Monday, September 12, 2011

Mikaela is 33 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 33 weeks old on  September 7th. We spent the weekend at Deerfield Lake fishing. Mikaela and I played and took pictures while Daddy fished.

Mikaela 004

Mikaela 006

Mikaela 007

Mikaela 010
I love this pictures even with the sun spot. It just captures her whole persona.
Mikaela 015
She's not so sure about the glasses, but doesn't pretty good leaving her hat on.
Mikaela 033
She loves to stand up, by pulling herself up. She'll use anything to get herself up.
Mikaela 059
She loved riding horsey on daddy's neck. She did so good at staying straight up.
Mikaela 072
She even spent some time with Grandma Leslie checking out the different weeds. She's a little nature girl and loves to be outside.
Mikaela 085

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