Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend at Home

This was the last weekend we'll be home until after the honeymoon, so even though I really wanted to go to my Sister-in-Law's baby shower and fishing with my family, I decided to stay home. Friday night mom and I spent doing a few errands after work and finally ended up going home early because we were both tired.
Sat. morning I slept in! It was so nice not to get up until 9. It'll probably be the last time for several weeks! Paul went to get oil and pet supplies and I stayed home and sewed. I had bought the fabric to make my SIL a baby bag out of some rodeo clown material, but when I was going to make it, my plans changed, so it didnt get done. I set to sewing and made the Miranda bag in a little over 5 hours, but I did do laundry too, so it was probably right at 5 hours I spent on it. It turned out way cute if I do say so myself!
MayQuilts 001
MayQuilts 004
I got done just as Paul was getting home. I told him he didn't have to go back to town with me, so I high taled it to town and picked up a bag and tissue to wrap it in. I took it to the QCII to show the girls and they all loved it too. I wrapped it up and sent it on it's way to the baby shower my mom was going to on her way home. I hope my brother & SIL like it. Since they don't know if they are having a boy or a girl, I used the red rodeo clown fabric with a black striped bottom.
I did a few errands in town and then came home. Paul pulled out all my suitcases of summer clothes and I completely cleaned out my side of the closet. I now have a clean closet and lots of springy/summery closes to wear. He powerwashed all the vehicles and worked on picture frames as gifts for the wedding. We ended up going to the late show of What Happens in Vegas. It was really funny and I highly recommend it. It's definately a movie we'll buy when it comes out on video. We ended up going to a bar with live music, but it was so smokey we came home.
Sun. morning we slept in, YES twice in one weekend! Then we went to church and did some errands in town. Paul spent the afternoon working on the frames again and I sewed the rings for the church banner. I packed up a lot of stuff that needs to go to my parents for the wedding. While Paul was cleaning the garage I printed pictures to put in the frames he was making. While I visited with my mom last night I HAND sewed the labels on the three quilts I have made. They are now ready to be wrapped and given as gifts. I am so glad they are done.
This week is looking pretty empty at least in the evenings. We have to meet with the marriage couples on Wed. night and we're going to get our marriage license on Friday, but otherwise it's pretty open. We're planning to head home for branding. I'll hopefully be able to take lots of pictures and maybe some videos of the branding for all to enjoy. We'll see how that goes. Our camera is on the fritz and we're planning to get a new one soon, but not yet.


Jen said...

You REALLY needed this weekend home. Your wedding is going to be here before you know it. Just think, we'll all have the whole summer to sew!!!!

Amelia said...

As always sounds like you had a busy and fruitful weekend.

Have a great week!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Hazel said...

You amaze me ,your always getting things done . Glad you got to sleep in on the weekend and do a little sewing ,can't wait to see the pictures .

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sounds like a great weekend! The bag is so cute! Relax this week as much as you can....

Regina said...

That bag is just too cool!
Glad you had a bit of down time this weekend - enjoy it while it lasts!!!

jillquilts said...

The label looks great! LOVE the bag!!