Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This weekend Paul and I went to my parents. We didn't get a very early start because we had to dig out from the snow and it was the first Sat. of the month, so I went to Strip Club at the Quilt Corral Too. They have closed their store at Misteltoe Ranch and moved all the fabric to the QC II. So there are over 8000 bolts of fabric in the store!! We got to see pictures of Joan's quilt that she had displayed at the AQS show in Paducah too.
We arrived in time for Mass and then met with the priest who is marry us. We planned the ceremony and where people are going to sit and who's walking in where. Sunday morning Paul replaced some boards on my parents deck and mom and I worked on some embroidery labels for my quilts and a couple hankies I wanted to make. With her software and embroidery machine it didn't take long to get them all made.
In the afternoon we took the banner over to the church and hung it. We need to figure out something different for the rings as they didn't really stand out the way we wanted them to. Then we went to the wedding shower that was hosted by my godmother. She did an excellent job and we had a great time. We played cards and really had an enjoyable time visiting with the local people. We received some very nice gifts as well. We got home just before 10 and we were both exhausted. Last night we sat down and worked on the thank yous and got those all done. Paul was tired, but I wanted to have them all written and sent today and he helped me with them.
Tonight I plan to sew. I have two projects that require my serger, so I'm going to be getting it out and doing both projects before I put it away again. I wish I could have it set up all the time, but that just doesn't work with my set up, so I make do with it.

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Connie said...

Ugh--snow! What a four-letter word for the month of May! Glad your shower was so much fun.