Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ALYOF July Goal Met

This month I made it my goal to bind the Giant Star Burst quilt. I made this quilt with Packers colors, but haven't felt the need to gift it, so I just left it. This month I got the binding completed.
I'm happy to have it done for when I need to gift it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mikaela's Sewing Weekend

This month has flown by and I've been remiss to get in any sewing time with Mikaela. It's actually been a few months since we have been home long enough to get some sewing time in.
I'll be teaching a couple quick sew projects in December and the gals asked if it was a project that could be done with kids. I believe the runaround bag is one of the best patterns for kids. So I decided to see how long it would take with a 3 1/2 year old at the helm.
We set up her small sewing machine next to mine and I help her sew. She pressed all the fat quarters and I did the cutting. She puts her foot on the pedal and helps with the guiding. I have to do most of the prep work aka cutting, detailed pressing, and pinning. She does like to trim the threads though. She helped put in the zipper in the and did the topstitching.
She loves her new bag and we made the handle short just for her. She loved trying all the zig zag decorative stitches on the handle.
She was so excited that she "did it".
Her bag
The back of the bag
On Sunday she went through my stash and found this fabric from her aunt Jane and made a bag for her friend Rosie. I couldn't find a contrast, so it's all the same. The first one took about 1 hour 15 min. The second took about 45 min. I set up the machine/area both times, so the second day she had more patience.

She wanted to photo bomb my pictures. She had a lot of fun sewing and this will definately be a quick and easy project for kids and adults.


This is a very long, photo heavy blog post, covering the last month. I've been sewing and quilting a lot, just haven't taken the time to blog. I used to blog during lunch or before work, but work has been crazy and I haven't had a chance.
I've been busy keeping up with my class samples and am actually for the most part ahead.
I'm working on a mini swoon. This is block 1 and is about 8.5"
I quilted the queen size log cabin that my quilty friends and I are donating to Outlaw Ranch.
My photo bomber loves to get in on the action.
I also quilted a quilt for a friends SIL. It's all family photos and made with batiks.
A close up of the quilting. I used a lime/blue/purple King Tut thread.
My ALYOF quilt goal was to put the binding on the Giant Starburst quilt. It's done and ready to give to Mathew's godmother when the time is right.
I made a Granny Square Pillowcase for a sample for a class I am teaching.
I made this sample from the Moda reference book for the store.
I worked on my advanced piecing class sample, which should actually have been called an intermediate piecing class.
Here's the finished sample. The blocks were fun to make and I'm glad I made a sample.
This minkee blanket was made as a sample for the store. I love the ruffled edge created with the fluffy minkee.
A runaround bag made as a sample for the Mad Stash to Christmas classes in December.
Another mini swoon block done. I'm hoping to get this quilt together by the fair, but we'll see.
On a whim last night I made Mathew a book bag and a toys clutch. Love how quick they were.
I was looking for some fabric and found these binding sample placemats. Since I am no longer doing binding this way and I had black thread on the machine I quickly finished these up last night.
I took a bit of sewing time for me and made this spirograph table topper. Well I started to make it and was loving it, but midnight was fast approaching. Hopefully I can get the top done tonight. It may be a sample, but we'll see.
A few pictures from the past few weeks. Paul and I are going on a cruise for his work in March./April, so we've started working out/walking/jogging. We've been taking the kids to the playground, so here's a picture of us one night, enjoying the school playground.
We took the kids to the sprint car races and they loved it!
Mathew is quite the climber and loves to get up on his daddy's 4-wheeler. Look at all that lush green grass/hay behind our house. It's the end of July and it's STILL green! It's been an amazing year of moisture.
Mathew got his first haircut.
He wasn't so sure, until he got a sucker and didn't have to wear the cape.
So all in all a very busy month. I didn't even post my goals, although I did make them. Here's hoping next month is a little slower and I'll get a chance to blog a bit more often. I sewed twice with Mikaela this weekend, so I'll have to do another post with those pictures. Check out my flickr account and follow me on Instagram @moneikquilts to keep updated on what's happening.

Monday, July 07, 2014

ALYOF July Goal

A Lovely Year of Finishes

My July is flying by, so I am putting a goal on it that may be a bit challenging, but needs to be completed. I was to bind the Giant Starburst QAL quilt. It's for my nephew's mom and I haven't felt the need to complete it, but it's hanging over my head. Time to get it finished up! I have several other goals as well, but they will get done since they are for work.