Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quilty Bucket List

The Tilted Quilt
My quilty bucket list has slowly been going down. While there are a ton of quilts I want to make, my quilty bucket list includes only the most difficult/time consuming projects that I have just not taken on yet. These are the ones that intimidate or scare me. Not necessarily in the piecing, but in the fabric selection.
Storm at Sea
I have the pattern and template, but can't decide on the fabric. I think I want to do double hearts, but just haven't taken the time to figure it out in EQ6. I have this image pinned from the internet, because I love purple and I can see where the hearts are.
Storm At Sea
My awesome friend Jen B in WI designed this one for my cell phone case. I love it, but not sure this is the design I want.  Truly I am stuck on design/fabric, which is why I haven't started. I've had the book/template for over 4 years now.
Moneik Cell Phone 2
Winding Ways
This quilt intimidates me, but after seeing Jennifer Chivarini's fabric I fell in love with the design. I've been collecting batik fat quarters in lights and jewel tones for 3+ years to make a scrappy one. I've cut about 20 blocks out and pieced 4 so far. I'm fairly confident that one I start really working on it, it will get done soon. Still it's very intimidating to do scrappy for me.
Miniature Radiant Star
I really want to do the radiant star in a minature version. This was my first one and I love piecing them. I just really want to do a mini. Again color selection is the hardest part, plus without a deadline I really struggle to make time for these projects.
Star Quilt 2
Double Wedding Ring
My ultimate bucket list item is a Double Wedding Ring. I have the book and templates, but just can't decide on colors. Plus it's just a some day goal. I really don't think I'll have a problem with the piecing because I have my quarter inch figured out and can do curved seams with ease. It's just a matter of time.
Double Wedding Ring

I have a few other quilts I want to make, but just haven't found the time to do them.
Scrappy Trip Around The World - I have this one all cut out and in a box ready to go. It's going to be my first Bonnie Hunter quilt. Again, just hasn't been a priority yet.

Jewel Box - This one is cut out and ready to piece as well. Just haven't taken the time. We made our friend Regina one a few years ago and I fell in love with the scrappiness of it. I've been collecting the fabrics and they are all cut, but I just haven't started it.

Selvage Project - I have the selvages collected, even given a few bags away and still have plenty. I just haven't picked a pattern to make yet.


Deb A said...

I cheated and purchased a kit with fabric for the storm at sea..... and in the package it still sits!
Maybe if I can stop starting new projects and finish a couple of UFO's it will be my 'treat' to myself this fall when both kids are in school full time =) Love the quilts on your bucket list. A bunch are on mine too.

Allison said...

I love the variation on the storm at sea! So creative.

The double wedding ring quilt didn't quite make my bucket list--I love it but am so intimidated by all the curves. I always love them though.

Wendy said...

I've seen a couple of Winding Ways on this hop, it's new-to-me but I love it!