Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Gifts

Last night I got ambitious and figured I had time so I might as well make a few gifts for a friend who is also having a baby pretty soon. I decided to make another nursing cover. This one I made using the serger and it whipped up so quickly! I absolutely love the fabric and can't decide which one I should give her and which one to keep for myself. I'm almost leaning toward keeping this one. I decided I'd make her one since I know she's planning to nurse. I'd like to make these for other friends having babies, but I guess I'd be more leary unless I knew they planned to nurse. I love how quick and easy these are, but they look really sharp.
I also got fabric and elastic to make a changing pad cover since I know she has the same changing pad that Colleen gave us. I didn't have a pattern and just kind of winged it. I guess I need to do a little better measuring as this one is a bit big on the ends and short on the sides. The covers Colleen gave me are perfect! I have another piece of fabric to make another one, so might have to adjust my measurements and try again. I used the serger and it went together in no time at all.

I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot and keeping busy helps me pass the time. Please say an extra prayer for my mom. She's facing many challenges and I know all the prayers help her. She's a fighter!

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Colleen said...

Here's where I got my pattern from:

Can't wait for the day when I'm reading through my blogs and you announce baby is here!