Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007 - Tubes Again!

Well I think I wrote way too fast yesterday. I didn't proofread and I can see I made a lot of mistakes after re-reading. Guess I need to not do it the last 10 min. of work.
The tubes I made are of 3" strips of fabric by the with of the fabric. These are sewn together in long tubes. Then the seam is pressed open with a little mini clover iron with a dowl stuck through the tube. Using tube turners, all the tubes were turned inside out and then the seam is pressed to the side flat. I had to try to get the seam perfect so you couldn't see more fabric on one side than the other. When I had 6 or 8 done, I put them all flat on my ironing board and starched them on both sides. Using Best Press works the best. It is a lavendar scented spray starch that the sewing center started carrying. I think it's called Mary Ellen's Best Press and it comes in a plastic spray bottle. Here's a link to it: It is by far the best starch I have ever used! After all the tubes were prepared I was ready for the class. Last night I met mom for supper and then we went to class. She's an awesome teacher and there were two new gals there, so we had lots to visit about. The pattern we were doing last night is the woven stars at the top. You first lay down 10 tubes in the order the pattern indicates, on a cardboard loom. Then using the 60 degree angle on the loom, you weave the other tubes through using her directions, from top to botton and then after finishing the first set of weaving, you weave the other direction. This is the most challenging part because they only fit a certain way and if you do the first set wrong you have to start all over again! I spent the whole 3 hours working on my weaving and I did pretty well since I had done it before, but I only got about half of the second set of weaving done. So I took my huge loom with all the pins in it home to work on. We are to have the weaving done and have the edges sewn together so we can put the borders and binding on in the next class on Thurs. night. It's one of those projects you have to get up an walk away sometimes. You can become really cross eyed looking at it. I made the tumbling blocks and that is the one that went to quilt market, thus the reason I now have the woven stars pattern. I love this technique! Next we are doing the octagonal table topper and I'm going to tell mom about the bag because she doesn't have that pattern - yet!!! I'll take a picture when I get it pieced, because there are so many pins in it right now I don't think you could see what I'm doing.
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Friday, July 6, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by 51050
How unique! I've never seen this technique before. Very cool. Rhoda
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Friday, July 6, 2007 - are the strips sewn together?
Posted by mamanance
OK, I'm trying to visualize this -- are the strips sewn together at some point? Where do you get the loom? What kind of pins - or is that part of the loom? I've looked at their website but not much info there
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