Friday, June 03, 2011

May Quilting Accomplishments

May actually turned out to be a very productive month for me. I feel like I accomplished a lot, but I was also gone a lot too. I made Mikaela another carseat cover. She used it almost the entire month, but now it's gotten too hot to use.
Quilt 002
I used a minkee type fabric for this boppy pillowcase which turned out great. I love the feel of this when she's nursing and it really helps her sit up.
Quilt 005
I also made her one out of fleece.
Quilt 006
I made her a camo/pink blanket. It's really warm and cozy since the pink is flannel.
Quilt 015
 I made this nightgown out of some fabric my mom had planned to make me a nightgown out of. It turned out to be too small, so I'll pass it on to a family member I think can wear it.
Quilt 016
I finished the quilting on the baby quilt for my cousin Molly and Tyler's baby boy due in Aug. I'm still working on the binding. I just have to have it finished by the end of June when they come.
Quilt 022
I quilted two Hannah Montana quilts, one with meandering and flowers.
Quilt 029
The other is swirls with flowers.
Quilt 032
I made this block for Trish for our friendship block swap.
Quilt 042
I made a wonky block in Central Park for Jenn for our friendship block swap.
Jenn Friendship Block
I used my friendship triangles to make this block. I love how it turned out and hope to make a few more soon.
Quilt 062
I made this mug rug for Shannon, my coworker for her college graduation gift.
Quilt 067
I made Mikaela booties, but she kicks them off, so I need to revamp the pattern.
Quilt 069
I embroidered a large design on the back of his florescent sweatshirt.
Quilt 078
And a couple small designs were done on the front. I love to do embroidery!
Quilt 080
I made Mikaela a pair of booties with the horses fussy cut on them.
Mikaela horse shoes
I finished my dad's quilt and gave it to him for his birthday.
Quilt 081
I also made him two pillowcases.
Quilt 090

I accomplished all the goals I set, plus more! I made the boppy cover, carseat cover, nightgown, finished up one of mom's UFO's, and made the cowboy boots. I had 75 hours of sewing time this month.
In June my goals are
2 friendship blocks
a friendship quilt
Finish binding baby quilt
2 store samples

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