Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Favorite quilt blocks/ patterns

I've been so busy making things for the wedding that I haven't really had a chance to do anything other than that. I haven't even looked at patterns or books online for several months. Jen's been trying to convince me that the Pajama Quilter Reloaded was worth it. I went to the SewThankful website and it was on sale! Plus I've been meaning to order some Superior Masterpiece thread to try and they had it as well, with a coupon code discount even! So, I ordered both and I'm so excited. It's like a birthday present to myself!It should be here by the end of the week or maybe even next week. I've made a lot (4) Yellow Brick Roads in the past few months and I love the pattern. I also love the Happy Hour book from Atkinson Desings. I'm a big fan of the Gathering Friends patterns, especially Blackberry Island which I have made several quilts from. In the future (when married life begins) I would love to make a Double Wedding Ring. My mom got the templates, so I'm hoping we can learn together. I also make a lot of Carol Doak blocks and have several of her books. I'd like to hear what everyone else likes to make, what blocks people specifically like, quilt makers they like, anything to give me a little inspiration to look online. I never would have bought a quilting DVD without Jen's recommendation. I think other's recommendations are really what leads me to buy products. Please share links if you can. I'd love to see what our Prolific quilters group really likes.


Regina said...

I have made a lot of Yellow Brick Road quilts also - love the pattern and even adapted it to turn two of them into turtles. (you can see pics on my blog).

My first few quilts were Carol Britt's Quick Step Quilts, and I have taught that in a class as well. I have gotten away from that one since I am enjoying more "play" in my patterns, but I still use that construction technique a lot.

Most of my other quilts have been "make it up as I go along" patterns - including a string pieced quilt for my son when he was born, and some others - all squares and rectangles though.

One of my Christmas goals for 2008 is potholders/trivets for everyone so I can try out some different quilt blocks and branch out in new directions.

Jen said...

I too like Atkins Designs. This quilt is one of my next ups: http://www.atkinsondesigns.com/books/bookDetail.asp?productID=604 I got the pattern for it out of the Think Pink Magazine. Someone else I know just bought happy hour...it's got to be someone from my Friday Group because other wise I would have bought a copy. Are there additional quilts in that book as well? I'm thinking maybe we should start a likes/dislikes section in our group for different things like patterns, designers, threads, notions and such!!

Kristie said...

Sounds like you have been busy shopping online!!! I have only made one YBR, Jen gave me the pattern. I really liked how it turned out. I have a double wedding ring quilt partially cut out. It has been in a box for about 8 years and I have never finished cutting the rest of it out or started stitching it together. I think they are beautiful.

jillquilts said...

Love your new blog design! It's very you! I don't have anything that I *need* to buy every pattern of yet. There are a few that I like, b ut not well enough to remember their names right now.

Hazel said...

ifituYou will lovd the Pajama Quilter Cd ' I agree with Jen its well worth the money .

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Well I have heard that carol doak's paper piece cd/dvd is a great buy too. Carols online group raves about it. I went to buy it today but the LQS didn't have it. I love those YBR quilts too its always neat to see how others look.


Michele said...

Most of mine are make-it-up-myself quilts - probably because I'm really NOT very fond of following instructions. Maybe because my work is so regimented, I dislike having to concentrate on directions SO much when quilting.

Having said that, I really loved this BOM for my local quilt guild -http://www.friendshipstar.org/BOM/2007/2007-October.pdf

It's a log cabin variation, but different. I can *see* a scrappy version in greens with gold centers for a wedding quilt for my brother.