Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm a Dwirler!!

I'm officially a dwirler! Yesterday Paul met me at the door with my package from SewThankful! I was so excited I ripped it open with my keys and popped it in the DVD player while supper was being fixed. I even cleared off the dry erase calendar on the fridge and started dwirling! Everything she said made so much sense! After supper I put the DVD in the computer in my sewing studio and listened to it while I was stippling the pieces of my Miranda bag. I spent 3 hours sewing last night and I have the entire bag bottom completed. I just have to add the handles and flap, which I could have done, but was tired, so I quit. That's a project for maybe tonight if I finish my jacket early. I have the last jacket class tonight and hopefully I'll be able to wear it to strip club tomorrow.
I've come to the conclusion that Jen will have a great time teaching this awesome bag and that with a two night class they should be able to finish if they do the bag the first night, and if they aren't that far, have it ready by the second class and then make the handles and flap and sleeve for the bottom the second night. I'm not real impressed with how my lining looks next to the top, so I may have to change it a bit, but otherwise it looks awesome. I'm thinking I may try to make a mini Miranda using the same techniques that I could use for a purse. This will probably be my new work bag. It's a bit big for a purse, or at least the kind I carry.
This weekend Paul is hoping to put the new oak staircase up to the bedrooms from the living room. I will be so glad when the remodeling projects are at a stand still. It seems we've done a ton in the last year. It's supposed to be 62 degrees on Sat., so I'm excited to be out and about, going to strip club and hopefully getting a haircut so I look decent for our engagement pictures. On Sunday when it's 30 as they predict, I'll be curling up with my white board and practicing my dwirling. Yeah. I can officially say I'm a groupie! Have a great warm weekend!


jillquilts said...

Oh, I am jealous! I haven't bought a DVD yet, but Dawn sent one for the retreat. I was thinking about removing the tape for a day or so and watching it myself. :)

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yipppeeeee.....dwirling rawks! Have a blast with it. I'm addicted!

Jen said...

I wanna see a picture of your dwirling!!!

Bella said...

I have to know what dwirling is! Please direct me...I googled dwirling..I am sure what I found is NOT what you were doing! I went to Sew Thankful...but came up empty...please help.