Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pioneer Woman!!

Several weeks ago Suzan recommended we read The Pioneer Woman blog. At the time I was swamped at work and just didn't get around to going back and reading it. Monday is always a lighter day, so when I read Connie's blog, I just happened to notice that she had recommended reading The Pioneer Woman, too. Well I figured if several people recommended it, it must be good. I started reading, and reading, and reading, and I couldn't stop!!!! I ended up reading the entire love story which had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for more. I told Jen and Jill that they should take a peak and low and behold we're all now hooked! I started reading from the very beginning and I LOVE the way she rights, so fresh, new, and full of honesty. I can just picture the work on the ranch and her little Punks. She's even inspired me to take more pictures at branding next weekend to share with my quilty friends. It's a good thing it's slower this week or I wouldn't be getting so much read. She could seriousl write novels and I'd buy every one of them! And just how does she get over 1,000 people to comment on her blog???? It's just that good!!

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