Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stephens Family Pictures

On Father's Day we tried to take some family pictures. Mikaela was a bit fussy and preferred her pacifier and teether ring, but we did get a few.
Stephens Family 001
Mikaela and her daddy on his first Father's Day with the new haircut I gave him.
Stephens Family 017
We dressed in our Chiefs outfits, but I did do my hair or makeup. I wanted to do them outside, but we were all too tired and it was raining.
Stephens Family 028
Mikaela wasn't sure she wanted to cooperate.
Stephens Family 035
A picture of the hands of our family.
Stephens Family 047

We definately need some help getting family pictures taken, but at least we tried. My MIL helped us, but we were a bit cramped for space and we were all tired.

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Jenn Boerger said...

Oh, keep me in mind the next time you want to do pics. I'm no pro, but I promise to be fun!!