Wednesday, April 05, 2017

March Accomplishments

March has been a good month for me. I was able to take a day off during Spring break to quilt up several quilts. I also got binding done on several others. I made my nephew Payton a bag for his birthday.

Happy Monster Truck birthday to my nephew Payton.
Both sides were so cute.
The other side of the bag I made for Payton's birthday.
I made myself a new wallet. I really love this pattern and planning to teach a class on how to make it.
My new Everyday Wallet made to match my Tudor Bag. Love the colors and the strength.
All the pockets are great.
The inside of my wallet. This was a bit challenging and I really had to think. I learned some lessons, so the next one will go smoother.
I made a former co-worker/friend a baby quilt.
Just what I needed... a night to sew with friends. As I was posting about my sewing friends today, it also happened to be Club Sew night. I finished this basketball baby quilt as we listed to a State B BB game online. I also worked on binding a baby girl
I finished up the binding on the Brighten Up snowball quilt.
Hugs and Kisses Bright baby quilt is done.
I quilted and finished the binding on this baby quilt.
A quick finish tonight after I uncovered the sewing machine. Everything is back in the closet that is going back in there. Goodnight Irene using yellow, black, white, and pink scraps. Baby playmat quilt size.
I started a new EPP handwork project. I'm using a charm pack and some background. I have all 7 "blocks" done now and am ready to piece it together. I LOVE how it's turning out, although I should be working on my other projects.
Starting a new project this week. It's called 7 sisters and is all diamonds. Inspired by Bonnie Hunter and using my Sakura charm pack. The bag @cre8tivequilter made me when I first started English Paper Piecing in 2010 is still my go to EPP travel bag.

I finished the Buckeye Beauty and a neighbor offered to buy it, so I quickly did the binding.
Three hours later Buckeye Beauty is quilted.  This is a big one!
I also put a label on it.
Add the label and clip the threads, Buckeye Beauty is done!
I bought this frame at a quilt show last year and finally printed out some of my favorite quilts to put in it. I love the look!
My quilts mat finally has pictures of my favorite quilts and I hung it under the Dude shelf.
Most of the month has been spent piecing this beauty. I am making it for a retiring coworker.
The center of the radiant star quilt is done and it looks amazing! It will have a blue background with swirls of rust and green in it.
I was super excited that my center came out perfect on the 1st try!!
Look at the center... I got it right on the 1st try!!! That never happens. I'm proud of this one, too bad it's a gift for a great coworker.
I added the background in and now I just have to add borders to the top and bottom to make it longer. I hope to quilt it on Good Friday.
So excited to finish the background tonight. Now to find the rest of the extra strips and do the border. Loving the dark background!

My Stash Report is doing pretty well. Most of what I bought was for samples. I'm really excited to try StarStruck and make Amethyst Project bag and the Tudor Bag. I really need to use the fabric the kids bought last month so I can count the yardage!

Yards In this Month: 13
Yards Out this Month: 25.75
Yards In this Year: 39.25
Yards Out this Year: 68.25
For a total of 29 yards used!