Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Branding 2008

One weekend each year in May is the family branding on my dad's side of the family. Paul and I really enjoy the experience and this was our 4th year there together. I'm the photographer, as my dad loves to send the picture to other family members and friends. I took well over a hundred pictures, but I'll share a few of the highlights. These are a few of the branders going to round up the cattle from the east pasture. I think there were about 15 people that rode out to get them. Everything is done by horse here, NO 4-wheelers allowed.
Branding 2008 004
Off they go to round them up. This was about 11 AM on Sunday. Had it not rained they would have left Sat. morning at 7AM, but we've been getting rain for the last 5 days or so, and it was raining Sat. morning, so it was postponed.
Branding 2008 011
Here's an awesome picture of Paul. I'm still trying to get down the in's and out's of this camera. It's a ton better than the old one. He's waiting while they vaccinate the cows and put the fly pour on them.
Branding 2008 019
Here's the fire pit for the branding irons. They use propane and wood to keep the fire nice and hot throughout the day.
Branding 2008 032
Here's a picture of them branding. Jim (my brother) and Paul have wrestled the calf after it was roped and pulled out of the pen. Then these guys bring the branding irons over to brand. Cousin T. is in the red shirt and chaps. A lot of these are his cattle. Ohh I feel so Pioneer Womanish!
Branding 2008 055

Branding 2008 094
My cousin V. just roped this calf and brought it out. Here I am holding the head while my bro Jim holds the back leg. I let my FMIL take the picture, so you could see that I did really wrestle one! Three years ago my SIL called me miss acrylic nails and didn't think I could wrestle, but I did that year and every year since I've done at least one. Cousin T's wife A. is cutting the bull calf, which takes extra time so I could pose for a picture.
Branding 2008 084
Here's Cowboy B. teaching my FMIL Leslie how to wrestle the calf and hold the back legs. She had never been at a branding, so she came down to watch and he convince her she could do it. She was having a blast! His wife was the one that helped Paul learn the first year we went to the branding.
Branding 2008 124
Here's my dad and his brother Tom. They were using the branding irons, but there was a slow part when we didn't do them as fast, so they had time for a break. They almost look identical, but Tom's three years older.
It was a beautiful day on Sunday and we got done branding about 5 and then my aunt had a lot of really good food prepared, so we had a feast. I would say there were probably close to 30 people there for the day.


Jen said...

Ohhhh tell me there's a slideshow in webshots cause I wanna see it ALL!! Damn Moneik...you kick some major COW ass!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the pictures Moneik! They are awesome! Your dad looks like Slim Pickens!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

That was just like reading pioneer woman and how cool was that. Even chaps were included. Looks like major fun.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Awww....our very own Pioneer Woman. Looks like everyone is enjoying all that work. And...we got to see some chaps.....yipppeeeeeeeee

Regina said...

So glad you got a picture of the chaps...mmmmm....

jillquilts said...

As Jen said, Paul needs chaps!!!

Colleen said...

That was awesome. I didn't know there was a pioneer woman in our midst. I agree with Jill and Paul needing chaps... and a cowboy hat :)