Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steph's Notebook Cover

I haven't spent much time in the studio recently since it's hot and the evenings go to quickly. If I do get down there it's after 10 and I'm not real productive. I've been gone the last two weekends, so no time to sew then. Monday night I finally made the time at 10 to go down and sew. My MIL Leslie started a new job and her co-worker wanted a notebook cover like I had given Leslie. She asked for blue. I don't have a lot of blue in my stash, but I found this piece I thought would work. I quilted the fabric and started putting it together and before I knew it, I had finished. It took me right at 1.5 hours to make it, start to finish.
Quilt 102
It actually turned out pretty good for having no pattern and just going with a few measurements. Sure glad my mom taught me how to analyze, synthesize, and work without a pattern.
Quilt 103

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