Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saturday Sewing

Saturday we stayed home the entire day, well almost. I cleaned out the crawl space and got rid of 2 suitcases, 3 large totes, and 2 big bags of clothes. I figure I'll never be in that size I was before, so it's time to move the stuff on! I made room to put all of mom's batting and most of her UFO's that I'm not currently working on in the crawl space until I need them. My closet was a little too overwhelming and I needed to move it around. I worked from 9-4 and really made a lot of progress. Then I read my facebook.... Jodi had been to Hancock's and gotten a small OTT lite for $10. I was intrigued, I'm the notions girl... so I quick got ready and ran to town to get one.  Jodi, you're such a bad influence!  Paul kept Mikaela at home so I got to do a bit of shopping for Mikaela too. She needed pants as none of her outfits had pants. I also found her the FP pink pig piggy bank. It'll be her Christmas present. I was so excited since she loved playing with it at Jon and Nich's.
Paul fixed supper too, so I got to spend the evening sewing to my hearts content!
I made this block for Patti for our September Friendship block swap. This block turned out awesome. Everything just seemed to match so perfectly without me trying.
Quilt 040
I put the binding on this mug rug for a co-worker who is going to get the ATTA girl award at work on Thurs.
Quilt 042
And finally I trimmed up this quilt mom made last year at the Wall Quilt retreat. She had me quilt it, had the binding with it, but never put it on. I figured since it was Fall I should finish it. I might just put it in my office for awhile.
Quilt 045

Sat. was so productive that I thought  I 'd exhausted all the time I would get to sew... but I was wrong!

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Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

Glad I am such a bad influence! I will keep you updated on my deals for sure. : )