Monday, May 12, 2008

Wet Weekend!

It's been a wet weekend! We had lots of downpouring rain on Friday night, which was great for the ground, but cause a few changes in plans. I got off early on Friday afternoon, so we could get out of town before it got to be too late. I made a quick stop at a couple QS's, looking for Bag-E-Bottoms and finally found them and the tool fabric to match a quilt I plan to make for a baby boy. Then I was on to the Quilt Corral/Sewing Center to pick up some quilting thread and fabric for a new bag. I also picked up a sewing attachment that a friend wanted and they had available. Then I was off to Lowe's and picked up my mom's Mother's Day present, flowers and plants. I met Paul at the house and we got packed up and headed for home, making a few stops along the way. It was still pouring rain and my dad had to close the road that leads to my parents, so we picked up mom where she left her car and put the pickup in 4-wheel drive. It was slow going as it's a gravel road and really slick and muddy.
Sat. morning it was still raining, so my bro and his wife postponed their move. Mom, Dad, Paul, & I went and helped them pack at their old house on Sat. That night they met Paul and I at the movie theater and we saw Leatherheads. It was an interesting movie.
We got up early Sun. morning and went to their house to move them. It took all day, a crew of 10 people and two horse trailers, and we got them moved to their new place. We got home and were completely exhausted last night. We had planned to paint the deck and steps this weekend, but with the rain that got postponed as well!
I'm completely bushed today and want to just go home and sleep, but mom and I are meeting to pick up stuff for the wedding. She's working most of the week here because of Market in Portland this week and most of the girls are gone. So in the evening she's going to work on wedding stuff, but tonight we got to pick it up.
My brother tried to stress me out by showing me a white shirt with black piping on it that he was going to wear as an usher. I said okay looks good to me, even though I said a white shirt. He was trying to get a reaction out of me, because he also showed me the plain white shirt he does plan to wear. I'm just not letting major changes stress me out!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Good girl! Don't let anyone stress you out. It's going to be and the wedding. Remember it's a day for the Bride and Groom...the rest are just window dressing.....You are the focal fabric of the day! I'm so excited for you!

Connie said...

That's what brothers are SUPPOSED to do! :) It's a sure sign he loves you! I'm sure he's proud as can be to be a part of your big day! Just keep breathing and enjoying the preparations--it's all going to turn out great!

Gina said...

Well done for keeping calm. Don't turn into a Bridezilla with so little time to go.LOL

love and hugs xxx

jillquilts said...

Great job in not stressing out! I can't believe how much you ran over the weekend! I almost always need downtime - that must be why I took too many naps this past weekend! :)