Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sewing Machine Caddy

I need to practice my free motion quilting as it is the one quilting thing I'm really not very good at doing. Let me stitch in the ditch, echo quilt or do some cross hatching and I'm fine. Tell me to FMQ and I freak! I've tried on muslin, honestly I have, but I guess since it's going to be thrown away, I figure it doesn't matter and I don't do a good job.
So I read about making sewing machine caddies for the front of the machine out of Fat-Quarters. Don't ask me where because I don't remember. I honestly just read, quilt fat quarters, bind, fold up and sew pockets. I'm not good at following directions. So using that information, I bought several Loralie Design Fat Quarters to "practice" my FMQ on. Wednesday night I holed myself up in my sewing studio and started playing. The first Sewing Machine Caddy I just put two FQ's together with a piece of batting and practiced my quilting, put a binding on it, folded up one edge, and sewed several lines for pockets. It turned out really well, but I hate putting binding on something so small, so the next one I sandwiched, sewed around the edge, flipped it and burped it. I sewed a line around the outside to hold it together. Then I did my FMQing on it. I used a 25 weight thread since I ran out of black thread. I don't know if it was the thread or the fact that I got my rhythm down, but the quilting on this one turned out really well! I flipped up the edge to make pockets and FM'ed the lines to make the pockets. Talk about not wanting to change feet! I got them both done in under two hours. I went back to the quilt shop and bought 4 more fat quarters so I could make some more of these awesome little caddies.
Since I'm giving one away as a gift for my 200th post, I'll post pictures when the lucky winner gets it. So guess who that might be? You'll have to watch your mail to see if you are the winner. It should be arriving sometime next week.


Hazel said...

Ok so where are the pics LOL , we all want to see what your caddy looks like .

jillquilts said...

I can't wait to see the pics! And Dang! I missed your giveaway!

Jen said...

No kidding, where are the pictures?!?! I wanna see cause I need to make a new one.