my own Quilt Tube. We'll see how that goes.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Rhododendron Trail Mystery

This year I decided to work on the Quiltville Mystery Rhododendron Trail. I did really well the first few weeks. I got a bit overwhelmed with the blocks and quit after I made a few of the first ones. I need to get back on them, but have quite a few bags cut out that I want to get made, so I've been working on them. 

I love my new cutter for cutting my chain piecing. 
Wonderclips work awesome for keeping my stacks of blocks together. 
These are my first 8 blocks. All my pieces are cut out. I just need to put some sewing time into finishing them.