Saturday, January 08, 2011

Vi's Double Knit Quilt

On New Year's Eve I made the backing and loaded the last of Aunt Vi's Double Knit quilts on the frame. My goal was to have them all completed by the time she comes back to SD. I think she's coming home next weekend, so I wanted to have them finished before baby comes. This one is a large 9 patch quilt. It probably turned out to be my favorite. I did a loopy loop design for quilting which was fairly forgiving of all the stretching. This one is 90x108. I used a green backing and thermore batting. I quilted on it a bit on the 31st and 3 nights this week, but I was still only half done. I did 3 rows every night, but it just wasn't enough. I didn't want to over due it though.
Today after a long afternoon nap, I was determined to finish it. I did about 6 rows before taking a break, doing some cleaning, and then I went back at it. I was finally able to finish the quilting on it tonight! It only took me a good 5 hours today!  I pulled it off the frame, squared it up and made the binding. I hope I'll be able to get the binding on tomorrow. This is my last pressing "before baby" project, so hopefully it'll get binding and washed tomorrow and be ready to go to Vi whenever we get a chance to meet up with her.
There is a lot of variety in the colors, so I used a brown/tan verigated Robinson Anton for the top thread and green bottomline. It turned out to work really well with all the various colors.
I also got some cleaning done in my studio. It sure feels good to have it looking nice again. I have 3 small projects ready to work on if I have time this week. They aren't pressing, but if I have time, they'll give me something to work on. Maybe I'll even get a chance to sew some tomorrow!

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