Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mikaela is 32 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 32 weeks old the week we went to MN. She changed so much that weekend that it's kind of hard to believe!
MN2011 001
She started crawling! She'd been scooting around backwards, but she's actually really crawling forward now.
MN2011 010
She still loves this teething ring. She was all full of smiles while we were at Sue & Al's.
MN2011 015
She loved the new puppy we got her at IKEA. We had a fun trip there, since neither of us had ever been there.
MN 2011 051
She was roaring! She conquered crawling and was so proud of herself!
MN 2011 053
She even learned to stand up by pulling herself up on their coffee table. Sue thought she could have her walking if she tried.
MN 2011 063

She enjoyed her first Twins game! We had 4th row seats from the field on left base line. Awesome seats! She was actually really good the entire game.
2011-09-05 001 004
She loved to people watch, even if we were all watching the batting, she was looking the other way.
MN 2011 003

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