Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ALYOF July Goal Met

This month I made it my goal to bind the Giant Star Burst quilt. I made this quilt with Packers colors, but haven't felt the need to gift it, so I just left it. This month I got the binding completed.
I'm happy to have it done for when I need to gift it.


Sara said...

Some happy Packers fan will love this one. This would make a great graduation quilt idea too, done in HS colors.

Jane Holbrook said...

This quilt caught my eye in the July finishes link up. Modern and appealing. It is a great design. I like your sidebar of hours quilting. I love numbers, and wonder why I didn't think of that? Mind if I borrow your idea? I am going to have to read more of your blog posts, and get acquainted. Happy Sewing!