Friday, June 10, 2011

Regina aka 1I didn't have to loose a limb!

Looking back this quilt has been a process of love in the making. It all started April 18th when several of us decided that 1I needed a friendship quilt. We kind of discussed it and talked about a plan. I picked out the Buckeye Beauty block, made using scrappy batiks. I recruited a few of the most Cre8tive Quilters I know, Jen B, Jen V, Cindy, Linda, Cathy, Patti, Trish, and Jacque to make blocks and we got started. After all the blocks arrived, I pulled fabric and made my blocks to coordinate on May 21st. I just love to see others interpretation of the requirements. The blocks turned out great!
Quilt 050
I put it all together the same night and decided I needed to pick out a border at the shop, since I didn't like any I had on hand. I have a few batik scraps and some yardage, but I figured this quilt needed something to pull it all together.
Quilt 061
I picked a fun border and on Memorial Day put the borders on.  I loaded it and started quilting it on June 1st. I just knew I was going to cut it close with my King Tut, so I picked up an extra spool. I ran out with 2 rows left to quilt! Thank goodness I had the new spool. I used a verigated orange/multi King Tut thread 933.
Quilt 001
Just the border needed to be quilted still. Turns out the border I picked was one the girls had used in their Suduko quilts at retreat. How ironic is that?
Quilt 005
I got it all quilted and put the binding on. I always forget how hard it is to sew through batik binding! I have some sore fingers.
Quilt 009
Regina was giving us a bad time at retreat 2 years ago that she was never going to get a friendship quilt, she keep trying to say she needed one. She said what am I going to have to do to get a quilt out of you people? Lose a limb?? She still has all her arms and legs in tack, but has just 1I... Haha
Quilt 014
I just love how the quilting looks on it. I used a thermore batting, so not a lot of loft, but very light and cuddly.
Quilt 015
The quilt was finished up Monday night and I packaged it up along with 4 yards of fabric she got for making
four quilt tops at retreat, plus a bag for quitting smoking. The quilt is 61"x82" approximately. I just love how it turned out and actually started cutting out another one from my batik scraps. I just love how this one turned out and it gives me a way to use up my scraps.
Quilt 031
Here's the label I put on the back of the XOXOXO quilt.
Quilt 027
Friendship quilts are probably my favorite quilt to make since the recipient isn't expecting it and yet falls in love with the quilt immediately. Having been on both the giving and receiving end of Friendship quilts, I know how incredibly special they are for the recipient.

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Jen said...

I enjoyed being a part of this quilt. I think it's cool that even though Jacque, my mom and I all used the same fabrics, I can totally pick out which blocks are which!!