Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Udder Cover & Cash & Carry Wallets

Tonight I had my parents out for supper. Mom is continuing radiation treatments and my dad is helping her by driving and helping her walk. I made manicotti and it was delicious. Mom helped me work through a pattern I had found online for an udder cover. I'd been meaning to make one, just hadn't taken the time. It actually went together fairly quickly and I love how it turned out. I used some of the Java fabric by Moda. I love the teal/brown colors of it.
It called for boning and I had never used it before, but I found some and it worked perfectly. I had to buy 3 yards, even though I only needed 16", so I have plenty to make more. In this picture you can see how the boning holds out the front. It also called for 2 D rings, but I used rectangular rings instead.
It didn't take long to make the cover, so I pulled out the leftover materials from the cash and carry wallets I had made at Christmas time. I finished this project up by making the final 2. Not sure who I'll give them to, but I'll figure it out later. I was just excited to finish them.
I saw the Dr. again today and nothing has changed. So I may have to be induced next week. We'll see what this weekend brings.

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Cindy said...

You are just one busy little bee lately. I'm still keeping your Mom in my thoughts and prayers.