Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Graham's Wall Hanging

I've had this tractor fabric for a little over a year. I made a baby quilt for my friend Mikal's nephew two Christmas's ago. I had 4 squares left, so I decided to make her new son a wall hanging with the leftovers. I knew she loved embroidery, so I did the embroidery at dad's Memorial Day weekend.
Quilt 086 - Copy
I put his name, date of birth, weight, height, time, and parents, each in a little part of the sky.
Quilt 087 - Copy
Monday night I decided I would put them together, so I made the quilt top and backing from my leftovers. I have a few pieces that are very small left, but otherwise, I used it up.
Mikal and family live in IA, so I knew I'd have to mail, so I wasn't in a rush to get it done. Tues. night I ran into her mom at Lowe's and she told me Mikal and Graham would be home on Fri. night and I just happened to be going to town myself, so I knew it was fate that I needed to get it done!
After putting Mikaela to bed at 10... she wouldn't go to bed... she must have known I needed to quilt! I threw it on the frame and did 5 passes over it and then squared it up and put the binding on it. I was done by 11! I spent breaks hand sewing on Wed. and Thurs and at a friends house Wed. night and got the binding done. I gifted it to her on Fri. night and she loved it!
Quilt 097
The back had to be pieced, so I used up the pieces I had left.
Quilt 098
I think I just need a deadline to get things done, the fact that I had started it Mon. night was totally fate that brought me to get it done. It felt great to quilt and finish a project.

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