Saturday, February 02, 2008

Strip Club

Today was the first strip club at the Quilt Corral Too that just opened in Rapid City, in the same building as the Sewing Center. The Quilt Corral in Hill City has had strip club for a couple years, on the first Sat. of the month, but I never seem to make it up there, so I was really excited that they were having it in their new Rapid City location. They shared all the new stuff they had received and other fun quilts, there was show and tell, and they showed the strip quilt for the month, as well as they drew for several door prizes. They also taught us a "strip" move. It was loads of fun and really enjoyable. There were probably 75 people there and that was only one of 3 sessions they had today. It put me in the mood to quilt! My mom will start working at the QC next week, so I'm really excited for her change of jobs.


quiltin cntrygrl said...

Belive it or not my LQS is the one that advertises all the Strip Club patterns. They always call it "Home of the Stip Club". I try to go every month and the ones that I miss they set aside a pattern for me and i pick it up later. I have talked to the gals at the shop and they are going to mail me the patterns after I moved.. my credit card is on file.. LOL that could be scary. What pattern did they show today?


Kristie said...

It all sounds so exciting!!! I so wish that we had a quilt store close to me....well, that might now be a good idea! :)

Deb (vtquilter) said...

I loved the 'strip club' we had at one of our quilt shops... I did a few months of it and have one top done. I hope to get back to it once things settle down a bit. Can't wait to see the pictures of your quilt!